Five Star Chicken – Product Review


Five Star Chicken is one of the brand though not an Indian somehow feels like an Indian.  That surely is the USP of this place.  And just like other chains that have come from abroad, they have established plenty of outlet in the Bangalore area. This also means that many of the things that ‘Five Star Chicken’ bring to the table need to be accepted by one and all.  Well, I am very much referring to the Vegetarian population.  Though the non-vegetarian love the meat flavours due to the inclusion of Indian spices, there needs to be something for the vegetarians. I think they have done exactly that and I have tried most of the dishes.  All of them are well made and tastes yummy to the tongue.

Let me share some thoughts on some of the items I tasted as part of the Product Review of ‘Five Star Chicken’.  Before I get into the details, I thought it would be best to share more background to ‘Five Star Chicken’.


There is quite a bit of info available about the group, but I thought it would be to share a few high-level points.
  • Five Star Chicken comes from Thai Multi-National Conglomerate, CP Foods with over $13billion sales in Agro and Food Industry, globally. Its products are sold in over 50 countries worldwide.
  • CP Foods is a pioneer in this industry and is also known to be the world’s largest feed manufacturing company, as well as the largest shrimp/prawn manufacturing company in the world.
  • Five Star Chicken was launched in 1985 at Ladprao 80 Street, Thailand.  In total they have nearly 7000 outlets across various countries in South Asia.
  • The company has its own state of the art infrastructure for storage and distribution and exercise complete control over the quality from “Farm to Food”.
  • For the Bangalore region as well, they have a common storage and distribution point setup.  And every time they send out fresh meat to all the outlets in Bangalore.
  • I also came to know that they want to setup a common facility between Karnataka and Andhra, which can cater to many more places.
  • They are able to optimize on the cost and pass on some of the benefits to the consumers.
Among the points mentioned above, I am impressed to know that they are constantly looking to bring in new items into the menu.  I came to know that apart from the current vegetarian offering, they are looking to introduce many more items.


The food that is available in this chain belong to Thai cuisine, Mediterranean, Continental and of course the Indian cuisine.  Bangalore happens to be a conglomeration of multiple cultures and people.  So, each of these flavours will suite different palettes.
In Bangalore it was established in Nov 2012 and since then have quite a few stores. Infact, I came to know that they have nearly 240+ stores across south India and Goa.
It’s now time for me to share my thoughts on Vegetarian offering as part of Five Star Chicken.

Well, a place that has a name ‘Chicken’ may not be favoured by vegetarian.  But I must say that some of the myths like these need to be removed coz the vegetarian offering is quite good.


Vegetarian Burger
This is one of the first items I tried, which was pretty good as the patty between the burger was well done. There was good amount of vegetables like onions & capsicum inside.  And also there were quite a bit of ‘Mayonnaise’ added which was adding more flavour.  The patty had unique crunch to it.  The taste was pretty good when taken with some ketchup.


The only other thing they can do to improve the taste would be adding some lettuce and make it a bit more spice to let the flavours stay for a while.  May be addition of jalapeno or something will not hurt.


Chole Roll
A wonderfully made roll that has the traditional Indian Chole.  It gives a great feeling to know that a multi-million chain is looking to make specialized item suiting the market they are in.  This surely is one of my favourite and I loved the taste of the roll.

Along with the ketchup the taste was pretty awesome.


Spicy Veg Roll
This is another interesting product that is part of the ‘Five Star Menu’ which is the spicy roll.  I guess the simply reason for introducing is that people in Bangalore, love spices.  Whenever we take outside food, we need the extra spice.  May be the same thing when prepare at home, we may not want.  But the food from special sources like these, we love the spices coz they add many more items along with spices.


Chocolate Samosa
This for sure is one of the most unique samosa I have ever eaten.  I am not who came up with the idea but whoever did, knows the flavours.  The hot samosa with chocolate goes along quite well.  It is served on a stick as if it were some non-veg dish.  This is a must try for any vegetarian.


This is a nicely made ‘French Fries’ which had the selection of some Indian Masala directly added into it. It is not like the ones that we get at McDonald’s where we need to add the masala.  It is good as is and for sure the flavour comes from the Indian spices being added into it.
There were some of the items that were vegetarian.  But I must say that every dish is special.
Overall Experience
It is a wonderful experience getting to try out some of the products from Five Star Chicken.  There is time when we have so much of apprehension being a vegetarian, we get paranoid.  But then I am happy to see that a brand like this is making sure that Vegetarians don’t sulk when in the company of friends at the outlet.  The variety of vegetarian food can keep the vegetarians happens. Infact, I have heard many non-vegetarians telling that the vegetarian options are pretty tasty.
My rating for the food and the experience on a scale of 5 is as follows.
Flavour – 4.0/5
Concept – 4.0/5
Taste – 4.0/5
Presentation – 4.0/5
I would recommend these dishes to all my friends who are vegetarians and say to them that their vegetarians always J