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Byg Brewski is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands in Bangalore for any party-goer.  People either love to go for the great grand outlet at Hennur or go for a cozy yet elaborate setup at Sarjapur Road.  Well, both the place has something unique that makes people throng like crazy any day of the week.  Just to add a little feather in the cap for the brand, Hennur outlet spread across 70,000 sq.ft. is Asia’s Largest Brewpub.  They brew some amazing beers while serving the best food from their kitchen.  Anyone visiting Bangalore city should make it a point to visit their outlets.IMG_20200709_194538

These are unprecedented times when most of the people are staying indoors and waiting for the vaccine.  Thankfully Byg Brewski has its kitchen open for everyone to order food online.  They also have a cloud kitchen at Indiranagar that can cater to multiple places across the city.  I recently got an opportunity to get some dishes home-delivered from Byg Brewski.  Let me share my complete experience.

Safety Standards

This is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when we think of Food Delivered home. The brand has taken a lot of care to ensure that the product coming is safe to be consumed.

  • The first thing we notice about the packaging is that they used a thick paper cover that looks strong.
  • There is a tag on top that gives info regarding the temperature of delivery & person who hands over the package out for delivery.  They also have mentioned safety instruction that one needs to take care of.
  • There was a small note from the Byg Brewski team that tells about the family and how they appreciate the relationship.
  • Paper boxes have been used for sending all dishes.  This ensures that no plastic is used, easy to dispose of, and also looks cute.
  • Marking tapes have been used instead of cello-tape that make it look more elegant.

Varieties of Food

There are plenty of dishes that are my favorite at Byg Brewski.  But thankfully they have most of them available for home delivery.  So, it was not easy for me to pick up the dishes for my home-delivery.


Byg Brewski Legendary Nachos, Cheese Paneer Melts

Legendary Nachos is one of my favorite snack items at Byg Brewski.  It comes with Nachos, Sour Cream, Cheese, Salad (Jalapenos, Black Olives, Lettuce, Onion, Tomato), Salasa sauce.  The Nachos are put in a plate made with branches of palm tree making it look elegant.  One can just pour all the ingredients and it comes just like the way one would get at the outlet.

Cheese Paneer Melts in another amazing dish that’s served with Mint Chutney & Salad.  The cheese is so soft and creamy that it just melts in our mouth.

Main Course

Mutter Paneer Combo, Delux Dal Makhani

These Indian dishes are done very well and probably one of the best I have had in a long time.  Especially the Mutter Paneer Combo is very good, it comes with two pieces of parathas making it a meal in itself.  But surprisingly my favorite was the Dal Makhani as the taste was very good as it was creamy and lentils were well cooked.  This particular combo comes with Jeera Rice that’s the perfect combination for the Dal Makhani.


Tres Leches, Caramel Cheese Cake

It’s impossible to say which of the dessert is better than the other.  Both of them had their unique flavors making them very special.  The Tres Leches had the condensed milk around the cake with some fresh cream & dry-fruits on top. Every bit of it gave me a heavenly feeling and its best enjoyed after keeping it stored in the fridge.  This is probably one of the best I have eaten in Bangalore.

I might have written a lot about Tres Leches but the other dessert was equally exceptions.  It had the flavors of Caramel oozing out and since it was a cheesecake, the taste was complemented very well.  Loved the way they also served some caramel popcorn along with the cheesecake.

Overall Experience

I was very delighted to try the Home Delivery of food from the Byg Brewski cloud kitchen.  The taste of every dish was just spot on and thought that the Chefs have done an amazing job.  I was very happy about the packaging and felt very safe receiving items & consuming them.  To be frank, every time I had a dish, it almost felt like I was dining in at the Byg Brewski while I was just at home.  Kudos to the effort of Byg Brewski team for wonderful work during this Covid-19 pandemic.  I urge everyone to order online and enjoy the food from Byg Brewski.

More Information

Byg Brewski

Order Online –,

Hennur Outlet

Byrathi Village Sothern Asia Bible College, 22, Hennur Bagalur Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560077

Sarjapur Road Outlet

Sarjapur Road, Behind MK Retail, Before WIPRO Corporate Office, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560035

Phone – 080 4680 9796

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