Oh So Stoned – Cold Stone Desserts


Oh So Stoned is one of the latest Ice-cream outlet that has come up in Orion Mall.  Desserts are made on cold-stone which is the latest trend.  There are plenty of outlets in Bangalore that are making desserts on cold-stone.  Some of the other popular varieties of ice-cream brands include – Cream Stone, Stoner, Fritzel Haber, Stone Moneky and many more.  But I think, ‘Oh So Stoned’ stands out because of the variety and the taste.  Let me share from my experience.IMG_20170811_180221

Cold Stone

The art of making desserts on cold-stone started way back in 1980’s.  Sole purpose was to be able to serve a unique dessert to the customers.  Customers have known ice-creams – soft like in the softy, hard like in the ice-cream bars and all of them have single flavour.  To get additional taste, sauces & nuts needs to be added on top of the ice-cream.  But the flavours would not be consistent across the complete ice-cream.  Then the idea of mixing different flavours of ice-creams and sauces came up.

The cold stone slabs are made of Granite or Marble which are chilled.  Over the period, it has become quite commercial and plenty of Cold Stone Marble Slab Top Fry Ice-cream machine are available.  Slab are kept cool like refrigerator, ice-creams are beaten and mixed to get the flavours through.  It might look brutal to the person looking but the product is very tasty.


Oh So Stoned brand was the brain-child of 4-friends and businessmen who started off by opening an outlet in Delhi. Looking at the popularity, they opened 4 more outlets in Delhi, 4 in Hyderabad, 4 in Pune, 2 in Mumbai.  Hunt for the right place to start the outlet, has cause the delay for their entry in Bangalore.  They are now open at Orion Mall Food Court area.

The brand of desserts makes their own ice-cream, the core ingredient into the desserts.  Staff are well trained before perfecting the art of making desserts on cold-stone.  Flavour and taste of the ice-creams are quite good, which shows the research that gone into making them.


Outlet looks quite colours which is one of the main aspect of Oh So Stoned.  Customers can see the cold-stone right next to the counter where ice-creams are ordered.  Also on display are various coloured cups on which in desserts are served, waffles, gems, Ferraro Rochers chocolates, Dry-fruits in bottles.

Fancy lighting arrangement with hanging bulbs also make this place quite attractive and eye-catchy.


The menu is quite elaborate with combination of Ice-creams, Desserts and Milkshakes.  There are various dessert sections including – The Chocolate High, Alchoholic Anonymous, All About Nuts, A Dessert Saga, Ice-cream cakes, Ice Cream fingers, Simple Combos, Brownie Corner, Kiddie Corner.  Apart from these also have Signature Thickshakes and Caffeine Corner.  The menu and cups have plenty of message for customers to read and enjoy.


Some of the wonderful desserts I tried at the outlet – Fruit Factory, Rum Baba, Whisky Caramel, Red Velvet, Oreo Cheesecake, Brownie Blast, Charlie & Chocolate, Brownie Blast, Coconut Jaggery Crunch, Paan Shaan.

Rum Baba undoubtedly is my top pick among the ice-creams which has the flavours of ice-cream and the rum.  They add 30ml of rum into the dessert.  So, you might feel a little high on taking 2 portions of the dessert.  Apparently, in an India wide contest, Rocky & Mayur rated this to be the best dessert this year.

Red Velvet is another wonderful dessert that has a combination of Ice-cream and Red Velvet cake in it.  I love the fact that the sweetness in these ice-creams is just right and the combination along with Red Velvet cake make inhouse works wonders.

Some of my other top picks among the desserts are Oreo Cheesecake, Charlie & Chocolate and Fruit Factory.

Nutella Taco is another unique dessert that has Taco shaped waffle with Nutella, Whipped cream and chocolate sauce.  The taste is yummy and the presentation is lovely.


Combination of Ice-cream, cake and sauces mixed to form the thick-shake.  Some of my top-picks here are Cookies & Cream Shake, Choco Heaven Shake and Berrylicious shake.

Chocolate Heaven Shake happens to my favourite as it has excess chocolate in it.

Toffee Chocolate

LA Bouche Toffee chocolates is toffee that has loads of almonds, other nuts, caramel and few other secrete ingredients.  The taste is quite unique and for sure a giftable item.  It is available for sale across the counter.

Overall Experience

A wonderful evening spent eating some of the tasty desserts made on cold-stone.  I was actually mesmerized by the taste of few desserts and got a heavenly feeling while eating them.  It’s hard to pick my favourite, but I have shared few names in the earlier sections.  My only recommendation would be to visit the store multiple times to taste the variety rather than pushing all at one shot.  I am sure this will be a big hit among customers and there will be many more outlets coming in Bangalore.  I rate my current experience at 4.5/5.

Rating in various departments include.
Desserts – 4.5/5
Milkshakes – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4.25/5
Consider taking 2-3 desserts among 2, the cost will come up to anywhere between INR 400-600.


Oh So Stoned