Handbook for Entrepreneurs – “Cattle or Catalyst” by Karan Hasija

Cattle or Catalyst”, a book that tell how entrepreneurs can build second line leaders. Instead of self-employment, Entrepreneurs can focus on growth of their business. The book written by Karan Hasija has received good feedback from eminent writers. Launch event of book happened at Courtyard by Marriot, Hebbal, Bangalore. Jack Canfield (celebrated American Author, Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur) and Surendran V (CEO, Success Gyan) were the cheif-guests for the event.

Quick Look at Book & Author

The book has written for people who have started their own company but are struggling to scale. Every chapter in book tackles some of the problem. Most small and medium business owners face a constant battle every day. They either douse fire or struggle to speed-up performance of their team. The result that their business is either stuck in struggle or survival mode. Rather than moving towards stability, success and growth. They end up being the cattle, dragging their business as a burden..IMG_20190108_165610

  • In this book, an entrepreneur will learn these few key elements.
  • Hire and builds a high performing team that functions like an army.
  • Develop and build a 2nd line team that can accelerate business with responsibility and ownership.
  • Accelerate the performance of your team by being a true catalyst.

Every points has been elaborated across various chapters.  The names of the chapters include – Leading & Bleeding, The Problem, Building the Dream Team, Kill or Sell it, Delegation, Feedback and many more.

About Karan Hasija               

Karan Hasija is Trainer, Author, International Speaker & Business Coach. He is also the Director of Quantum Leap Learning Solutions and Dreamcatcher Investments.

Quantum Leap is India’s biggest business coaching & performance consulting organization.

Dreamcatcher is an organization specially focussing on scaling up business massively through Mergers & Acquisitions.  They also share insight to help in Geographical Expansion, IPO and funding.

About Quantum Leap

A company that established in 2006, has been the hub of designing.   and delivering cutting-edge business growth solutions to help entrepreneurs build scalable and profitable business.  Quantum Leap specializes in helping small and medium business owners to build a business that can grow without them.  To be able to do so, they share some of the proven strategies, systems and develop skills.  Over the last 7 years, QL has worked with numerous Corporate Organizations to uncover their Human Potential for achieving Excellence and Growth.

Jack Canfield Speaks

Jack Canfield, American Author, Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur, who is famous for the book “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series.  There are plenty of book in this series meant for Preteen, Kids, Woman, Teenage, Nurse, College, Grieving, Mothers and more.

He has authored book like – The Power of Focus, Dare To Win, You Got To Read This Book, The Success Principles.  In all he has authored nearly 65 books.

Commenting on the book, Jack mentioned about the need to sight examples from failed entrepreneurs.  Jack also suggested that the next book can be based on the feedback from entrepreneurs that benefited reading the book.

During the launch event, he also shared many more pearls of wisdom.

  • To be successful one needs to know the right ‘Combination Lock’.  One can find the lock when one is young or old.  Know the combination lock to be successful.
  • Do the right thing at the right time to be successful.
  • Delegation and empowering team to do better, will help in successful business.
  • Team always like it when bosses take vacation, they can get more things done.  This will also avoid the micro-management that’s usually done by bosses.
  • One always needs to have coaches and mentors.
  • Learn more and earn more.

In the Q&A session, someone asking about his take on how the book needs to be for becoming popular.  Answering to the query he mentioned few things that I thought were good.

  • Story Telling – Narrating things as story makes it easy for people to understand.
  • Take feedback from different people.
  • Choose a good title and good cover for the book.
  • Do as much promotion as possible.

It was a great experience meeting and hearing from renounced author, speaker and motivator. Jack also works with Success Gyan and does many 1-2 days seminars for entrepreneurs.

About Success Gyan

India’s largest seminar organizer that bring in the best speakers from all over the world to help make ourselves a better Us.  The company started with a dream of bringing world-class education to India at affordable prices.

Started way back in 2011, has been hosting nearly 150 training on a yearly basis and have had more than 1 lakh participants.  Some of the leading speaker include Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, Blair Singer, Brian Tracy, Rajiv Talreja and many more.

Some of the event that the company host are mentioned below.

National Achievers Conference, Millionaire Mind Experience, Business Breakthrough Seminar, The Business PACE Program, Mission To Millions, Millionaire Mind Intensive.

The website shows multiple events with many motivational speaking all through the year.  This speaks volumes about the success of this company and how its kept motivating more people to participate.

Final Thoughts

It was great to be part of the launch of the book, “Cattle or Catalyst” by Karan Hasija.  The book surely has all it takes for an entrepreneur to become more successful.  Karan was very emotional in thanking everyone associated with him in the journey.  Jack Canfield, one of the Best Author & Motivational Speaker shared some inspirational thoughts. It’s a great initiative by Success Gyan to publish the book and host session with some of the top Global Inspirational Speakers.  I am looking forward to the next event by Success Gyan.

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