Flechazo – Mediterranean Restaurant celebrates Children’s Day

Flechazo – Mediterranean Restaurant is one of the hidden diamond located on the Outer Ring Road.  The restaurant is located on the busy road but then it somehow goes unnoticed amid the traffic.  But once you visit the place, it will always be in your mind coz there is something special about the place which would make you want to do that.  I was recently there at the restaurant for celebrations Children’s Day celebration at the restaurant.  It was a wonderful experience being part of the event and enjoy some wonderful food from the restaurant.  Let me share some of the experience.


Children’s day is a time for celebrating each Child in this country.  It is a time when we can reflect on our past about the things we did and look up to each growing kid.  It is a celebration that bring joy to one and all.  Flechazo restaurant which is current owned and run by Jayakannan Perumalswamy came up with the idea of letting some 60 children from Madhu Mansion Charitable Trust – NGO
The idea was not just to serve them some good food from the restaurant.  But also, to let the kids enjoy the ambiance like the way every customer would do.  It was quite special as none of the kids had parents and were orphaned. 
It was a delight to see the kids being so well behaved and at the same time enjoying the food & atmosphere.  After finishing their dinner, some of the kids danced to the tunes of ‘Poonam Ki Raath Hain…. From the movie Chennai Express’.  It was nice to see the children enjoy and entertain.  Though it feels sad thinking about their plight, it always let us become humbler & thank god for what we all have.





The restaurant was initially filled with kids who were enjoying the food.  Soon after they left it was empty.  But then the patch of guests was already ready to move in.  It was quite surprising coz in no time the place was almost full again.  It easily shows the popularity of the place.


  • The tables inside have been well setup and light brown always is soft & endearing to eyes.
  • There is the option kitchen option where you can see the Chefs making food.
  • Few more things that are quite notable at this place includes – Live Pizza counter, Train trail in which various starters can be picked up by guests. 
  • Separate section from where the deserts can be picked up.


The interiors are quite good and it is enhanced further by having the special lighting.


It is important to know the direction.  If you are coming from Maratahalli and heading to Mahadevpura & KR Puram junction.  You will cross a ‘Railway underpass’.  And then to the left you will find the ‘Nissan’ showroom.  The restaurant is situated right on top of it on the 3rd floor.


This for sure is the most important reason for lot of people looking to visit the place as it has something special.  The food served is that of a buffet but the quality is quite good.


There are 2 varieties of soup including – Cream De Champignon and Chicken Soup.  The soup was quite good and I enjoyed the taste.




There are at least 4 types of starters and among these my favourite was the Grilled Zucchini Salad, Sprout Beans and green salad. There was also a non-veg salad in the mix that had Roasted Chicken.


There were plenty of options for people to eat.  Vegetarians had Crispy corn, Cinnamon Pineapple, Veg Tempura Chilly Sauce, Maratha Paneer Tikka, Subz Galawti Kebab, Vietnamese Paper Roll and Adrakki Stuffed Mushroom.

  Every starter was good and it is surely had to choose the best among these.  Coz each dish was good in its own way.  Pineapple is something they bring to seat and if you need, the piece of pineapple is cut and served on the plate.

Few other starters that I liked were the one based on Paneer as it was quite soft and Mushroom based as it was quite tasty.  Crispy Corn was good as it was quite tasty.

Non-vegetarians had quite a few options to choose from.  Infact, they had 6 starters made of Chicken, Prawn and some Fish based starters. 


The Big ’O’
This is the concept where you can get to choose the base and topping.  Then later you can ask the Chef to put the topping and pizza would be baked in front. 

This for sure is quite interesting and unique to this place.



Main Course
The starters are in large number and you may not want to take off the grill.  But yes, there various options in Main Course that can tempt us.
Veg main course had nearly 8-10 dishes but among these my favourite where – Paneer Achari Tikka, Flechazo Special Masoor Dal, Badami Subz Masala.  They went along with the selection of Roti & Naan.
Non-veg eaters also had nearly 5 choices of dishes to choose from which is quite good. 


I did mention that there is separate section of guests.  Some of them that were kept for selection included – Coin Jalebi, Dhoodi Halwa, Angoori Gulab Jamun, Macroons, Rajasthani Keech, Marble Pastry, Beetroot slice cake

Each desert tasted quite good.  And I think I any of the above mentioned above the other.

To enhance the gastronomical experience they had a Live Icecream counter that used liquid nitrogen to make live icecream.


Overall Experience
A great evening spent at the wonderful restaurant.  The ambiance for sure is quite good and so was the service.  The food was very tasty and I enjoyed almost every dish that I had.  Only concern I think there is about the place is that sometimes there would be smell coming from the motors or may be the air outside coz it is located on the Outer Ring Road.  My rating for the place is 4.0/5.
My rating in other departments would be.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 at this restaurant will cost anywhere between INR 1200 – INR 1500.




With fellow Foodies, Bloggers and socialites – Ram Chugh, Sheetal Chug, Charumati, Jayakannan.