Best of Highway Dhaba – Soho St., Koramangala – Bangalore

Soho Street is undoubtedly one of the best place for buffet in Bangalore.  The simple reason for that is the huge spread, quality and presentation.  I have been here plenty of time and every time it has been a great expiring dining in at the restaurant.  When I came to know about that they are planning for ‘Best of Highway Dhaba’, I was thrilled.

I was sure that they will bring in the most authentic of the highway delicacies.  It was not just about the food but the ambiance also had to undergo changes which seems to have been done very well. I got an opportunity to taste and enjoy the food as part of DINEOUT promotional event.  Let me share some of my experience.


The food served might be ‘Dhaba’ styled but then unless the interiors were modified, it wouldn’t feel as authentic.  So, the transformation has been done in many ways.


  • To start off you need to look at the standee in front of the restaurant that has picture of ‘Truck’ and there is also a mention of date like the ‘Truck Registration number’.

    There are also some milestones that have been captured in the well-designed standee.

  • The entrance has the colourful mix of triangular flags like the way we find in the Dhabas.
  • There is a section just inside to the right side, where you can find the ‘paanwala’.

    It is quite similar to a dhaba, as we do find these ‘paanwalas’ sitting at the entrance.

  • A special dine-mat-paper that has various cartoons and snippets which are fun to read while you are having food.
  • One person stands with the ground-nuts and masalas, who would mix it all up and give it as snacks.
  • Nice and cosy section where they have 3 ‘modas’ which are usually seen at dhaba.  There is also a cycle in the background.
  • Chaat is something that can’t be missed wherever we go.  So, a special live counter for making chaats are present.
  • Few counters have people standing with chole, this the place from where ‘Naan’ and ‘Chole’ combo is served.
  • Bollywood cannot be let go of when it comes to these Dhabas, there are plenty of posters of Bollywood movies that are put up all across the restaurant.  It gives a very nice feel as you go inside, coz it’s quite colourful.


  • Special dance performance by dancers, who dance to 1-2 songs from Bollywood.


And the most important thing of all is the buffet spread, which is spread across the entire place.


Soho Street has been there in Bangalore for quite some time but then for many folks who are new or the ones who not tried, giving info on directions is always good.  If you are coming from the Adugodi Koramangala signal from St. John or from Hosur road side, take left at the signal after churn.  As you drive along you will find Big Bazaar to the right side and further ahead is the signal where you will find Forum to the right side.  Soho Street comes to the left soon after the signal.
If you are coming from Diary circle and heading to Adugodi, keep looking to the right side after Christ College.  Soho Street appears to the right side.


The most important reason for visiting Soho Street is surely the taste of the food.  And they sure did bring in a lot of variety and it was fun tasting food.  Let me elaborate further on the variety and taste of the food.


There was a large variety of Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian starters that were served on the seat.
Vegetarian Starters included Pudhina Paneer Tikka, Hara Bhara Kebab, Rajma Gauloti, Moong Dal Ladoo, Aloo Roll, Tandoori Pineapple and Tandoori Corn.


Among the starters my favourite for sure for the ‘Paneer Tikka’ which sure had the best of Paneer added into it.

It was quite soft and pudhina flavours was awesome. I loved the taste and enjoyed the complete starter very much.

Infact, I ended up having quite a few pieces as I could not resist myself.

Moong Dal Ladoo was also awesome coz it is quite unique.  The taste was quite different from other starters.  I don’t remember having this dish anywhere.  I guess it is famous in the ‘Dhabas’.
Tandoori Pineapple is also something we all have started to like lately.  Coz Paneer mixed with Masala and spices always tastes good.
Hara Bhara Kebab has always been one of the standard starters that we end up taking when we dine out.  And it was well prepared by Chef.
Well, I thought of mentioned 1-2 items but then the taste made me just write about almost all the starters.
Non-Vegetarians also had a great variety with nearly 4 starters – Tandoori Chicken, Fish Amritsari, Dhabe Ka Jhinga and Chicken Achari Tikka.  I heard from my friend who consumed telling that they were all good.
There were 2 options including Tamatar Dhaniya Shorba (Vegetarian) and Murgh Moti Shorba (Non Vegetarian).  I loved the Veg soup as it was tasting quite good.


Chaat Counter
There were almost all the chaats that we usually take outside, to satisfy our craving.  Here at the restaurant they had – Paani Poori, Sev Poori, Dahi Poori, Papad chat and Paapdi Chaat.


I personally tried the Sev Poori and Dahi Poori, for sure both were excellent.


Main Course
Curries – This is the section which will simply blow your mind coz they are plenty of Veg gravy curries to pick up from.  You think of the item and it is surely there in the buffet.  The ones that I tried including Paneer, Baigan, Ladies Finger curry, Mixed Veg subji and Daal.
Breads – There is a special list of items that is available which includes Garlic Naan, Butter Kulcha, Pudina Parantha, Laccha Parantha, Laal Mirch ka Paratha, Hari Mirch ka Paratha and many of the standard bread.  I tried the Laccha Paratha and Butter Garlic Naan with the curries.
Biryani was also part of the menu which surely tasted good. And the other common items like Salad, Raita and curd-rice were all there.


But I must say that the quality of every item was good and very much enjoyed the taste.


A weakness for most of us and Soho Street always lets you indulge.  There were plenty of options available, but there are a few I should mention that I tried.
Gulkand Ki Rasmalai, Punjabi Kheer, Moong Daal Halwa and Phirni.  All the items were so yummy.
There was also the ice-cream, if when you ask Chef would put it on a cold stone, beat it up, add some of the sauces and dry-fruits, serve it to you.


Apart from all of this there was also few items that I should not miss on telling – Masala Chai, Ice Cola, Fresh Fruit Counter and Paan Counter.


To keep up with the spirit of Dhaba, there were some specially curated cocktails which have been created for the festival.  They included – Devil’s Golgappa, Paan Mojito, Mauja hi Mauja, Tandoori Vodka, Buurrraaahhhh !! and NP (National Permit).

Among these I tried the Paan Mojito which tasted excellent.

It was a drink containing White Rum with meetha paan & lime juice.  The taste was quite refreshing.

I also tasted all the cocktails that were there for the offering as my other friends asked for the same.  The concept behind the drinks was too good.






Overall Experience
A special thanks to Dineout for organizing this Bloggers Table event which was simply awesome.  It was one of the best Saturday lunch experience in a long time.  I am glad to have made it to the event with my other Blogger and Foodie friends.  I think all of us loved the food and drinks.  A special word for the management who were very prompt in helping us out get the items that we requested for.  They were very courteous and polite which in itself makes you feel happy.  The festival might be on through the month but then I feel that many of the items in the menu will end up also becoming part of the normal menu at Soho Street.  I would rate my current experience as 4.0/5.
My rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.25/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
More details of the ‘Dhaba Festival’ is mentioned below.
Duration – 14th – 30th October 2016

Pricing – 

Monday & Tuesday
Lunch –  640- 
Dinner – 690-
Wednesday & Thursday
Lunch –  690-
Dinner – 740-
Friday to Sunday.
Lunch –  790-
Dinner – 890-


Sharing some of the pics taking with my fellow Blogger/Foodie friends, folks from Dineout and the person who own the place ‘Sandeep Chawla’.