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Mandala is considered a representation of the wholeness of the cosmos. It is a geometrically layered combination of shapes (circle, triangles, squares, lines) and patterns are symmetrically positioned from the centre point. Mandala is also considered a representation of oneself and one’s quality of consciousness – which is gradually built upon through intention, imagination and innovation.IMG_20190928_194138

Last evening, I was invited for a special Tea Party was hosted by Ujjwal Gulati, an expert in the Art of Mandala. He shared info about the Mandala, Sacred Geometry and its connection to Modern Meditation. In the current age, people find it hard to sit silent & meditate, Mandala shows the path to discover oneself. As part of the session, we were given piece of paper, compass, pencil, pens (black & red), projector, scale and asked to let the imagination run wild. After solid 1.5hrs, everyone came out with some amazing creations. And it was surprising to realize that 1.5hrs had just gone by.

About Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is believed to be the underlying blueprint to all universal creation, one that governs the architecture of the macrocosm and microcosm alike. Its is a complex system of universal design through which the energy of creation manifests itself into matter. Sacred Geometry can be viewed as the intersecting point between science and the mystery of universal creation.

Modern Meditation

Both Sacred Geometry & Mandala are linked to Geometry, they are often combined to create a unique style of expression. Mediating on Sacred Geometry and Mandala art invokes a deep sense of connecting with nature and helps calm the mind to a greater degree.

Closing Thoughts

This was one of the unique tea-parties that made me feel a lot more refreshed & relaxed. To add to the fun with creativity, we were all served some of the amazing dishes at Burma Burma.  I plan to regular spend couple of hours in a week to create an art of Mandala and share it online.

Thanks to Ujjawal for inspiring and educating about Art of Mandala, Sacred Geometry & Modern Meditation.

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