Jab Harry Met Sejal (2017)


Language: Hindi
Cast & Crew: Sharukh Khan & Anushka Sharma
Music Director: Pritam
Production Co: Red Chillies Entertainment
Director:  Imtiaz Ali
Producer: Gauri Khan
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Release Date: 4-Aug-2017
Duration: 2hrs 24mts

Plot & Summary

Harry played by Sharukh Khan is a playboy and a tour guide in Amsterdam.  He has a knack of getting up and close with ladies.  Sejal played by Anushka is one of the ladies who suddenly appears at the Airport.  Harry is just about to leave after dropping a gang of tourists, when he sees Sejal calling out.  She then says that the wedding ring given to her by her fiancé is lost during the tour, in which Harry was the tour-guide.  She does seek this help in finding the ring and says that she is quite confident as to where she lost it.  After trying to avoid taking up the job, fearing that the girl may complain if he misbehaves, Harry finally agrees when Sejal reports the issue to Harry’s boss who owns the tour-operations.

Then starts a journey of Harry and Sejal across multiple places in Europe trying to find the ring.  While searching for the ring, Sejal starts liking Harry where as he tries to stay clear.  As audience, we start to enjoy some of the scenic locations where the actors roam around.  But then after a while it becomes a little boring, as we see Sejal trying to find a ring with an outsider, when it isn’t important to find it even for her family.  Her fiancé who shouts at Sejal for losing at airport, also tries to tell here that it isn’t important and pleads her to come back.

The movie gathers steam initially and then fizzles out.  You wonder, why they have taken so many unnecessary scenes where Harry & Sejal are arguing for something really silly.  The only thing that keeps audience engaged from time to time is the songs. Pritam has done a great job with the music.

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. “Radha” Sunidhi ChauhanShahid Mallya 5:01
2. “Beech Beech Mein” Arijit SinghShalmali KholgadeShefali Alvares 3:25
3. “Safar” Arijit Singh 6:05
4. “Butterfly” Dev Negi, Sunidhi Chauhan, Aman TrikhaNooran Sisters 4:41
5. “Hawayein” Arijit Singh 4:50
6. “Parinda” Pardeep Singh Sran 3:12
7. “Ghar” Mohit ChauhanNikhita Gandhi 3:40
8. “Phurrr” DJ Diplo, Pritam, Mohit Chauhan, Tushar Joshi 3:24
9. “Yaadon Mein” Mohammed IrfanJonita Gandhi, Cuca Roseta, Arjun Chandy 5:35
10. “Raula” Diljit DosanjhNeeti Mohan 4:16
11. “Jee Ve Sohaneya” Nooran Sisters 4:10
12. “Phurrr (Film Version)” DJ Diplo, Pritam, Mohit Chauhan, Tushar Joshi 3:25
13. “Hawayein” (Film Version) Arijit Singh 5:07
14. “Parinda (Search)” Nikhil D’SouzaTochi Raina 4:16

In the second half, which starts off with the song ‘Beech Beech Mein’, it makes you feel good while watching the movie.  But later soon after that Sejal continues to search for ring and she starts to enjoy the company of Harry a lot more.  So much that even after she gets the ring, she acts as if she hasn’t got it.  She plays active part in Harrys friend wedding.  Never during the movie does Harry give in to the wild moves of Sejal.  After the wedding when Sejal doesn’t seem to show the desire to get back to her home.  Harry then confront her, then Sejal confesses that she has found the ring.  Harry then tell Sejal to leave immediately coz even if she has developed any feeling for him, she would not want to let go of her family.  Sejal leaves and puts a challenge to attend her wedding in Bombay.

Like in the other romantic movies, we see the Hero reaching out to Heroine, after travelling back to Mumbai and tries to woe her back.

Well, it sometimes becomes hard to sit through a movie so long and something that has been dragged quite a bit.  There are very few instances when Sharukh’s skill as an actor comes out.  Otherwise due to poor script, the movie becomes more boring.  Go for the movie just for Sharukh Khan and Anushka.  You can plan to buy a lot of popcorn and keep munching, or take a chill-pill and sit through the movie.


This was one of those SRK movies which I thought I could have easily avoided. A movie that was so slow that you would literally feel like you are driving across a heavy Bangalore Traffic, where you left stranded nowhere to go. There are multiple scenes when it’s only Anushka & SRK on screen, but it still seems like a drag. Performance could be a lot better for both the actors. There are only glimpses when I could see the true calibre of SRK. Otherwise it is a movie that will not win the hearts.