Teppanyaki Chatpatti at Gangotree Chats – Malleswaram, Bangalore

We Indian love the idea of having chat at any given time of the day.  The reason for that are quite simply because we love to have a bit of spice, sweetness, sour in our food.  Basically, we call them as ‘Chatpatta’ (in Hindi) food in which everyone will find some flavour that they would love.  These foods are equivalent of Fast Food that can fill our stomachs.  And people love to explore different chat shops to be able to find a flavour that they love.  But then most of the places we always get the commonly known chat items like – Bhel/Masala/Pani/Sev Puri, Dhabeli, Kachori, Jelabi, Patties and Vada Paav’s.  These are famous across all part of India.
No one has thought of making variations to the chats and serving to people.  But I know of one place that is started by a well-known Chef Raj Sethia who has tried to bring variations from the commonly known chat items.  This outlet has some of the common chats as well as the ones that are curated by Chef himself.  He recently decided to bring together a set to ‘Teppanyaki Chatpatti’ chat where in the chat is made on ‘Tava’ (Teppanyaki style).  And I must say that I was amazed at the ways flavours played tricks in our mouth and left me wanting for me.
The outlet is located on the ground level of Mantri Square Mall and is visible from outside.  You don’t need to go inside the mall, but walk down to the left side of the mall to be able to find the outlet.
There are nearly tables and chairs as well with canopies where around 15-20 people can sit.
Large tawa on which many of the chats are made.
Many of the traditional sweets are available like in the typical sweet shops.
There are canopies which enable you to sit in case it rains.
Good and open space where you can enjoy your bit of chat while looking out to the traffic of Sampige Road.
This for sure is the main reason why anyone should be visiting this place.  I will share my experience from the recent visit of the outlet where I got to try the Teppanyaki styled chats.
Before I share info about the food, I must appreciate the Chef for coming up with some unique names to the chats.  Initially when I considered the names, it did surprise me.  But then when I came to of the thought-flow it surprised me and I was very impressed.
Everything – It is salad kind of chat that has Crispy Noodles, Veggies and sauces.  The taste of this salad is so good that I ended up having 2 portions of it.  The presentation is also quite clean and good which makes you eat more.
By 2 – A special chat that has Aloo Tikki, Samosa, Chole and Teppanyaki sauces that have been specially made by the sauces.  The best part is that it isn’t very spicy and is right up there.  Taste isn’t something that makes your stomach become full and is right up there.
There is another starter on these lines called ‘Something’ that has Stuffed Samosa and Chickpeas in it.
Whatever – Another special chat that has Criples and Green peas along with the magical sauces which bring the unique taste.  It is again a chat, that will make you want to take 2nd serving.
Anything – A special noodle based chat that has the Teppanyaki sauces and veggies.  I felt that a little bit more spices could have been added.  But otherwise, the special magical sauce of chef sure does come out in the chat.
Nothing – This is the rice based chat that has multiple sauces.  It might look like a Fried rice but it isn’t.  Special basmati rice is used and the sauces are quite unique making it special.  A dish that can be taken to fill stomach.
When you do take chats, the mouth starts watering.  Ideally you should be taking a drink along with the chats.  There are 3 special drinks that is introduced called – Full, Half and Peg.
Full happens to be my favourite one that has Apple Herbed Tea with spices.  It is the best drink to be taken during summer.
Half is a Rose based drink with slushed ice and Peg is the one with Blue Curacao, both are good and quite uniquely served in a Kullad kind of container.
It is important to also bring couple of deserts which can sooth stomach after a heavy chat session.  There are 3 of them called – A bit of it, Little Bit & Most of it.
Most of it – is my favourite one which has the Boondi with Rabdi & Nuts.  Initially it might be harder to guess if it is Rabdi or chocolate sauce, eventually we come to know.

This for sure was my favourite because it is an Indian desert made differently.

Little Bit – is another special desert in which spicy brownie is tossed with syrup and is served with ice-cream.  The best of it is the brownie that is softened so well that it starts to taste like chocolate.  A brilliant desert that will become hard to stop eating once you start.
Overall Experience
It was a great afternoon spent tasting some of the wonderful variations to the Chats.  Each and every item was unique and tasted quite good.  I appreciate the efforts of Chef Raj Sethia in coming up with these variations.  To be able to have a Wholesome experience one should have – Full, Something, Whatever, Nothing and Most of it, in the Chef terms.  My current rating for the experience is 4.0/5.  The taste for sure has not disappointed me one bit here.  I am sure the rating is bound to go up.
Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.25/5
Food for 2 at this place will come up to anywhere between INR 400-500.