Brain Freeze 2017 by Stone Monkey – India’s Biggest Ice Cream Eating Challenge


Brain Freeze 2017 by Stoned Monkey

Brain Freeze is the name given to the 2nd Edition of Ice-cream Eating Challenge hosted by Stoned Monkey.  This year it was more special because it was India’s Biggest Ice Cream Eating Challenge with 1000+ challengers. There were whopping 1200 participants who took part in the Ice-cream eating challenge. Remember, it was not about relishing those wonderful ice-creams, but it was about eating them quickly.  It might sound like a walk in the park, but then when you have to eat nearly 6-10 scoops of ice-cream just to beat the competition and win the Mega-prize of INR30000, it was going to be tough.  I witnessed the live event and was simply amazed by the capacity of people.  Let me share more from experience.


Stoned Monkey is one ice-cream brands started by two doctors – Dr. Aslesh & Dr. Lakshmi. They are known for their cold-stone deserts.  Its been a year and they already have 7 outlets across the city.  This achievement has helped in getting the Best Student Entrepreneur award for the founders in a award ceremony held in New Delhi on July 2017.

The idea of Ice cream challenge came up last year in 2016 and the Ice-cream eating challenge started.  There were just around 125 participants who were part of the event last year.  Trying to keep up with the tradition they decided to do a second edition at KGS Club.  Little did they know that the organizers would have a Brain Freeze looking at the sheer number of participant.

Though there were nearly 10 times the number of people compared to last time, the event was played fair and square in 5 rounds across 3 days.

The entire event also had a central theme which was – EAT, COMPETE & REPEAT.



Every competition has multiple rounds and the winner goes through all the gruelling rounds before emerging victorious.  Let me share some insight.

Round-1 being the first round, had challengers eating maximum number of cups of ice-creams cups in under 2 minutes.  The record in this round was around 7-cups, which I think personally is next impossible.  I would have probably managed 1-2 only.

Round-2 was a bit of surprise that had participants taking ice-cream with ginger paste, making it quite spicy.

Round-3 had participants eat their ice-creams from a bowl without touching or holding the table with hands.


Tie-Breaker round had 4 challengers from Round-3.  The format was quite like Round-1 and the only difference was that they had to eat maximum cups in 60 secs.  This round clearly had 2 winners who moved on to the Finals.

Final was quite special as they were asked to sit facing each other on a table.  The ice-cream weighing around 1.5-1.8kgs added in a Kitchen sink.  Finalists had to finish the entire content in the least amount of time.

The entire competition saw some strong players who seem to just relish gulping them like they were gulping water down their throat.  There was a 52year contestant who made it almost till the Tie-Breaker round before losing it.  This shows that with passion, people can do wonders.  But clearly, there was one winner at the end of it all.

Final Face Off

Kitchen Sink ice-cream eating was the final challenge for the day.  One main reason for picking up a Kitchen Sink is to be able to put maximum amount of ice-cream into it.

Kitchen Sink Ice-cream

This was not any special ice-cream but a mix of the known ice-creams & other ingredients put in a sterilized Kitchen Sink.  In the kitchen sink, 2-3 scoops of different ice-cream flavours were added – Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Butterscotch, Mocha and Black Current.  The surprise element was addition of other ingredients into the sink like – Ferrero Rocher’s, Bournville Biscuits, Milano & Oreo biscuits, Snickers, Chocolate Wafers, Kit Kat, Gems and Nutella.


The Finals

The intense battle in the 3rd round resulted in 4 contestants having to battle the Tie-Breaker round.  Initially plan was to be able to have 2 contents directly going into finals, but it was very close call and Tie-Breaker became necessary.  The 4 challenge in this round were Alan, Sharath, Karthik and Mukesh.  End of this round, there were 2 clear winners – Alan and Sharath.

The finals had the finalists sitting across each other. There was huge screen displaying stop-watch on the stage. Timer started and the finalists started gobbling up the ice-creams at frantic pace. Competition was very intense and each of the finalist were repeatedly looking into the opponents sink, to be sure of their competition. The finalist were using bare hands, after awhile they complained of fingers freezing and asked for warm water. One of the finalist ended up throwing out some of the ice-cream from his mouth, but then he regained composure and consuming it again.  Finale was quite fitting as the contest was neck to neck almost right until the last minute.  It was ALAN- The Winner, a medical student who edged past his competition by finishing the maximum ice-cream in 10 minutes.

The winner of the Challenge got to take home case worth INR 30000, 1-year full supply of ice-creams from Stoned Monkey and a Water Purifier.


Location & Setup

KGS Club building inside Cubbon park was the venue for this year Brain Freeze 2017 event.  The club has large auditorium where the main events & award ceremony was held.  Small halls inside the club premises was the venue for Prelims and tiebreaker rounds.

The location was perfect for this kind of event and the setup for all the rounds, spot on.  Stoned Monkey crew did brilliant job in setting up the place for various rounds which including setup, cleanup, attending to participant needs, controlling spectator and just being there when needed.  The crew had to be on their toes most of the times.

A special mention of the finals, which was in the main-auditorium which had a mini-stage setup in between the hall so that people sitting across to get a clear view.

Stoned Monkey Entertainments

Stoned Monkey has started Stoned Monkey Entertainment which helps short-film makers reached wider audience.  As part of the Brain Freeze 2017 event, they telecasted plenty of short films.  After the finals, they also awarded people for their brilliance performance in Music, Cinematography, Product, Direction and more awards.


Closing Remarks

This is undoubtedly the Biggest Ice-cream eating contest I have been anywhere in this world.  It was a great experience looking at the excitement in the faces of the contestants.  There was sporting spirit among all the contestant which was quite endearing to watch.  The event had a fitting end with Grand Finale followed by Award Ceremony.  There some entertainment for audience by means of fun-games and also a brilliant drum performance by Rahul, a budding musician.  Prize distribution for the Short Film makers and winner of Brain Freeze 2017 was the final activity for the day.

Kudos to Dr.Aslesh and Dr.Lakshmi for conceptualizing and the grand success of this event.  I wish this become a yearly event with more contestant with Stoned Monkey becoming the default brand for this contest.

Event Details

Date – 26th & 27th August 2017
Location – KGS Club, Cubbon Park, Bangalore · Cubbon-Park · Bangalore
Entry Fee – Just INR 100/-
Event Queries – 080 88887654





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