Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion (2017)


Language: Hindi
Cast & Crew: Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Rana Daggubati, Ramya Krishnan,Tamannaah
Music Director: M. M. Keeravani
Producer: Shobu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni
Director:  S. S. Rajamouli
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy
Release Date: 28 April 2017
Duration: 2h 47min

Plot & Summary

This is one of the epic movies in Indian Film History which has created a buzz like no other movie.  Things shown in the movie have left many aghast and wonder what if the world was this way.  There does not seem to be any limit on the creativity showcased in this movie.  The director has made it his own child and has put his heart & soul into it.  I remember some of the movies in Hollywood creating a similar buzz like – Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Hobbit.  The movies I mentioned revolve around the concept of fantasy, royal majesty or any other term that you may choose.  Now, here comes an Indian movie that has created so much of buzz.  I took the first opportunity to watch the movie and thought of sharing my view immediately.

First Half

The movie starts off with Ramya trying to take diya to one of the temples to save the kingdom from doom.  An oath that she needs to complete bare foot without stopping in between.  Wild elephant tries to scare the people around the village, but not Shivgami who is firm on his ambition.  Here comes our powerful hero from nowhere pulling out a chariot and bring it on the way to push the elephant aside.  The position is so perfect that Shivgami (played by Ramya) is able to path between the 4 wheels & not stop one bit.  Apart from this the 1st half, has lived up to every bit of expectation. Right from the outset, you see the way the director has showcased the grandeur. But it’s not just that, there is so much more – the introduction of Dev Sena (Anushka) – who is a warrior princess, her kingdom, smartness of Bahubali, trickeries played by Balla (Rana), showcase of raw power & skills of Bahubali and much much more.

The next question is – who’s gets to be sworn in as the next king of Mahishmati Kingdom, what happens to Bahubali, Why did Katappa kill Bahubali, Im waiting to know the answer all of these in the 2nd half. I guess, it’s not fair for me spill the answers even if I knew.

Second Half

A fitting half where they show so much of emotions between son and mother. Shivgami (played by Ramya Krishnan) is scintillating in her performance. They show how dedicated & true a lady gets, when she is in love and after marriage. Anushka looks stunning and awesome with her dialog deliveries. Watch out for the sharp verbal discussions with Shivgami.

All other queries that were unanswered in 1st half, are answered well.
There is a lot emotion behind Kattappa killing Bahu, you can actually feel it.
They show, how some people who stay true to their words, not back-out come what may, hold their principles and few who care little in hunger for power.
The final battle of the 2 heavy weights with 6 packs each, Bahu and Balla has been shown very well.

The special effects, picturization, costumes, dialogs, action sequences, all of them make it a must watch. I wish this movie all the success as it sure deserves.


This is one movie that sure has lived up to every bit of expectation.  Though it is a world of fantasy, it is something that is still endearing.  Loved the performance by every act or in the lead role, especially that of Prabas, Anushka, Ramya, Rana & Satyaraj.  Without these core actors, I don’t think the movie would have got the x-factor.  The dialogs touch the heart and sometimes pierce the heart like a nail.  But still I loved it completely. My recommendation for all movie lover to go watch it and not compare with anything coz its unique.