Chillis – Restaurant Company at Indiranagar, Bangalore



There are some place that have a history attached to it and sometimes it works a lot to its advantage.  One such place is the Chillis which is something really special being here in Bangalore.  In terms of history, I am talking about visiting this place first time in US couple of year ago.  I know that the US folks have very very limited veg options but still I think I was able to get some really good food – especially the veg salads were spectacular.  But this is India and they need to make sure that atleast 50% of the items served here should be veg as there are quite a few veg-eaters here including myself:)




It was sunday when there some hand-picked set of foodies who were invited to this restaurant and we asked to taste on the food and give some candid feedback.  I was previously gone to the Chillis @Pheonix Market City and have had really good time with family and friends multiple times.  I had the baggage of that coming along to this place.
But this place is surely much above that place coz of the single reason that it is a stand-out property.  It was located in a mall where there is mixed of eateries around and people who end up going to multiple places and may not appreciate the kind of food being served here.
I was really glad to see that they wanted to take this property which was many folks who have travelled in Indiranagar area (including myself) know that Little Italy used to be there.  But times of changed and here is the Chillis which I feel will stay on for long times to come.
In terms of the location it is located on the 100ft road right opposite to the famous Vapour Brew Pub.  And must say they have done a great job with the place.  Simple reason is that the color used are bring and vibrant which makes you feel energetic and spirited as you go inside.  As they say right outside – ‘TASTE an AMERICAN ORIGINAL’, well everyone loves to go in 🙂
The colors used outside include Red of course the chills color, Green, Dark Brown, Blue, White and overall it is simply superb.
As you go inside the front office is very nice to you and they welcome you warmly 🙂
Then you enter inside and are made to go a nice and cozy place in the ground floor.




To start off we got this Tripple Dipper which is a combination of 3 items including – South West Spring Roll, Cheese Poppers & Tandoori Paneer Quesa Bite.  This was imply yummy.  Especially the ‘cheese poppers’ & ‘spring roll’ were simply awesome. Sometimes we try this spring-roll at small time place and get frustrated but this place it is simply yummy to taste.
It won’t be nice unless I tell the accompanying sauces which includes – Cream, 2 types of cheese dips which just was quite good and went on very well with the items part of the starter.


Then comes the time for next started which was the Nachos + Salsa sauce.  I think this was also done brilliantly.  The white field Chillis does it good but I guess they guys are even better and I just loved having these.
The best part about the Nachos is that it is crisp and tasty and the salsa is given separately.  Many times I goto Toit and wonder why they put it on top to make the nachos soft quickly.  But yes, the only thing I would have wanted some cheese dips to be served along with the Nachos.



Now that the starters were over, it was time to taste some of the drinks that were there for the offering.  Some of the really good drinks that they served which were non-alcoholic included – California, Peach Hills, Evolution & Strawberry Moje Tea.  And it won’t be right unless I tell about the presentation.  It was exquisite and you will just feel like drink all of it when you get it.  But mind it each of them are large drinks and it is simply too much for 1 person to finish it coz it would easily fill your stomach.  And the glasses in which they were served also were simply superb.  They had the right proportion of ingredients to make  good mocktail
There were other mocktails served including – Minty Melon & Blu Pacified.  They were pretty good but then I would not want to rate them above the first 4 that I told 🙂
Time to go for the main course.  And it was time to try some of the Veg Burger that was there for the offering.  Well, the burger sure was quite good and had good layer of Cheese in it and ofcoruse the french fries.  Well, if you have tried other options of the main course, this is a good one to start off as it is quite yummy.



Then came the pizzas.  Well, the pizzas were quite yummy.  It was basically a mixed veg kind of pizza served which was of thin-crust and overall I enjoy the pizza compared to many other places coz I feel that they seem to know how to prepare the pizza with thin crust.  There are some authentic italian pizza places where I have not had good experience but these folks make it quite good 🙂
Another simply awesome main-course that I ate there was the ‘Veggies Cheese Quesadillas’.  I must say this is one of the best items that I have had and the cheese in the quesadilla is simply yummy.  I remember the first time I had taken in Whitefield was with a friend who is a NV eater and he loved it so much and we ended up taking another one.  The one at this store is even better coz it was more yummier in the taste.  For any vegetarian I would say it was must item to have 🙂
Next main course to be tried was the Cilantro Paneer Pasta.  Well, the paneer I thought was pretty good but then the ‘Cilantro’ I thought was not that interesting.  It seemed to a bit on the bland side and felt like something was missing about it.  I am not sure if it was coz of the Penne pasta being there.  But yes, I thought this could have been better about this place.
Seems like we tried loads of good food, I know that few more were pending.  But then it was also to try some Margarita.  And here they served Presidente Margarita and El Nino Margarita.  Both of them were simply superb.  I personally love the tequilla based drink and enjoyed it including the presentation.









Finally I thought it was the end but then we had another tasting of the classic Veg Fajita which was again well done.  I think they have taken special care to add good amount of bean and veggies to make the disk pretty good.  Overall I was pretty impressed with what they served as vegetarian.
I guess the food is totally incomplete unless there is some amount of desert that is served.  And the first thing that we taste was the ‘Molten Chocolate Cake’.  This is simply an awesome desert not just coz its a desert, its something that is served the same way in US.  And the manager told us that this is specially imported from US and it comes in a closed box and is served as is in India.  There is no change done to the dish in India.  So, imagine the reason for doing this.  They want to maintain the authenticity of the dish being served and also the taste.  Which ever chills across the globe you try, taste & looks would remain the same.



Next desert was the ‘White Chocolate Molten Cake’.  Another classic from the Chillis which was super yummy again.  If you look at the pics attached you would just feel like going and grabbing a bite of it right away.  And I was going through some portal that talk specifically about that calorie count and the way it is made.  I guess you should forget calories and just go for it.
Overall a simply awesome experience at Chillis and accordingly to me it was no less than 4.5.  There are limited place that I like to rate that way but then I think there are many things that stand out about this place which was worth mentioned and enjoying.
Food-wise I would still give it a 4 probably but then the overall selection of drinks, ambiance, service just takes it away for this place.  And it is a place that you can visit with friends, family and have a great time.  I am waiting to visit it the next time coz there are my colleagues who are big fans and want to go there soon.



My other rating would be as follows –
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Drinks – 4.25/5
Food for 2 would cost around Rs.2000-2500 depending on if you want to have a light meal or heavy meal.