Samaroh – North Indian Veg Delight @Lavelle Road, Bangalore

Samaroh is quite a great name for a restaurant which actually means ‘Function’.  Every time anytime walks into this place and has lunch/dinner, they would always get a feeling like having visited a function.  People can be smartly in saying that they were there at ‘Samaroh’ with couple of friends/relatives.  I personally got the same feeling when I went to have lunch with couple of foodie friends on a Sunday.


The food being served at this is North Indian and that’s a cuisine which is associated with Paneer, Aloo, Chaas, Paratha and many other dishes.  I have not mentioned any non-vegetarian items by purpose as this is a Vegetarian only restaurant.  It is strategically located close to UB City on the Vittal Mallya Road.  A place that is close to Church Street, Lavelle Road and St Marks road that’s got a lot of restaurant serving good food.  But Samaroh is right up there in terms of quality and experience.


Ambiance does play a vital role when you are dining out with family.  Coz it is something that makes people relax away from the comfort of home.  It shouldn’t be too sophisticated but just right for people to like.  The restaurant is quite compact yet well seated.  Cutlery used in the restaurant are made of ‘Bronze’ which is quite costly. I heard from the person restaurant that each of the cutlery is high.  But it sure does give an appealing look.  The presentation of the food also become all the nicer.  Different items are served in different shaped utensils.


Food is the main reasons for people visiting restaurant.  The food served here is a buffet but then they have made it quite interesting for people.  Various items being served are classified into different categories – Manwar, Shorba, Nastha, Chaat, Mukhya Bhoj, Roti& Rice and Mitha.


My favourite are spread across various section, which includes-


  • Pani Puri & Paapdi Chaat –Chat section
  • Chandni Paneer Tikka and Kabuli Channa Tikka –Nastha section
  • Paneer Amritsari, Keri Miluji Subzi and Aam Ras – Mukhya Bhoj section
  • Pulao & curd rice – Rice Section
A special need to be made about the Mita section which is separately in a new plate that has 4 section.
Some of the sweets that I liked were – Mango Shrikand, Kurmuri Jalebi, Rabdi Gulab Jamun and Pista Bhog


Overall Experience
A great experience of having tried some wonderful North Indian food at the restaurant.  The food, drinks and service were equally good.  I would recommend this place to anyone.  Folks, who started the place have thought long and hard before coming up with the decision to start this off.  I think their ground-work and research has been good.
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My rating for current experience is 4.0/5.
Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5


Food for 2 at this place will costly nearly ~ INR 1000.
Foodies that were part of the meetup were – Collin, Naveen, Navneeth, Chaitra, Dushyant, Soumya, Rudra, Piryanjana, Arijit, Jyothi, Noor, Nikhilesh.