Lunch Thali @Indian Kitchen – MG Road, Bangalore

The concept of having ‘Thali’ for the lunch is quite popular among the Business/Professional community.  Reason for that is quite obvious that there is limited time available during the lunch time and people want to get back to work. The best of the restaurant serving food have realized that people would rather prefer having ‘Thali’ rather than spent time ordering ‘Al Carte’ and wait for food to arrive.  Keeping this trend in mind ‘Indian Kitchen’ has also brought up the concept of ‘Thali’ during the lunch time.  Let me share some more of thoughts into my experience.


Good food is always loved by people but then in general we get to try limited items and have them along with the Roti/Rice.  But if you want to get multiple curries in a single plate, the best option is a ‘Thali’.
Indian Kitchen is one of the best places in Bangalore, if you are looking for North Indian food.  Chef Shaikh Istekhar Mohammed makes some really amazing food. In the past, I have been there during the Rajasthani Food Festival and been highly impressed.
MG Road area being one of the highly commercial localities, there is necessity to cater to the working professionals.  This lead to creation of Thali which would be loved by one and all.


Let’s me the directions from the Trinity Circle which is the start of MG Road from one of the ends.  Keep driving until you see the ‘Shankarnag Cinema Theatre’ to left side.  Then the next signal is the MG Road, Brigade Road junction.  As you cross the signal keep driving for ½ km.  Indian Kitchen appears to the left side.
In the same complete for reference, ‘City Bar’ is also located.


The place has got a great entrance in the front.  It doesn’t cramp people for space.  Hotel staff are available at the entrance who escort to the hotel area.
  • As you enter inside, the beautiful paintings can be seen to left and right.
  • The flooring has been done quite well which makes it quite vibrant.
  • Seats are spread apart quite well making it comfortable for everyone coming in.
  • There is also a huge screen in the backdrop where you can watch some wonderful sports events happening across the globe.


Individual seats have been set up quite well and people can just enjoy the ambiance.


The most critical part of the Thali is being able to serve good quality for limited portion.  And the next most important thing is that the portion size should be quite good letting people relish food and not just worry about cost.  I think the restaurant folks seem to have taken care of all the points.  Let me share my thoughts on the food I had.
Vegetarian Thali
I had great expectation about the food.  The content of it looked quite impressive when it came. Let me share my thoughts on various items that were part of the Thali.
There were 3 curries that were served in decent bowl sizes part of the Thali.  The items served included – Paneer Butter Masala, Mixed Veg Curry and Mutter Paneer subji.
Paneer butter subji was one of the best I have eaten in a long time. It was so yummy that I could not resist myself asking for another bowl of the same curry.
Mixed Veg Curry was also quite good coz it was quite creamy and tasted good.  Dish was quite mouth-watering.
Mutter Paneer subji was also quite good and went along with the breads that were served.


There were 2 Daals that were served as part of thali – Daal Makhani and Daal Fry.
Makhani have the required gravy and the beans were well cooked.  Making it a really good item to have it as part of the thali.
Daal Fry was also well done and I enjoyed it quite a bit.
Poori and Chapati(s) were served as part of the thali.  Poori had limited oil and tasted quite good with the gravy curries that were served.  Chapatis were also made like the traditional ones prepared at home.
Rice Items
Pulav and Curd rice were included in the thali.  These are surely some of the most common rice items that we order.  Both the dishes were well made.  Especially I loved the curd-rice.
There were again multiple choices like in most of the places.  There was ‘Halwa’ and ‘Rasmalai’.
Halwa was so good that I could not resist myself and ended up taking 2 bowls.
Rasmalai was made very well as well.  The reason is that the milk was quite thick and there was quite a bit of saffron.  I enjoyed the sweets very well and ended up taking a plate of Rasmalai back home.
Salads & Paapad
These were served along with the thali so it can act as a good item to be had during the lunch.  The reason is simple; it gives some fibre to body which helps in digestion.
It is critical that along with the thali, the drinks served along with it are also good.  I ended up trying couple of the drinks along with my friends.
Mango Lassi
This was one of the best I have eaten in a while which was made quite thick.  There were almond pieces all around the glass along with pista pieces.
Aam Panna
Another traditional favourite drinks among people whenever we have heavy food.  Somehow it seems to act as a soothing agent.  It tasted quite good.


I wanted to share info on the Non-Veg Thali as well.  The content of the thali is almost same.  Just that there would be 2 non-veg curries and non-veg in rice.  Presentation of the same also has been done quite well.


Overall Experience
It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon tasting a great thali prepared under the guidance or great Chef.  I must also add that the price of the Thali also is also quite low which make it a cost effective food to be had during the lunch.  It is hard to point out about any of the food item served.  My rating for this place undoubtedly at 4.0 and surely tending to 4.5.  In other departments, the rating.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Food served at this place is quite good and cost effective as I was telling before.  Price info is as follows.
Veg Thali – INR 499 /- + Taxes (1 Person)
Non-Veg Thali – INR 599 /- + Taxes (1 Person)


With Naveen, Chef Istekhar, Tejas, Suman and Manju.