Punjabi Grill – Best of North Indian Food @ Koramangala, Bangalore

Punjab Grill is one of the North Indian restaurant in Koramangala which serves one of the best North Indian.  It has been around for quite a while and we Bangaloreans simply are in love with this place.  It’s not just that food but also a combination of Ambiance and Services which lets any customer have a complete experience.  I was recently invited for a tasting session of select set of items from the menu.  Though I have gone here in the past, I would not miss a chance of visiting this place any number of times.  I grabbed the opportunity and went ahead dining there with my friends. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon lunch at the lovely restaurant.


This is a fine dine restaurant where every small detail has been taken care to given the customers a delightful experience.  It starts from the entrance which needs to give the appeal to anyone entering the restaurant. That’s taken care quite well with the symbol/logo and the name written out big in Yellow colour.
The tables are well setup with each table having the basic cutleries along with napkin.
Typically, the seating is inside in the comfort of A/C.  But for people who prefer having food outside in open, can prefer sitting outside.  This is a section has come up newly, especially for those who want to sit in the open. 
There is a neatly setup bar-counter from where the drinks served on tables would be made. 
One most important aspect in terms of Ambiance is the cleanliness around the restaurant.  I thought the restaurant looked clean and it is no lesser than a restaurant in a 5-star hotel.


It is quite easy to share the location info for this place as its location diagonally opposite to Forum Mall towards the side where Bosch office is present. 


Before sharing my experience with the latest food that I had at this place, would like to highlight an interesting quote that is there on their own website.
The amalgam of the royal tastes and the Sikh flavours has placed Punjab on a high culinary pedestal. The food fit for the royals! Punjab Grill refabricates experience by making it richer and modern but also keeps the old ideals at the helm.
When you read something like this, you get a feel that the food being served is for ‘Royals’.  The food for sure is something special.  Let me share more about my experience.
Starters – This is something that we always end up taking at every restaurant.  We typically expect it fill our mouth with different flavours of masalas.  Typically, we all enjoy the Tandoori based starters.  Veg Starters that we were served included – Paneer Tikka Multani, Beetroot Peanut Tikka & Dahi Kebab
Among the starters – I loved the Beetroot Peanut Tikka which looks like beetroot but it is Potato with Beetroot & peanut butter on it.  That is a very interesting combination, which is quite away from the contemporary tikka.  Another favourite of mine was the Dahi Kebab which had the required crispiness from outside but at the same time the softness of curd inside.  It tasted quite good with the mind chutney.  The only start I thought could have been a little better was the Paneer Tikka Multani which I thought could have been a little bit softer.
Similarly, there were 3 Non-Veg starters as well – Murgh Malai Tikka, Chaamp Taajdar & Tandoori Pompet.  I heard from my friends that all the non-vegetarian starters were good.





Main Course – Starters can easily fill your stomach not with the variety but also the richness in each of the dishes.  But then main course is most essential part of the meal.   Among the dishes, tasted some of the special dishes including – Daal Punjabi Grill and Sarson da Saag in the vegetarian section.  I must say that the 
Sarson da Saag was one of the best I have had in a long time.  The flavour of the ‘Spinach’ seems come out so well.  Undoubtedly it was the best dish for the day that I consumed. 
Daal Punjabi also was quite good coz it is the Urad Daal simmered overnight, tomato puree, cream and butter.  This a dish that just goes along well with any bread or steamed rice.


Assorted Bread & Rice – There are plenty of varieties served as part of the Assorted bread including the Tandoori Paratha, Naan, Laccha Parantha and Makki-di-roti

Every bread is good coz they have the flavours of the ingredients speaking out for itself.  But I loved the Makki Di Roti as it went along very well with Sarson da Saag.  Similarly the ‘Veg Biryani‘ that was served was also quite good.


Desert – Well the day would never end without consuming deserts.  The deserts I tasted were Gulab Jamun and Kulfi Falooda.  For sure the Jamun was my favourite coz it came in as trio with filling of Pistachio, Nutella – White Chocolate and Honey & Almond.  
Every Jamun bite just melted in the mouth.  I am so impressed that I would recommend this dish to anyone going to the restaurant.


Drinks – Punjabi Grill is typically good not just for the North Indian food but also for some of the wonderful cocktails and mocktails making it a perfect Lounge Bar.  Some of the signature cocktails that are there includes – Kahva Lemon Ice Tea, Old Fashioned Chai, Tarbooz Booze, Aam Panna Margarita, Paan & Gulab Martini, Angoori Nasha and Kaala Chasma



Among the cocktails, loved the Ice Tea, Chai, Tarbooz and Aam cocktail options.  I think each of them I just have couple of sips.  I will need to visit this place more often to be able to try them at leisure.


Overall Experience
It was a great time spent on a typical Saturday afternoon having some delightful North Indian Food.  The quality of the food has been quite consistent through the years or I would say that it has also significantly improved, thanks the expert’s chefs working in the back-end kitchen.  I am hoping that the taste will improve even further and that we will get see more varieties.  I would rate my overall experience at the restaurant at 4.0/5. 
My rating in other departments includes.
Food – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Food for 2 at the restaurant would cost anywhere between INR1500-2000.

Bloggers Table includes – Naveen, Nitin Hajela, Dushyant, Noor, Shruti Suresh, Abhinav Verma.