Food Delivery using Delyver from Quiznos & Rajasthan Royal

There is a growing trend among the restaurants to avoid having their own delivery mechanism for food and depend on 3rd part Delivery company like ‘’.  I think on the lines, we also have ‘Food Panda’, but I think the ‘Delyver’ is been there for a while now.
The for me to start off with the Delver is to share my experience on 2 different times when I ordered food from the portal for different eat-out places – Quiznos and Rajasthan Royals.  I have had different experiences for both to these places.  Let me share my experiences one after the other.
Quiznos – Sarjapur Road
This is a place that is quite famous in US for their sub(s) like the Subway coz their selection of vegetables and dressing on the same.  I was looking for a place for lunch @Sarjapur Road and I found this place being situated close to the Wirpro Corporate office.  I was about to place an order and then found that they are registered to have the food delivered via  I picked up my phone and ended up ordering food.
It took nearly 45-55mts for the food to arrive and then the best part is that since I had ordered for the first time via Delyver, I got a discount of Rs.100.  Well, I guess I have written more about the other things but the food.


I had ordered a 12″ sub as I was quite hungry.  It was called the ‘Veggie Soya Chipotle’.  The ingredients of it included – Veg. Patty, Cheddar Cheese, Chipotle Mayo, Dressing, Herb Blend, Coriander, Lettuce, Onions and Tomato.  The contents of it looked quite tempting.  But, then they did not have a bread option similar to the Subway folks.
The item arrived and to my shock I found 2 6’ pieces.  I wonder I did order 12”, why would they split it.  I guess every 12” sub gets cut this way.  As I unwrapped the course in which the sub was present, I was quite excited.  I took a first bite after I could visibly see only the food and no tissue papers around it.  I must say that it was okay, not that it give me this real wow feeling like I felt when I had it back in US.  The bread also did not look all that great.  The ingredients put inside the bread including the patty also somehow did not go well with the bread.  And also the bread was burnt from outside for some reasons.



I am not sure if it is due to the journey the sub had to take to reach my place.  But I somehow did not like it all that much.  Since, I was quite hungry, I ended up eating it all up.  But, even until the last bite, the flavour did not all that good actually.
I ordered only 1 12” sub thinking that it will be real good and I will be satisfied.  May be I should have ordered for the ‘Paneer  Tikka’ 6” along with Veg Chipotle 6”.  But then the food was quite a disappointment for me.  My overall rating for the place goes down to 3.0.  I am hoping that the next time if I get a chance to drive down to the restaurant and have, the taste might different.  But for now, since the patty and the ingredients along with bread did not give me the wow factor, I have to settle for this rating.
My other ratings includes –
Food – 3.0/5
I did not order anything else from this place, may be the next time I will order other items and check if the rating can be improved.  But 1 thing before I close, the menu card of Quiznos hardly has any veggie food being served.  You need to search endless to find couple of veggie items.
Rajasthan Royal – Sarjapur Road
This place has been quite elusive for me since the time I came to know about it.  I have wanted to have food from this place since nearly 2-week and finally was able to order and also eat food from this place.
I want to describe my experience with this place a bit more in detail.
Initially, when I came to know about this place, I called them and then told that only delivers orders for them and that I should be placing order via them.  But then they also told me that they had closed the orders for the day.
2nd time, I went to Delyver site to order food but could not find the listing of this place there.  I called the customer care and told that there was some technical issue.
3rd time, I place order via mobile on Delyver and in that case, since it was 22:10hrs, they did not deliver.  Infact, they called me @10.50pm to say that they don’t deliver food after 10pm, weird actually.
4th time, I again place order int he nick of time @2.45pm.
I am not sure where it is located, all I know that its on Sarjapur Road.  May be the next time when I drive there I will know the exact location.
Menu (Breakfast/Thali)
These people cater to folks who want to have breakfast, if not the thali(s).  Among the breakfast options, they have quite a few of the combos ranging between Rs.100-200.  But, since I was looking to have my lunch ended up try to pick something from thali.
In the breakfast thali, to describe in brief, they served Platter with Poha+Masala Dal chilla+Jelabi, 2pcs masala bread pakora, poha, 2 batura+cole+poha, kachoris+poha+jelabi combinations.  Or if not they also have the parata combination for breakfast.  All of the breakfast options as you see are very much inline with a north indian kind of breakfast.
There is something unique about this thali(s) actually.  They have numbered different thali(s) on the basis of the contents inside the thali.  Some of the thalis available with them include –
T1 – Special Thali – Mithai, Dahiwada, Phulkas, Puris, 3 type of Subji, Kichdi, Dal, Chawal, Pakori, Chutney Achar 
T2 – Royal Thali (Limited) – 3 Phulkas, Rajasthani sabji Hari Subzi and many of the items from above in a limited quantity.
P1 – Dal Bati Churma
P2 – Batura combination
P3 – Special Parantha 4 slices with dal makhani + chole + raita + jeera rice
Then there is options of the subji which is described in letters A, B, C, D, E.  Basically they are Aloo sabji with combination of either Pyaz, Gobi, Matter, Corn, Cheese
I was a bit hungry but then since I was not super duper hungry went for the P3B combination ie., Special parata and then Aloo Gobi sabji. Well the food arrived in 45-55mts time.  And it was nicely packed in these plastic plate with various section for the subs.  I had really high expectation from this place and somehow had this good feeling.


I had the first bite of the parata and was completely delighted.  It was basically a stuffed parata with panner + aloo + onions and few other things in it.  The taste of it was simply awesome.  I loved eating that along with the ‘Green Chutney’ which was the mint-chutney.


Chole Subji – This was a pretty good dish and I enjoyed having the same with the parata given.
Dal Makhani + Rajma – I guess this was also simply superb, somehow the flavour was similar to what you might get in north India.  I guess nowadays the taste of north indian food is also available at plenty in Bangalore with the arrival of north indian chef.
Dahi Vada – This was pretty decent and I could enjoy it along with the parata sometime.
Jeera Rice – The parata pieces were good and filling coz they did have quite a bit of stuffing.  The rice also was pretty decent actually.  But when I could eat it along with Dal Makhani the taste just enhanced big time 🙂
There was also this chilli chutney which was there in plenty. I taste some of it but then I thought eating too much might cause too much of spice.  Instead, I avoided taking it.
Overall when I finished my lunch, I had this real good feeling and I felt that I had something really good today.  In terms of prices it had this additional cost of Rs.30 for the transportation and the taxes.  So, if you are looking the menu on the portal, you will need to add vat.  But still the taste at this place along with neatness of presentation takes rating straight to 3.5.  It is a place that I should also visit the ‘Fine Dining’ sometime.
My ratings would be as follows –
Food – 3.5/5
Service – 3.5/5
Drinks/Ambiance – N/A
If I really like the food next time, I would not have hesitation to take it to 4.0.
Verdict (Online Order)
I guess there are different kinds of business that have come up offlate.  This Delyver is also one among them.  I wonder who came up with this unique idea of picking up only the deliver part of the food and have tie-up with the restaurant.  Whatever it is, its good.


The only problem I feel is that something the restaurants can be handicaped with the Delyver people are not available.  Infact, the timing also has a mismatch. Sometimes restaurant say, 10.30pm as being the time for last order for online order.  But Delyver does not take orders after 10pm.  I guess some of the problems like these should be correct, if not customers will not be happy.