MTR Ready To Eat : Poha & Upma – Product Review

This is one of the brands that has been around in India since 1924.  And when I read through the history, I was quite fascinated to know that the people who started this chain hailed from a small town named Udupi.  It’s a story of 3 brother who served some great food in the region but wanted to make it to the big city Bangalore.  Encourage by people they came and setup a restaurant in the Lalbagh region which was then called ‘Brahmin Coffee Club’.  Little did people know that this was the brand that will change to ‘Mavalli Tiffin Room’ in short MTR.
I guess it takes a lot of effort to keep up the brand name over days, year and decades.  I guess the most important reason for this survival is the supreme important being given to Quality, Taste, Service, Presentation and most importantly Cleanliness.  MTR is a brand is the brand which symbolises all the words that I mentioned above perfectly.
Times have from the MTR setup in 1951.  Decades later MTR probably is the first of brands realised the growing market for packaged food.  This probably lead them to introduce the favourite breakfast among South Indian’s, the UPMA.  They ran a wonderful ad-campaign involving a son and his love for mother & her upma preparation.  Well, that packaging was a hit.  And MTR started selling loads and loads of MTR package Upma packets.  I personally have taken it every time I have travelled abroad.
Along with the upma, they also introduced the Rava Idli mix which is also a big hit. Infact, many old times like my grandmother actually love the Upma.   But as they say, you should never stop innovating.   And the next innovation that was waiting in the wings for preparing something in 3 minutes so people who have busy schedule don’t have put too much of effort preparing items.  There are other popular brands who had the packaged ‘Noodle’s which can be done under 3-5 minutes and is quite handy to carry.
There are plenty of South Indian breakfast option that are up for picking.  They finally picked on 2 items – Upma and Poha.  Both of these are most common in every household.  The items I mentioned need to be done right, coz though ingredients are very simple, it needs to be rightly made to taste good. Let me share my experience on the latest tasting of these boxes.


MTR – Poha Review
Poha is a very popular dish in South India and also in the Maharashtra regions.  Infact, most of the India know about the Poha.  Now, it is not easy to make it ready in just 3 minutes.
The MTR team has spent quite a bit of time in researching the ingredient of the poha.  Once the ingredients are identified, they would have required to check if the ingredients would mix in 2-3 minutes’ time and have the final product ready.
After much analysis I am sure they have come up with the correct combination of items, which when mixed can bring life to the dry flattened rice pieces.


It is very easy to prepare a Poha which comes in a small box.  All you need to do is open the box, take out the spoon and pour some hot water.  There are instructions that tell people to add 100ml water and then close the lid.  But yes, you will only need to mix it once soon after water is put with the spoon that is given.
Leaving it aside for just 3 minutes, you will be surprised what you see at the end of it.  The only other thing you will need to do is mix it again and breakfast Poha is ready.


This is one of the best breakfast at home now prepared with relative ease.  Anyone and everyone can easily prepare it.  It contains the poha, little tadka, dried grapes, tanginess and what not.  I mean, it’s easy to say about all of this but sure a lot of thought surely has gone into making this.  Personally this is my favourite breakfast and I just loved the taste.  The aval/flattened-rice used is also perfect.  Complete package is spot on.


I rate this dish at 4.0/5.  For sure it is one of the best breakfasts to be had.


MTR – Upma Review
Upma is another item that is favourite breakfast among South Indians.  It surely isn’t popular among North Indian but then MTR have already introduced the ‘MTR Ready Mix’ to the country and the world.  I am sure people know it and were waiting for 3-minute option.  Infact, I used to wonder why there isn’t a Upma option like ‘Cup-O-Noodles’.  I guess there are some people who take the innovation to the next level people someone else could.
Glad that it comes a beautiful plastic box that says that it can be ready in 3 minutes.  Wow! Never imagined that someone would convert a thought into reality.


The way to prepare is quite simple and similar to the Poha preparation.  You need to open the lid and just pour some 60ml of hot water.  Mix the entire item with the spoon that is provided.
Leaving aside for 3 minutes will let the upma be ready.  May be another round of mixing with spoon and we have the upma.  It is quite a surprise for me to even see it getting ready which I think a small baby can also do it.


This is the critical reason why people love MTR package upma.  The taste is simply brilliant coz all the ingredients added in it work very well to make the package work.
The combination of Rava, Tadka, Dried curry leaves and many other ingredients blend in very well when hot water is put. Complete flavour is very good and somehow leaves a lasting taste.


I would rate this product also at 4.0/5.  And I am sure that lots of people would just love it.
Packaging & Pricing
The boxes in which the Poha and Upma come are quite good and strong.  Even if you put very hot water it won’t melt.  The taste stays intact inside the container.  And also the spoon is quite good.
Cost of Poha and Upma is INR45.
Overall Experience
I am glad to see MTR innovating every now and then bringing something new to the people.  They have established themselves as the No.1 ‘Heat and Eat’ companies.  packaged food chains.  And now they would become the No.1 ‘Ready to Eat’ company as well.
The products Poha and Upma are perfect for anyone who just does not have time to prepare food and wants to eat on the go.  Portion sizes are just right, or may be little more can be added in the package.  Flavours come out quite well.
My current rating in various parameters.
Food – 4.0/5
Packaging – 4.0/5
VFM – 3.75/5
Going forward, I feel that instead of taking the Cup-Noodle for ‘Eat on the go’, ‘Upma’ and ‘Poha’ from MTR will replace the shelves J