What you eat, is what you become |India’s Top Male Model | Karan Oberoi


Fitness is a lifestyle for me that revolves around food” says leading model Karan “KO” Oberoi

Being a food blogger, I have been following different food blogs, including Times food channel from Times of India Group. Recently I saw a few videos of India’s leading model Karan Oberoi who is also known among people by his nick name and competitive initials ‘KO’. Karan is one of the very few models in the country who are successful. Karan is not just the most followed model on Instagram, Facebook but also someone who has won few awards along his creditable journey of modelling. Karan has walked the ramp for some of the biggest fashion designers and shot for some of the existing fashion and fitness brands. Karan’s fan following includes majority of young females and teenage boys. Young boys want to have a body like him that defines him nothing short of a youth icon.

In Times food video, he was asked several questions regarding being leading fitness model how KO maintains his physique and his answer was -fitness is a lifestyle for him and it all depends upon what you eat, what you eat is what you become. According to KO, to have a body like him, 70 percent depends upon what sort of food your intake and 30 percent is your hard work. If you can’t control your diet you can never have a body like a Greek god.

Karan also likes to cook food as he understands that food cooked at home is far healthier and more satisfactory. Few years back he experimented with a dish cooked with oats, egg whites, boiled chicken and blanch spinach that he shared on his video. Karan also advices every young man to stay away from smoking, drinking alcohol and all to stay away from all sort of drugs. He also advices to stay away from sugary, salty and fried foods. He insists, to look fit is not an easy job that can only be developed by improving your eating habits and living in disciplinary food habits. Few of the questions below were asked by Times of India to Karan Oberoi in rapid food fire round.

What food means to leading model Karan Oberoi?
Food means life to me and so for in life it’s important to eat healthy food. Eating healthy means brown rice, quinoa and oats that constitutes to healthy lifestyle.

What is your favourite cuisine?
My favourite cuisine is Chinese.

What is your favourite dish?
My favourite dish is grilled chicken with lot of green vegetables.

Which is your favourite restaurant in India?
My favourite restaurant is Salt and Water, that is in Bandra West Mumbai.

Do you love cooking?
I really don’t love cooking but there is something known as health cooking that really motivates me to cook food because I think it’s very important to have a right diet to have a perfect body.

What do you love to cook?
I love to cook sometimes that is really healthy like grilled chicken and experimenting with salads as they can be cooked very quickly.

What is your favourite street food?
My favourite street food is chole bhature that I really don’t eat often, may be once in a year.

Your favourite healthy food?
My favourite healthy food is grilled chicken brown bread sandwich.

Your favourite drink?
My favourite drink is natural orange juice.

5 things always there in your kitchen or fridge are?
Fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken and nuts.

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