Empire Restaurant @Bannergatta Road, Bangalore

Empire Restaurant in Bangalore for sure is one most visited restaurants in Town.  These feet have been achieved by not just having multiple branches or serving food late in the evening, I think it is also about the quality of the food.  It has been one of the restaurant, most consistent in terms of taste and flavours.  Typical people just pour in to grab some of their own favourite items at this restaurant.  With love of the people, the Empire Restaurant has reached landmark of 50 years in Food Industry.  I think there are handful of restaurant that can boast of feet and feel proud.  I came to know about the ‘Golden Jubilee’ when I for a recent food-tasting at Empire Restaurant in Bannergatta Road.


There is some info about the restaurant which I received from the restaurant folks directly. Thought it will be a good read.
Hotel Empire started as a family partnership business in the year 1966. Today, the group is a leading chain of restaurants and hotels spread across Bangalore, India and celebrating 50 Golden Years; since its inception.
Nicknamed as the “Taste of Bangalore”, Empire restaurants are the most sought after eateries in the Garden City, particularly with the late-night crowd.
Hotel Empire took a remarkable turn in terms of service and business under the present management that took over in the early Eighties. It transformed into a
Private Limited Company since April, 2012. The chain is expanding rapidly and plans are afoot of going pan India too…!
Counting 19 outlets, Empire has made its presence on Bannerghatta Road on the 13th of April, 2016. A complete state of the art look and feel, this outlet hosts 250 people at a time. A seating of up to 75 in the garden area is an experience to be felt. Quite airy and cool, all Empire fans can still savour their favourite dishes at their very own Bannerghatta Road, instead of having to beat the heavy traffic getting to the city.
Home delivery fans can still call 08040414141 to get food delivered at their door step or even order through our takeaway app.
The restaurant looks quite good and very different from some of the contemporary restaurants.  Off late they have been doing things to deck up the place. 
  • Entrance is quite large and looks typically the entrance to large palace.  I might have exaggerated but still it was good.
  • High roof in the main area soon after you enter.  This gives the restaurant a royal look.
  • There are plenty paintings and different type of artefacts in the restaurant.  One of my favourite was the one I found at the billing counter.  The picture on the backdrop looks good.  It is basically a tree with multiple branches.
  • Spacious seating which lets people enjoy the meal and leave, instead of congestion that might have been seen elsewhere.
  • Separate section leading to outside, where we can have conversation without being disturbed.  And at this location, you are exposed to natural light & sun.
  • There is ample parking space for people to keep their vehicles which is good for a restaurant.
  • As part of 50th Golden Jubilee, they are coming up a new system to serve customer better and serve the food faster. The managers taking order will be required to keep track and ensure the item is delivered within 10-15mts. 
The entire place seems to be completely decked.  I hope it stay the same over a period.
It is important to know the location as it can be a little confusing.  Let me share the info from Dairy Circle road heading towards Bannergatta Road.  You would find the Accenture office and Sobha Palladian apartment coming up.  Then there is the Sagar Automobile (Maruti dealer). Take U-turn at the road in front of SPAR.  Drive a little further than then take a left.  Empire appears to the right side.  
The place is quite popular many of the items for Vegetarians and plenty of options for non-veg lovers.  Let me share my experience on the food that I had.


I tried the Veg Shorbha was good to taste as it had the right amount of cream and at the same it wasn’t that thick. 



There are plenty of options for people to eat from this place.  Some of the items I tasted recently includes – Paneer Chilly Dry, Gobi Manchurian and Baby corn Manchurian.  Among these I loved the Paneer Chilly Dry and Gobi Manchurian were my favourites.



I know that if you are a non-veg lovers, which some of my friends tried multiple items like Chilli Kebab, Chicken Kebab, Grill Chicken, Mutton Brain Dry, Prawn Fry (ghee Roasted) and AL Faham.



Main Course
We also got to taste some of the dishes with the bread like Veg Kurma, Palak Paneer and Daal Tadka




Among these undoubtedly Veg Kurma was my favourite.  But there is a consistency in the latest like other Empires.


Apart from following the plan, I also ended up trying the ‘Daal Fry.





Non-vegetarians got to try some of the Button and Chicken based gravy’s.


Biryani & Rice
There were options to pick from like Jeera Rice and Veg Biryani.  Veg Biryani was decent and it had the right amount of masala into it.  Jeera rice was a great combination along Daal Tadka. 
Non-veg lovers had good variety of 3 biryanis including – Shadi Ki Biryani, Grill Chicken Biryani and Mutton Raan Biriyani.


Tasted the Pineapple Boat and Watermelon Boat.  Both were good in their own ways.  Personally, I liked the Watermelon.


We also go to taste the Lime Mint Cooler and Pina Colada.  The drinks were well made and it was good to consume then while having food.


Overall Experience
It was a great experience going to Empire on a Sunday afternoon.  I enjoyed the taste, ambiance and service.  The food items kept coming and it was becoming hard to taste food calmly.  The variety of food for non-veg and veg is also good.  But most of all I was completely impressed with the Interiors and the effort they are trying to put in to get the right set of people to dine in at the restaurant.  My current rating for this restaurant would be 4.0/5. 
My rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 3.75/5


Food for 2 at this place will cost anywhere between INR500-1200.
With other Bloggers, Foodies and Restaurant Management team.