BIG NEWSKY – Big Brewsky


IMG_20170422_164504_01Big Brewsky is one of the pub that has come up in Bangalore couple of years ago and has become the talk of town ever since.  I started to wonder what made them get that status as it can’t just be due to 1-2 reasons.  I think it has to be due to combination of many aspects – beer, ambiance, food, music, service, proximity to workplace/home or some unknown factor that just makes you like the place.  I feel that it be due to combination of all the factors that I mentioned above.  I have personally gone to this place multiple times with friends and have always had good time. 

Need for change

Change as they say, is the only constant in the world.  When I came to know of changes to Big Brewsky, I was surprised initially but then I was curious to know more.  The new changes being brought in included – launch of new food menu, introduction to new cocktails and expanding the space to let in more party-goers.  All of this, required an able and accomplished person to work with passion to pull it off, that person is none other than Praveh Pandey.  He is a person with wealth of knowledge and experience in playing an active part in setting up places like – Shiros, HIGH, Church Street Social, Whitefield Social, Smoke House Deli. 


The new New MENU is a global menu designed by celebrated Chef Saby.  The menu consists of small and large plates, some favourite munchies, and of course, some all-time classics.  There is a special section called ‘Proudly Karnatik’, where Chef has tried to incorporate as much as possible local produce, fresh and healthy ingredients. Since a lot of our traditional food is cooked in wood fire, Chef has used the technique of slow braising to try and capture the authentic taste.

The menu is captured in a simple colour newspaper which makes it handy.  There are various section, where every Food love will surely find something that they would lover.  The sections have some unique names and with a small details – Beer Buddies (chew with the brew), Crispy and Crunchy (The Munchies), Gourmet Burgers, Wraps & Rolls, Weight Watchers Delight, Hearty Soups, Wood Fired Pizza (Size Does Matter), Europe On My Plate (Birmingham To Beirut), Fiesta Platters (For the Troops), Ciao Italiano (When in Rome), Proudly Local Karnataka Dishes, Grill and Chill (Tandoor, Sigdi, Tawa), Dum Maro Dum (Dum Biryani and Rice), Hurry Curry (Home Cooked Soul Food), Roti Sotti (Break Bread With US!), Work Around Asia, Hand Crafted Dim Sum (And Freshly Steamed Bao’s), Noodles and Fried Rice, Meals From the Silk Route, Sweet Heaven (Sinfully Sweet – You Deserve a Happy Ending).

Some of my favourite dishes – Wasabi Peas Jhal Mudi, Peanut Msala, Our Version, Jackfruit Burger, Watermelon & Goat Cheese Salad, Chilly Cheese Roll, Garden City Pizza, Cheese Paneer Melt & Mushroom Shoe Roll.

Chef Seby also had a cookout session where he made Mushroom Shoe Roll, Pasta, Black Rice Mushroom Risotto and Chocolate Ganache.  I enjoyed the live cooking and the taste of each was awesome.

Mixologist – The Cocktails

The cocktails department has some new entries, which are being brought in with the help of accomplished Mixologies – Karthik Kumar.  He has been working with leading brands across Bangalore and abroad.

My favourite Cocktails includes – Big Brewsky Mojito, Backbench Bully, Prohibition Party.  But then there are plenty more cocktail/mocktail options, if you want to try it all out, you will need to visit this place plenty of times.

Brewmeister – Beer Man

The most important reason I feel that makes people come to the pub, is the beer.  As they say, everything revolves around the beer.  The credit for all of this goes to the brewmeister, Martin Bernard.  Martin has immense experience to craft some brew-tally outstanding Beers.

My favourite among the beers that we get here is the Belgian Wheat Beer.


The place is unique compared to other pubs in Bangalore as they have a small pool with live fishes swimming in them.  It gives a spectacular view at night as the pool is well lit up.  In the past, we have known this place to have decent seating around the pool and a small loft section across the pool.

As part of the changes, couple of new section have been introduced where guests can enjoy themselves in the 1st deck and the 2nd deck.  There is a separate section to the right side amidst the trees, where private parties can be hosted.  This place now can host massive parties for atleast 500-1000 party goers.

Another important factor that lets people partying stick on to the place for longer duration is the music.  As part of the changes, Big Brewsky plans to invite different bands to come and perform live on Sundays.

Overall Experience

It is great to see that a well-established place like Big Brewsky does not want to sit back on its laurels but wants to constantly bring in changes.  These are being brought in to keep abreast with the changing needs of the people.  I enjoyed my time at the New Big Brewsky, which almost seemed to look like a new place.  The culinary session with Chef Saby was fun and insightful.  Enjoyed Chef preparation and also tried some of the new dishes.  Cocktails by Karthik and the beer by Bernard, were awesome & it kept us all hydrated through the evening.  This for sure is one of the No.1 party places in Bangalore.  Wishing them good luck in the journey ahead.

I rate the current experience at 4.5/5, which is the same for departments – Food, Drinks, Ambiance & Service.

Pictures taken at the party place with many of my Friends/Foodies/Bloggers.