Cake Mixing Event – Double Tree Suites by Hilton @ Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

Cake Mixing has become one of the most important events that established hotels do.

This is usually done with the top-management of the company watching over the proceeding along with a select set of guests.

I was quite lucky to be part of one such event that happened at the Roof-top pool-side event at Double Tree Suites by Hilton @ Sarjapur Road Outer Ring Road Junction.



This is an event that leads up to the actual activity of making the Rich Plum cakes which would be shared with in-house guests, put up on the buffet spread, available for people to purchase and may be send few samples to people. 


And this time around the spread was around 50kgs of dry-fruits that included – Cherry, Cashew-nuts, Chocolates, Raisins, Almond and other fruits.

These were spread out in a way that the ‘Double Tree Suite’ symbol appeared.  Before the actual mixing, it was quite necessary to have a photoshoot.



The mixing of the event was preceded over by the Top Management team from Hilton Asia.  They were also quite eagerly waiting.  And for all of us to be involved in it, we had to wear the apron and hat.  All of us were sit to enjoy the mixing session.
As part of the mixing, Alcohol (Whisky, Rum, Gin, Wine) is just poured into the dry-fruits and mixed.  While mixing most of the times, you can feel the alcohol.  You would get the feeling of being drunk with the aroma.  Well, it was quite enjoyable for me. 

I have happily trying to do mixing for couple of minutes and for sure it was fun.





Event was followed by light snack food for the guests.  There was a selection of wines and few mocktails.  But then they had a wonderful food spread.  Multiple cut-pieces of cheese, Grapes were kept at one section.  There was also ‘Vegetarian Falafel’ which was one of the vegetarian options.  And then there were also doughnuts and pieces of bread.  Though the idea was not to completely fill the stomach.  But as you eat few of the heavy food, you would feel complete.
Overall Experience was quite wonderful.  I would specially want to thank @Prapti Walia was inviting me to the event.  It was good meeting the Double Tree Suites by Hilton Top Management.  They were quite nicely telling about the future.  The food and drinks kept most of us engaged after the cake mixing.  Hopefully they keep doing it on the yearly basis and I be part of the activity.



With Prapti, Nitin, Carolyn, Devesh Agarwal.