Vivegam (2017)


Language: Tamil
Cast & Crew: Ajith Kumar, Vivek Oberoi, Kajal Aggarwal, Akshara Haasan
Music Director: Anirudh Ravichander
Production Co: Sathya Jyothi Films
Producer: Sendhil Thyagarajan, Arjun Thyagarajan & T. G. Thyagarajan
Director: Siva
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Release Date: 24 August 2017
Duration: 2h 28min

Plot & Summary

This is a movie based on a secret organization in this world who try and protect the earth from criminals.  But they also have a secret mission to protect the interest of High Society people across the world formed by Governments & Businessmen.  AK the main character played by Ajit Kumar is one of the best agents in the department.  He works along with 4 other agents, Aryan played by Vivek Oberoi is one among them and others.  AK is a sincere soldier who is not aware of the darker side of the organization and trusts in his team of 5 blindly. AK is married to Kajal Agarwal who runs a school for kids and South Indian restaurant. Natasha is a computer hacker played by Akshara Hassan, who knows to break into any vaults, computers, traffic, surveillance cameras.  The plot for the movie thickens when AK is given a mission to trace Natasha to get secret code for setting off a dangerous weapon.  AK is betrayed by his own team who work for the Special Society and is convicted of multiple crimes.  The next part of the movie is all about Ajit’s resurrengence battling all odds and taking much needed revenge against the people who let him down & prove his innocence.  Movie is thoroughly gripping and action packed.

Action sequence are edge of the seat thrillers.  Loved the special chase sequence where Ajit is riding the bike saving Akshara. No time during the movie, you would feel that the VFX effects are any less.  The producers have invested in the right project and have used the latest in technology to make it a visually appealing.

The picturization for the movie is good as they have chosen the best of locations in Europe like Hungry, Solvenia and also few shots in India.  The view of rocky terrains, snow clad mountain, forest, lakes makes it a visual spectacle.  Script is good which seem to connect every scene together.  Every scene seems to be well connected.  Screenplay also has been done very well.

Ajit is an awesome actor who has the looks and the body that makes him the perfect agent.  The salt and pepper look of his hair, dialogue delivery and stunt make him the most important person in the movie.  Ajit has also built a 6-pack Abs for this movie which is commendable and I am sure girls go crazy for that.  Good performance by Vivek Oberoi who has played the villain role really well.  He seems to get better in playing Villainous roles. Kajal Agarwal has also done good job in the movie, playing the role of a supporting wife who also gets to be part of some of the mission.  I would have loved to see a little more of Akshara.

Music is the movie is entertaining and Anirudh has done a great job.

Track list
Title Lyrics Singer(s) Length
“Surviva” SivaYogi B Yogi BAnirudh RavichanderMalavika Manoj 3:43
“Thalai Viduthalai” Siva Anirudh Ravichander, Harish Swaminathan, Ajith Kumar 3:20
“Kadhalaada” Kabilan Vairamuthu Pradeep Kumar, Shashaa Tirupati 4:21
“AK Theme – Ready to Rage” Theme By Anirudh Instrumental 1:29
“Veriyera” Siva M.M ManasiPoorvi Koutish 4:39
“Kadhalaada Reprise” Kabilan Vairamuthu Shashaa TirupatiAnirudh Ravichander, Namratha, Pooja 2:26
“Never Give Up” Raja Kumari Raja Kumari 4:41

I am glad to see that an Indian movie looking so good.  Infact, I thought this movie was better than Dunkirk, which is a typical war time movie.  Vivegam is a thriller movie which also adds a lot of element of love and emotions, which becomes more appealing.  And for people who don’t know tamil, they have English subtitles which is very helpful.


A must watch movie among any other movies that is being shows on screen now.  For Ajit fans, for sure it is a great treat as they get to see his Chiselled body.  Performance by other actors are good.  Story line is decent but the most important aspect is the Action sequences.  It’s a movie to sit back and enjoy for 2-1/2hrs.