Kopper Kadai – Best of North Indian Food @Koramangala – Bangalore

This is one of the newly opened restaurants in the Koramangala area serves North Indian food.  When I initially came to know about the place, I was hoping for something special coz this region has very few places that serve really good North Indian food.  And I must say that this happens to be the best coz of simple reason that the people making the food, have come with an intent to make people happy.  This is very much known from the selection of the dishes, Chef who leads the kitchen, company from where the masalas are sourced and of course the ambiance.  I included ambiance coz I feel that when the food is good and is also served in a nice manner, it gives pleasure to eat.  It then also leaves some lasting memories.  Let me share more of my experience going forward.


I wanted to write a little in this section which will set the tone to what I write later.

There are some people who are well established in their professional lives by reaching greats heights in the corporate world.  But then they always have the desire to serve people.  And what better way than to bring in some great food to people.

Shafeek and Ashraf are some of the folks involved with the idea regarding the restaurant.  They have been successful in their Banking sector @Dubai, now they are back to their home trying to enjoy good food.


To bring it all to reality, it is absolutely essential to bring a top class chef and that they found in Chef Akshay Nayyar who has had experience working with the Indian Celebrity Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.  This for sure sets the tone and then it’s all about picking the right dishes and looking into the presentation details.


Shafeek in one of my conversation with him also told that he wants to serve food and not hurt some of the sentiments.  So, the restaurant does not serve Alcohol nor do they serve Beef.  That’s a big step to keeping many folks happy.


Now that I have given a bit on the history time to go ahead sharing more info on other aspects.
It is critical that you know how to reach here coz it could be a pain sometimes.  The route is quite simple, if you are on the Hosur Road coming from MG Road and heading to Adugodi and the Forum Mall.  Drive along until you get the signal in front of Forum Mall.  Taking left at signal leads to Raheja Arcade and other places in Koramangala.  Continue on straight to head towards Hosur.  Take the first left on the road opposite to Shopper Stop.  There is a small road that leads to the famous ladies’ college in Bangalore – Jyothi Nivas College.  You don’t need to go further ahead, soon after you enter the road, the ‘Kopper Kadai’ appears to the right side.


For folks very known to JNC and comes from the side where JNC entrance is present.  The restaurant is present to the left.  And for reference Indigo Live, Stone are present opposite side in different building.


There is a lot write about this restaurant with regards to ambiance which makes it quite special.
  • The entrance has big kadai which is flattened out at KK is written on it.  It looks very pretty and of course a great place for taking selfies.
  • Soon after you enter you can see Kopper Kadai written ahead and there is some water body down which adds more to the look.
  • There are wonderful seats to the right and left.  Special seater for 10-15 diners is present to the left for private diners.
  • A raised section where there more seats for people to sit.
  • The section to the left side has 172 Kada’s hanging by the roof.  Their idea is to correlate to the amount of spices used in the kitchen which is again an interesting concept.
  • Tables area well-arranged and seat seat has copper covered glasses.
  • Lighting used inside is also exquisite.
  • There are small sections where there is old day light kept which again look very unique and different.
  • I think there is so much more to write about ambiance.  Something special I need to share is that the food is also served in special manner and not in the normal bowls, vessels.  They are served in a very different manner.


I heard the owners say that they wanted to put a special effort in serving the food in special way so that people don’t just enjoy food but also click pictures.  Basically they want people to enjoy the complete experience.
This restaurant has got the ambiance and the history behind it.  But then all of these enhances the experience of the food that is consumed.  Let me share my experience on the food that I consumed.
Before I share that I want to specially mentioned about the variety in the menu including.


  • Sherbet Paani – Non-alcoholic drinks/mocktails
  • Kebab Gali Se – Starters
  • Garma Garam Shorba – Soups
  • Kreaction – Something that serves 1 person
  • Celebration of Curries
  • Basmati & Bemisaal Biryani
  • Combine with a Side
  • Hand Rolled Bread


It’s quite hard to be able to try all the dishes but yes there were a selection of items that I tried when I went with my friends for having dinner at the restaurant.


Patialey Wali Lassi
Salted, sweet, chaas, kesari mango, berry
This was a great drink for sure that gives you a great refreshing feeling especially in this hot season.

And with the mango season underway you always feel like trying the mango based items.

And yes, it was fun trying the drink.


Kiwi Ambi Panna
Smoked raw mango, gooseberry, green chilli
A good drink that tasty on the spicy side but it was pretty good.  The presentation for spot on and for sure it was good to take it along while having dinner.


KK Lemon Shikanji
Refreshing lemon mint with dash of kokum
Another interesting drink with good combination of the items that seem to have gone into making the drink.


Chatmola Fatafat
Katta Meetha cola lime jaljeera
This is something you can take anytime, especially after the meal coz it can help soothe the stomach.


There were quite a few varieties of Kebab for the vegetarians.  Some of the kebab(s) that I ended up trying were pretty good.


Sasron Ki Champey
Tandoori Soya Chops with grainy mustard, nimboo chatka
This was a special drink which I don’t think I had like this in the past.  It is actually the mock meat.  The soya gives the effect just like the way a chicken might taste.  It’s quite different for a vegetarian like me coz it is quite chewy and you sometimes think why it is this way.  But as the non-vegetarians say, it is the way some of the non-veg items taste.


Achari Hari Bhari Sheekh
Minced Spinach, mustard & green pea skewers fired in batti
Starter that is served in a different manner which somehow feels more wonderful.  The taste of it was simply brilliant.  The sheikh came out to be very good and it was cooked evenly.


Lucknowi Dahi Ki Shammi
Hand rolled yoghurt patties flavoured with ginger & chillies


A very tasty shammi which was so well done compared to anywhere else in Bangalore.  There seems to have been a lot effort put into making the dish.





There are other starters we ended up taking that were vegetarian. It’s hard for me to describe and may be also hard for me to recollect.  But yes, I heard that the non-vegetarian starters were also pretty good.


Main Course
Warqi Dal E Dastaan
Heritage recipe of mushy dal, grandfather’s signature
Wonderful daal just so yummy that you felt like taking it directly and not with the roti.  A well-cooked daal is always good to taste and eat.


Kattiwari Tarkari
Crispy Vegetable gatta in velvety onion tomato gravy
Another good dish that goes along well with any roti.  I tried it with wheat parantha, naan and other breads.  The taste was wonderful.


The names of the breads are also quite nice, it seemed to have so much of info.  The names used included – Gehu Ki Roti (Wheat Roti), NaaaN (quite a few ‘a’ are present in the menu), Paratha, Pankhuri Roti, Makki Di Roti and Romali Roti.


I need to specially mention about the Pankhuri roti, which is liked the dried roti which is this huge piece and you need to add special masala powder and eat it.  The taste is quite good.
Tandoori Burnt Garlic & Vegetable Biryani
It’s hard to get a biryani to be done well at a fine-dining restaurant coz you feel that there is a focus on so many items.  But I must say that they have done a brilliant job with the biryani.  There was good amount of vegetables in it, the masala was perfectly blended, the taste was simply awesome.  I loved the taste of the biryani and seemed to taste on par with places that specialise only in making biryanis.
This is the time when you feel like relaxing and enjoying the sweetness.  There were a few deserts I tried.


Dilli Wali Fruit Cream
Sinful flavoured cream & seasonal fruit delight
The cream is very well done and the way it mixes with the fruits; it becomes so yummy.  I just loved the taste of it and couldn’t resist but finish the entire portion by myself and not share with anyone.


Gulab Jamun Biskit
Baked gulan jamun, rabdi with cookie crumble
A great dish was there are 3 layers of biskits and each layer has a separation by 3 pieces of well-done jamuns.  There is also a jamun layer on top which I just loved.


There were other deserts that we could try but it was quite difficult to find space in the stomach.  May be the next time I go there I will try it.
Overall Experience
It was a wonderful time going to the restaurant that has started just a few days back. The taste of the food is quite brilliant and the ambiance is superb.  It is not an extremely huge setup but not a small one either.  The people and the service is quite warm. It is the experience that matter here along with the food tasting.  My current rating for this restaurant would be 4.5/5.  I am only hoping that they keep up with the taste.
My rating in other departments.
Food – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4.5/5
Drinks – 4.5/5
Food for 2 will cost anywhere between INR1200-1800.  The price per plate when taken in the afternoon would be around INR750 which is a great deal for a restaurant serving such wonderful food.
With Rumana, Dushyant, Senjuti, Pratheek, Donovan, Prarthna.