Dunkirk (2017)


Language: English
Cast & Crew: Fionn Whitehead, Damien Bonnard, Aneurin Barnard, Lee Armstrong
Music Director: Hans Zimmer
Production Co: Syncopy, Warner Bros., Dombey Street Productions
Director:  Christopher Nolan
Genre: Action, Drama, History
Release Date: 21 July 2017
Duration: 1hr 47mts

Plot & Summary

The movie is about a rescue operation where nearly 4,00,000 soldiers are struck in Dunkirk which is by the beach.  The place is unique for the variations in the tides depending on the of the day.  Every rescue operation that is attended is thwarted by the enemies by bombing their ships or using torpedo to destroy ships.

First Half

An awesome and gripping movie. It’s like the edge of the seat thriller. When you watch the war scenes, it feels sad what all the soldiers would have felt.  Matter not what means they try, mater not what ship they take, matter not what rescue boat comes in, they just can’t get out.  The picturization is so nice that you almost feel like along with the soldier through whatever they show.  Even the times when the enemy aircrafts are being fired at from another plain, it seems like the audience were sitting in the cockpit and take a shot at the enemy flight.  Also show times, when soldiers think all is fine but the suddenly, the ship is hit by a torpedo.

Second Half

The movie just took off from where they left in the 1st half. But the intensity levels were higher. If this is just a picturization of the real incident that happened in Dunkirk, I wonder how the soldiers what the soldiers would have been going through. A spectacular portrayal of commitment from the people in the onset of a war & rescuing fellow soldiers. It may not have the theatrics, but for sure we can see the emotions loud & clear. It also showed examples of how the people were ready to sacrifice themselves for others. I hope there are many such movies portraying the hardship of people at war, take heart and stop it across the globe if one is happening.


I would recommend this movie to everyone who enjoys a thriller.  It will make you feel for the lives of soldiers and wish that they were all safe.  The war zone depiction has been done in a very subtle manner and isn’t very gory as it could have been portrayed.  This for sure is the best English movies that I watched this year and highly recommend to one and all.