Mavalli TIffin Rooms (MTR) at Malleswaram Bangalore

The legendary 1924 MTR restaurant of Bangalore has spread its arms across multiple places in Bangalore.  They were initially setup on the Lalbagh Road that has the black & white pictures with many leading politicians and business-men.  But soon realized that the taste is loved by people and would be difficult to travel to one spot and started opening smaller restaurant across the city.  The latest one that I visited is the one setup at Malleswaram, which is relatively smaller but does serve the breakfast, lunch, evening snacks & dinner.  Let me share my experience.


This restaurant has a section in the entrance where you can get to buy the sweets, savouries, heat & eat food, spices and other items.


The restaurant itself can seat nearly 50 people and is quite compact.  But it is kept clean like the other MTR restaurant.


There are posters giving info on the history of MTR which is always good to read to learn.


Tables for 4-8 people are available.  But in general, if you go there for lunch, there would be some wait time.


The taste of the food served at MTR is always quite good.  They seem to have able to identify the exact mix of spices which is liked by all.  We all use the Rasam, Sambar and other spices from MTR.  I went there for lunch and tried couple of items.
Lunch Thali – They start the meal by first serving a small glass of Grape Juice.  I wonder why that is served at the start.
In the first round of food served – Saagu, Traditional Kayi (Vegetable) Palya (subzi), Kosumbri (salad) and chutney is served.

Masala Dosa and Poori are served as part of the first course.  It is unlimited so you can enjoy eating Poori’s and dosa which are super yummy.


Badam Halwa is the best sweet that we get here and it is served in one section of the plate.  It is super tasty.
Bisi-bele bath is the next course of the meal which is simply awesome as it has the right amount of spices.  It is served with raita.
Plain rice is the next course.  They serve Sambar as the first item along with the plain rice.  The sambar I had contained drumstick and the taste was simply awesome.  It was not the watery sambar but a thick & brilliant.  The next round is the rice with the sambar which again was quite delicious.  It always reminds you of the Rasam prepared at home.
Fruit salad with ice-cream is the last course and for sure it is quite good.  I think MTR makes their own ice-cream. Traditionally people take the fruit-salad with ice-cream for evening snacks as well.  It is well known to many folks across Bangalore.
To enhance the flavours other items like small papads and pickles are served.


I usually end up ordering the Cold-Badam milk & Buttermilk which are simply awesome drinks to take along with the food.  The taste of these for sure are quite awesome.
Overall Experience
It was a great experience going along with family.  The taste of the food is liked by everyone.  Portion size also is quite good coz it is unlimited.  The serving staff are quite quick in serving extra portions when asked.  Taste and flavour of every item served is very good, it is also consistent at every other outlet.  For sure it is one place on Sampige Road, that I would always want to go have a wholesome meal.  It is also closer to Mantri Mall and other shopping places.
My current rating for this place is 4.0/5.
Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5


Meal for each person is priced at INR250.