PARADISE – New outlet @Electronic City – Bangalore

This is the latest Biryani spot in the heart of Electronic City.  It’s not that they are quite new to Bangalore but yes they are relatively new compared to many other established brand.  But then since their inception 1-1/2 in Bangalore, they have setup 5 different outlets across Bangalore.  And for sure they have targeted the areas where the crowd will pour to relish some good food and reasonable price.

This for sure is the trend going forward coz people don’t like to travel much even if the brand is popular.  They ideally want the popular brands to setup their outlets in the backyards.  It is quite necessary for a good brand like Paradise to do that coz though the place is popular, to be able to cater to multiple people.  This review is based on the food tasting that happened at the PARADISE outlet at Electronic City.


I think it is very apt to share some history about the chain itself.  Yes, it’s restaurant that started its operations way back in 1953.  That for sure is a long time ago and they don’t seem to have ever thought of setting anything in Bangalore and were happy serving good biryanis in the Hyderabad region.

But the IT sector has its own ways of attracting people and now they are here in the Garden City of Bangalore.  And in this city, the IT township @ Electronic City has the population to attract a popular brand to setup something.


Consider you are starting to drive from the Silk Board Junction towards the Electronic City. Quite simply, you should take the express-flyover which will take you across in 15mts to Electronic City without any hindrance.

And then as you keep driving across you will across the angular left and then a junction that has a perpendicular road coming from the left.  Keep to right and drive along.  PARADISE building appears to the left side.  Hard to miss coz it’s a huge building.

They have ample parking space and valet parking service as well.


Keeping up with the traditions, they have the posters showing various star celebrities that have visited their restaurant in Hyderabad.  I think the time has come for them to put up pics of celebrities who visit the restaurant in Bangalore.


The seating looks pretty clean and spacious.  It is mean to let people enjoy the food along with the good ambiance.


There are posters of chef cooking in the kitchens.  Posters of some popular places in and around Hyderabad.


Separate Takeway section for people to take food directly instead of entering the dining area.
The place for sure looks pretty good and not like an ordinary quick eat place.
This is the most critical aspect of the restaurant that lets people go there repeatedly and pour in numbers.  I wanted to try a few items here this time around and was quite delighted to do so.


Hot & Sour Soup
This was a pretty well made soup that has good amount of veggies, thickness and taste.  I enjoyed it and felt that it was the perfect way to start the meal.


Sweet Corn Soup
Another interesting soup that actually looks good and also tastes pretty good.  I would say that you should not tag a place only to be Biryani place coz there are other great things here as well.


Paneer 65
This was a starter that had the right balance of masalas and the paneer.  The paneer was quite soft and was just enjoyable to eat it.

You only need to be careful about the chillies that are present coz sometimes in the hurry to eat, you might get a big piece of chilly.  The taste and the presentation both were pretty good.


Veg Manchurian
A well-made starter that contains veg Manchurian balls.  Ideally if you can take it with the mint chutney or the ketchup the taste is pretty good.

I very much enjoyed the flavours of the dish.  This is one of my favourite starters here coz it comes along with the Veg Combo as well.


Veg Platter
The Platter had Tandoori Paneer with 2 different masalas on top -1 being the mint masala and another being the chilly.  The colour outside was the differentiating factor.  The taste was pretty good.
There was also Veg Kebabs which was present in the platter which tasted quite good.

It had the groundnuts spread over the kebab which was adding more to the flavours.  Ideally when you take kebab, onions and lemons are must.  Lemon’s tanginess adds more flavour to kebabs.


As part of tasting, I was there with my friends who tried some of the non-veg starters and they were also quite impressed with the taste.


Main Course
Veg Kurma and Tandoori Roti
This is a great combination that is available in PARADISE.

The taste of the kurma is great and the roti is good.

Roti I made of wheat and is quite soft.  It is a great dish to take before taking the biryani.

The gravy in the kurma is quite mouth-watering and surely there isn’t much spice so anyone can enjoy the taste.


Veg Biryani with Double Masala
This is the most popular dish for sure at the PARADISE.  And it is one of the best biryani you will get across Bangalore.  The taste is also quite consistent across all the outlets.  The latest outlets I remember having the same tests includes – JP Nagar, BEL Road and Koramangala.


The double masala usually can be asked which gives more taste to the biryani.  I personally love taking biryani with salaam that is made of coconut gravy.  Taking it along with raita is also good.


Vegetarian like me would surely love the veg options.


But my friends were non-veg lovers.

I think they tried the other biryanis like Egg Biryani and told it was good.

There were also other like the Chicken and Mutton Biryani.

They told that one portion easily can satisfy 1 person and the pieces of non-veg were also quite good & they seem to enjoy it.


The final set of items that you should be trying in PARADISE for sure is the desert.  Some of them that we took included.


Double Ka Meetha
A great desert which is made of the bread which has the right amount of sweetness and the taste.  It is made in a way that it will make you happy.  It could also be quite heavy coz it’s got bread in it.


Gaajar Ka Halwa
A dish made out of carrots.  The only problem with the dish was that it was a little sweeter.  And another small concern was that some portions had carrots that were a little raw.  I am sure that was something it won’t happen but yes the management was quite open taking the feedback and said they will work on it.


This is the sweet containing apricot which is only available in PARADIE.  It might be sweeter but then when you take the liquid with the fruit, the taste is quite yummy.  I just enjoy the sweet and it is one of my favourites here.
Falooda with Rose Milk
This is another popular desert that we get at PARADISE which has the right mix of falooda, rose milk and other ingredient which just make you finish it fully after taking 1 bite.
Overall Experience
I have been to all the outlets of PARADISE and for sure like the others the taste & flavours are consistent.  This shows that the executive Chef who is helping the local chefs in the chains, learn the process completely and follow it in a disciplined manner.  The service of the staff is quite good and they are always helpful.  I currently rate this place at 4.0/5.  It is for sure tending to the next higher rating #, hopefully my regular visits will enable that.
Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 will cost anywhere between INR 400-800 if you are doing for a meal with soup & starters.


Pics contains – Naveen, Hari, Manoj, Sangeetha, Anupama, Pratheek, Donovan, Harsha, Jaideep, Chetan, Deepa, Chef Vijay (Exec Chef PARADISE), Nikhil (Sales Mgr PARADISE), Navneeth.