Bosch Dishwasher with Finish Detergent


Bosch Dishwasher hosted a special event in association with world leading Dishwashing detergent, Finish.  The focus of the event was to build the awareness of the Dishwasher and its benefits in Indian context.  Mr. Gunjan Srivastava (MD & CEO, BSH Household Appliances) & Sukhleen Aneja (CMO, Marketing Director, South Asia RB Hygiene Home) spoke about both Bosch Dishwasher & Finish Detergents.  One of surprising facts shared was that nearly a million washing machines are sold compared to a mere 50 thousand dishwashers.  But with the growing population looking to automate their home, dishwasher is a must have product.

Common Problem & Solution

Every Indian house prepares plenty of dishes for every course of the meals.  Plenty of vessels are needed for preparing and storing the final dish.  But due to usage of excess spices, oil, sweeteners and other taste enhancers, food trails end up on the vessels.  Washing them becomes a Herculean task, especially when the maid goes on leave that happens regularly.  If not, many times the maids end quickly finish the cleaning and some of the fail trail stays back on the vessels.  We then put extra effort clean it all up.

The problem I mentioned above are obvious in most of the family.  I wanted to personally put an end to the problem and came across the amazing Bosch Dishwasher.  We have been using it over a month and it has been working well.  It has made washing kitchen utensil a lot easier. We now don’t worry about the irregular maids or inconsistent cleaning of vessels.  The advance schedule of wash-cycles lets us keep our sink clean always.  It’s one of the Best Kitchen Utility products and I recommend this to everyone.

Bosch Dishwasher at Home

Dishwasher is great product like any other household appliances.  But there is stigma that the machines cannot do better than manual cleaning by hand.  To change the mindset of people, BOSCH has tied with FINISH, a harmonious marriage of two of good companies.  One that makes the World best & innovatively designed dishwasher and the other making the World’s best dishwasher detergent.  The team has done thorough testing with the Indian vessels before coming out in public.


Bosch has one of the best dishwashers in the market and have a great service team including engineers & technicians.  After the product is purchased from Bosch, before delivering, the service engineer calls to make enquires.  The engineer visits home and suggest all the changes that need to be done like Inlet, Exit & Power-supply point.  These changes can be easily done with the help of local plumber like the way I was able to do at my home.  In my case, it took around 1-2 hrs to complete the changes in my utility area.
Once the dishwasher was delivered, the Bosch service agent calls to find out if the modifications are completed.  On confirmation, the service agent agrees to come home, finish the setup and explain the features.

Service Engineer

The service-engineer from Bosch are very knowledge and patient in explaining all the features.  Some of the most important features that I made note of are mentioned below.

  • Wash cycle – Quick, Echo, Auto, Rinse, Heavy Kadhai
  • Buttons – Extra Dry, Eco-mode, Half Load, Star & Stop buttons
  • Child lock setup
  • Power supply point
  • Safety features
  • Delayed start option
  • Stop cycle in between

Check the youtube video showing the technician sharing all the info regarding Bosch Diswasher.

After understanding all the features, I setup a routine to wash some of the vessels in the ‘Quick Wash’ mode.  Before that I put the ‘Finish’ detergent cake into the specific location in the dishwasher.  Engineer explained the effective of Finish dishwasher compared to any other available in the market.  The single cake has Salt, Detergent & Shine that makes cleaning, stains removal easy.

The cycle took 45 minutes to complete and then the results was just amazing.  Vessels looked sparkled and many of them looked like brand now.

Post Installation

There are times when we bring a new product after a lot of analysis but fail to check its fit at home.  Or times when we think that everything is precisely in place but then come to know about the problem when the service engineer comes over to install.

Listing few problems from personal experience.

  1. No provision to keep dishwasher below the Kitchen Sink
  2. Can dishwasher be placed next to Washing Machine?
  3. Is it mobile to be place it anywhere in utility?
  4. Lack of inlet pipe for the dishwasher
  5. Need for stand for the product
  6. Need for the extra plug-point
  7. Which is the best detergent for dishwasher?

The queries mentioned against #4 and #6 were resolved quickly by my local plumber.  For problems/doubts mentioned in #1#2 & #3 were easily clarified by the Bosch Technician.  For #5, Bosch Technician brought this beautiful stand on which the dishwasher sits perfectly and remains undisturbed.

For #7, currently without a doubt FINISH Quantum Max as its tried and tested for greasy vessels that are common in India.  The product does clean & shine, also has added protection for glasses.  Salt and rinse aid action rinses away residues and helps to eliminate spots and film, delivering a sparkling shine.

Finish Dishwasher

Finish products are the Electra-sol and Jet-Dry products that suits best for most dishwasher across the globe. The automatic dishwashing products are biodegradable.

The detergent complements the cleansing action of the dishwasher. Automatic dishwashing detergent is specially formulated to disperse food residue and greasy soiling, hold it in suspension, and remove it in the final rinse. It does all this while producing little or no suds.

There is no need to pre-rinse as it ends up using a lot of water.  The powerful Quantum max product form finish contains both bleach and enzymes.  Bleach fights tough stains like tea and coffee, and enzymes breakdown proteins and starches.  All you must do is scrape the larger pieces into the trash and load your dishwasher.

I use only one of the cakes of Quantum max even for when after fully loading the dishwasher.

The important thing about the product is the easy way to store the same.  I don’t need to worry about purchasing the vessel cleaning liquids and then drying the vessels after wash.

Overall Experience

It has been an amazing of using the World Best Dishwasher from Bosch.  The product has one of the best designs for placing vessel of different sizes that’s very common in India.  Its also great to see the brand associate with Finish, makes of the World Best Dishwasher Detergent.   Finish has been a lot of research and coming out with amazing product that truly work for Indian conditions.

After using for a month, I highly recommend this product to one and all.

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