Route42 – New Pub in town @Koramangala, Bangalore

Bangalore is known to most of the people across the country as being the Garden City, Fashion City and as the Pub Capital of India.  These are terms have become synonymous over a period and time the reason for that is simply coz of growing number of each one of them.  We have plenty of gardens here, people who are quite trendy & fashionable and there is also an ever-increasing number of pubs in the city.  But it sure does become hard for anyone coming with something new to attract people coz they are easily compared.  If there is something unique or say everything is unique, then there would no thoughts about the other places in town.  This is exactly what you feel when you go to Route 42.  I visited the place recently and felt that there many things in this place that are quite unique, intriguing and yet quite endearing. Let me share my experience.
A new place always needs to have something different in the way it is setup.  Typically, the colours used inside the pub, how loud the music is, how spacious is it, how much ventilation is present, how big is the bar counter, how is the service.  These are few challenges the owners face and to be able to meet people desire, they come up with unique themes.
  • This pub typically has great usage of sky blue colour on the walls, which is quite soothing for people.  The furniture used are wooden, yet they look old.  These are made with a purpose of conversation starters.  Typically, everyone would have had these furniture’s at home and they would go on discussing about the same.
  • The acoustics in the place is quite good and there is a special technology behind it, which lets the sound be distributed.  So, rather than loud music, you would find it apt for being able to enjoy listening to song and at the same time have a conversation with a friend.


  • The sofa covers are typical as they either have jeans as the theme or jute.  Jeans, typically has the feel of sitting on Jeans pant.  The jute covering is typically the jute that we use for carrying rice which is again unique.
  • Another main highlight of this place is the FOOD written at the entrance.  They have a cycle with 2 tyres representing ‘OO’ let’s of the word FOOD. 
  • Apart from these are also special lighting arrangement that are being made which will let them put LED from back.  The moment its switched on the glass ball, lets the light pass and give a different effect.
  • This is not all, coz there is something very special as poster which has the complete transition of Bangalore captured in a painting.  Its beautiful to have and also an easy conversation starter.  I was highly impressed with the idea.
A lot of hard-work seems to have gone into designing this place.
It’s quite easy to reach this if you are aware of few nearby surrounding.  Well, everyone knows Foraminal for 2 major things – Forum Mall and the Jyothi Nivas College.  I might have exaggerated a bit but yes typically people do know JNC and Empire joint.  If you are coming from the Koramangala BDA complex, take the road to JNC college entrance alongside Sukh Sagar. 
Driving along until you find the left turn that leads to JNC entrance.  Instead drive a little further and take left.  ‘Route-42’ comes to the left almost diagonally opposite to TILT and below Batinda Junction.  The pub is located on the ground level.
There is something unique about ‘Route-42’, which is the site number.  And the idea of keeping Route-42 is to let people considering taking the Route-42 on the way back home.  It can act as a stop-over place.
This is one of the most important reason for people to come to this place apart from the drinks.  It needs to be fine so people enjoy which partying. 
The items served as part of this menu will need to be good coz people would end up trying more of these.  Reason being, when people drink instead of taking the main course, snacks or starters are more preferred.
I tried tasting the following dishes on the day which included – Paneer Garlic Roll, Cheesy Shooms, Jalapeno Poppers, Cajun Spiced Fried American Corn, Kung Pao Baby Potatoes and Tawa ke Lazeez KhumbTawa Ke Lazeez Khumb, Jalapeno Poppers and Cajun Special Friend American Corn.   The taste and flavours were very good and I enjoyed it.

I must that all the Veg starters were really good and its hard to say which was better than other.  But yes, I would specially recommend trying.

For the non-veg lovers, they had options like Banana Leaf wrapped Fish in Sambal, Prawn Chatpata and Tawa Murg Angara.  I heard that typically all of them were good.





Main Course
Pizza is something we all love and when there is a hunger person, the best item to be pick would be Pizza.  They had couple of Veg Pizza options, among these my favourite was the ‘Farmhouse Special Pizza’.  Non-veg lovers had the ‘Chick Farmhouse’ which I heard people say was good.


Veg Thai Curry with Rice (RED) is the typical thai curry which now is quite popular and ingredients/receipe is known to people. Thai curry was pretty tasty with the gravy. I could sit back and relax eating the dish along with the rice.


Veg Stroganoff is one of the favourite among many people.  It is a typical combination of rice, penne pasta, white sauces which had cheese in it.  The taste was amazing and I think I would surely look to take this dish every time I go to Route-42.
Penne Arabiata pasta was decently made.  There was decent amount of gravy in the Pasta which is good.  But I must say that it was not completely impressive.
Apart from the Veg options, there were some non-veg options like – Pandi Curry, East Indian Kheema Pao, Country special grilled chicken.



This a section sometimes become critical.  Coz after the heavy meal, you may not want to go.  But then they had a whole range of ice-creams.

Banana and Nutella Wonton was the only desert we had it was quite yummy.  A unique way of presenting it to people.


A pub needs to have this completely sorted out coz people would then end up coming & feeling not so good.  Well they have some typically wonderful cocktails.
Beer – A typical favourite ring among most of us.  They have the Hoegarden which is cool.


Other drinks that I tried include Strawberry Daiquiri and Route-42 special.  Route-42 special is a different kind of Long Island Ice-Tea which was presented quite well and I enjoyed drinking it.




There were plenty of mocktail options including Mango, Kiwi and Strawberry flavoured smoothies.



Overall Experience
It was one of the best afternoon I have had since a long time.  The spaciousness make it quite free and likeable for anyone coming in.  The food, drinks and service was very good for a new place.  Service was excellent and the cocktails were also awesome.  This is one of the places that I feel has come to Koramangala and here to stay.  Strategic move of keeping the restaurant away from college entrance, seems to have look wonderful.   My current rating for the experience would be 4.0/5.  Infact, its tending so much closer to 4.5 but then I think 4.0 would be perfect.  I would rate it higher for 1-2 visits later. 
My rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 at this place would come up to anywhere between INR 1500-2000.




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