Traditional Cake Mixing Ceremony @ Movenpick, Bangalore

Cake Mixing is one of the very important activity that happens across restaurants as part of preparation for Christmas.  The most important item that is consumed during Christmas for sure is the ‘Rich Plum Cake’.  It isn’t as easy to make like we might assume coz there is a lot of preparations that goes into making sure that the drink has the right flavours.  And obviously, the main ingredients are the alcohol inside which the dry-fruits are soaked for some time.  As part of the ‘Cake Mixing’ events hotels invite guests and let them help with the initial mixing of Alcohol with the dry-fruits.  I was lucky to be part of the ‘Traditional Cake Mixing’ event at Movenpick, Bangalore this year in 2016.


The traditional cake mixing is done nearly 6-8 weeks before the Christmas.  And different hoteliers, bakers, chef and others keep the mixture Dry Fruits + Alcohol soaked as per their interest.

This mixture becomes the base for all the plum-cakes and the cookies that the folks make as part of Christmas.  The total quantity of the mixture varies from few kilos to few hundred kilos.  I have heard of folks making the mixture for nearly 500 kilos of dry-fruits.



Event involves mixing Dry Fruits like Cherries, Raisins, Walnuts, Cashew and other dry-fruits with alcohol.  The alcohols that are mixed includes Whisky and Wine. I was involved in opening these bottles and pouring the entire bottle into the mixture of the dry-fruits.  The idea is to wear the glows, chef hats, aprons and start mixing the items together.  And while you keep doing it, plenty of folks would be adding the drinks and you would feel the smell of the alcohol making you a little dizzy.  With a mix of nearly 200kgs of dry-fruits and the drinks, it was sure to let all of us feel a bit High.






A little info on the crowd that is part of the event.  The event organized by Movenpick had most of the Page-3 and Socialites across Bangalore.  To add a little bit more glamour, one of the Sandalwood celebrities Mythriya Gowda.  It made sure that lots of folks posed repeatedly in front of the standee for the event with the actress.




The event also had a great spread of snacks and wine for guests.  Snacks included some of the kebabs, noodles and many pastries.  There were also some wonderful mocktails which made sure that everyone had something to enjoy.


Overall a great event that was organized by Movenpick.  I am now eager waiting to see when they open the complete mix and use it while making the cakes & other pastries.  It was good fun to see the passion among people to get involved in the mixing and feel as though they were mixing the items for cakes being made at their own homes.  This surely was one of the best cake mixing event I have attended.