Irresistible party place in Bangalore – GYLT


The name of the place is unique but actually doesn’t have any meaning.  But when one reads it as GILT it means, ‘covered with a thin layer of Gold’.  Without a shadow of doubt I can say that it’s the most happening party place in Bangalore.  The party goes on until wee hours of morning and best of Bangalore crowd comes over to hang-out.IMG_20190609_012910


  • The acoustics of the place as just amazing and it’s hard to believe that there is another pub ‘Byg Brewski’ alongside. But the guests inside GYLT can’t hear any sound from Byg Brewski or from the main-road side.
  • Place is divided into 2 sections, ground and the first level. There is huge bar counter on both the floors and one can enjoy great music played by DJ.
  • The ground floor section can also be converted to a special dinner place.  I remember seeing a group of 30-40 guests sitting and enjoy their dinner during my last visit.  There is a small stage where one can see DJ performed.
  • First floor is little different more attractive compared to the ground floor.  The view looks great from top.  Special interiors have been done at the backdrop of bar-counter that looks cool.
  • There are plenty of seating options but there is a lot of provision for people to stand & enjoy the drink.  Guests are also seen sitting across the bar-counter as well.
  • DJ console is present to one end of the first-floor area.  Its also close to place where guests are seen dancing to the music.
  • Disco lights around place, fog effects add the look to the place.


There are plenty of special cocktail options along with the standard ones for guests.  The day when I visited, the bar was handled by Guru Prashanth who was the ‘Guest Bartender’.  GYLT was trying to bring new cocktails into the mix.

A Step at a Time

Johnnie Walker Black, Sweet Vermouth, Aperitif Bitters, Yellow Chartreuse     

A super cool drink that was served in a container that resembled the olden day grandmama pickle jar. The jar was covered with cloth and tied with rubber band.  Bartender plunges the hole into the light cloth by pushing the wooden straw into the glass.  On top of the jar Mint leaves, Caramelized lime piece are added that enhances the look.

One for The Future

London Dry Gin, Fresh Press Green Apple, Honeyed Water, Citrus Juice, Cardamom Bitters, Quinine water

This drink is unique in terms of taste and presentation very different.  There is a small chocolate bar that has picture showing evolution of man.  The drink is little potent drink but tastes different and I enjoyed it.

The Illusion

Tequila, Port Wine, Citrus, Beet Juice, Aqua Faba

A drink that beetroot juice, kudos to the bartender for coming with the unique combination.  The beetroot works well with Tequilla but its very deceiving drink.  The drink has a good after-taste that might be smooth but there is strong alcohol that present inside it.

Third Eye

Rum, Spiced Raspberry Puree, Coconut Puree, Tropical Juice, Pressed Yuzu Juice

Interesting combination of ingredients that might make one think that it’s a pino-colada looking at coconut ingredient.  But it isn’t, its got its own unique flavor profile.

Deal with the Devil

Johnnie Walker Black, Sweet Potato & Jaggery, Reduction Sweet Potato Ash with Lava Salt, Citrus Juice and Aqua Faba

This was the first cocktail that looked brilliant and tasted quite unlike contemporary cocktails.  Its was hard to make out if the alcohol was present as it was so suitable.  The color of cocktail was black and something that none have seen before.  To enhance the look a maize flower is added across the glass.


A good place needs to also be able to serve good food for the customers. I tried a few dishes and enjoyed the taste, flavor & presentation.

Asafoetida and Chilli Dusted Camebert

A dish that had melted brioche and apricot chutney.  The snack item is part of barman menu that’s good to be consumed while having cocktails.

Parmesan Parfait with Aged Balsamic

Slow cooked parmesan custard with potato tulie & balsamic caviar.  It might look like a bruschetta but the topping are so different.

Black Dumpling

This dish has red pepper and feta mousse, steamed.  I had an instant connection after looking at the dish.  The taste of the dish was pretty good.

Josper Grill – Sumac Crusted Cottage Cheese

The dish contained cottage cheese and its got sumac spices and is served with veggies & mash.  I loved the softness of cottage cheese and the flavours from the spices. A must try dish at GYLT

Apart from the dishes & drink I mentioned above, there are many more options for guests.

Overall Experience

GYLT is undoubtedly one of the best party places in town.  The ambiance and music are the biggest positives of the place.  The place offers some unique cocktails and I loved the ‘Deal with the Devil’ and ‘One for the future’ drinks.  The food at GYLT is good and there are good options for Veg/Non-Veg.  The taste & flavor of dishes are good and presentation looks exquisite.  Loved the music played by DJ and lighting inside the place.

More Information

Survey 22 & 125, Byrathi Village, Opposite South Asia College, Hennur Main Road, Hennur, Bangalore