Toscao – Wine Connection on Varthur Main Road


A beautiful restaurant that’s newly come up on the busy Varthur Main Road, Bangalore. Couple of years or may be a decade back, the roads used to be deserted and there would be no traffic.  Only thing that was known were the Adarsh Palm Meadows and probably Gurukul Badminton academy.  But as the years have gone by the area has got extremely populated and there are multiple houses & shopping complexes.  Toscano has always been setup at some of the Best Malls and ambiance has been always exquisite.  Restaurant serve food from Mediterranean and Italian cuisines.  Along with good food, the intention is to serve some amazing wine from across the world.


The new outlet is located inside the Miraya Rose Shopping complex.  Its very easy for anyone to notice while travelling from Kundanahalli towards the Value Forum Mall.  Even though its in a shopping complex, the restaurant is independent of the main-building has a special place.  There is plenty of open space in front of the restaurant and there is ample car parking around the shopping complex.


Restaurant has been beautifully design and it looks quite sheikh.  There is sitting arrangement done inside the restaurant and the outside. IMG_20190202_132646

There are plenty of sitting options that allow 2-8 people to site comfortably.  They also have a high-rise community table with stool that allow 10 people to site across on one table.  Every table has been well setup like in a fine dining restaurant with Napkins, Cutlery and basic season.

Beautiful hanging plants have been put up on one side of the restaurant right next to entrance area. I loved the nice wall-paper and floor-finish around the restaurant.

In future, they plan to cover the outer section so it will be easier to serve wine anywhere inside the restaurant.

Food & Beverages

I visited the place to try out some of the dishes along with my friends.


Hummus with Falafel Pita breads, Pickled Olives with Sunflower and watermelon seeds; Sweet potato Croquettes; Bruschetta.

Every starter was a visual treat in terms of presentation and they also tasted amazing.  It was hard to pick a favourite but then I will have to say that the Potato Croquettes & Hummus with Falafel was just amazing.

My friend eating non-veg food, enjoyed their Calamari & Chicken Manti.


All Season Veg Pizza was good with nice had soft pizza base.  It had good amount of cheese and some fresh-looking vegetables.  I will urge the team to put a green-flag to indicate Veg/Non-Veg and ask people to consume quickly as the sides can get hard.  The uniqueness about the pizza was its shape and presentation on rectangular wooden base.

Pumpkin Ricotta Ravioli Pasta was another dish that was just amazing.  Every ingredient added in it dish worked well to bring out an amazing dish.


Among the desserts I tried – Cannoli Pistachio, Brownie Tiramisu, Vanilla Rosemary Creme Brule and Charcoal Smoked Cheese Cake. Hard to pick a favorite among dessert but specially loved the Brownie Tiramisu with Mocha ice-cream.

Cannoli Pistachio

Brownie Tiramisu

Vanilla Rosemary Creme Brule

Charcoal Smoked Cheese Cake


They also have some amazing mocktails that taste amazing and are presented in the best possible manner. Some of the best drinks to try would be Beetroot Ginger, Toscano Sling, Hot Spiced Punch and Southern Exposure.

Wine Selection

The Toscano outlet at Varthur is the probably the 8th outlet along with 7 other outlets across Bangalore.  But the sole intent of opening this restaurant was to serve world-class wines along with good food. They are currently sorting out teething issues with licensing and will be making them available soon.   

Final Thoughts

It was great fun to visit a new restaurant on a Saturday afternoon along with couple of good friends.  I enjoyed the taste of almost every dish that was served and the mocktails.  A special mention about the dessert as they were just amazing in terms of presentation and flavors. The dining experience will be enhanced many notches once wines are served.  They restaurant also has plan to start Sunday Brunch shortly that will be welcoming form people living in the locality.

More Information

Address – Miraya Rose, Whitefield Main road Near Shell Petrol Pump, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

Reservations –

Contact – 076193 20077