Hokey Pokey – Cold Stone Creation Concept @Koramangala

Hokey Pokey is one those super-premium ice cream brands that is quite popular.   They initially started with an outlet and now have plenty across the country.  Though it might be late in Bangalore, but why worry, its time to enjoy the experience now that its here in our town.    And its popularity comes from the simple idea of letting customers create their own ice cream on cold stone slab.  The idea could have been thought by anyone but ‘Hokey Pokey’ was sure the innovator and the concept is called the ‘live desert kitchen’. 


To share some info on the parent company i.e., Drums Food.  It is one of the modern FMCG Company, which started ‘Hokey Pokey’ parlors and they wen on to segue into making the innovative triangular and re-usable packages.  Apart from this, they have introduced a new brand by name ‘Epigamia’.  It is the India’s first Greek Yogurt using the choicest of ingredients.  It for all those folks who are health conscious as they offer low fat and high protein contents in the yogurts.  There are plenty of flavors also to choose from.
Time to share some real time experience of the ice creams and the yogurts.  But before I will share some experience the store as well.
If you are coming form the Koramangala Sony World signal heading towards the BDA complex, you will need to take right before the ‘Sukh Sagar hotel’.  As you drive along the busy road that has got plenty of restaurants, the ‘Hokey Pokey’ appears to the left side.  For reference, you will also find the Nagarjuna, Asia Kitchen to the right side.


Apart from the store, the brand also sells these products in various outlets in Bangalore including – Hypercity, Godrej Nature’s Basket, Foodhall, Westside Gourmet, and Namdhari Fresh.
The most important aspect of a brand like this is the taste.  And for me, they seem to have done just right.  Flavors do come out quite good in each of their products.  With the world-class packaging used by the brand, they sure are one of the best brands of ice creams around.  Its time for me to share my thoughts on the various flavors of ice creams and yogurts.


Ice Creams
Mad King Alfonso
An ice cream that can take you to a different world of mango.  Infact, what I like best about this is that I can get the taste of mango even when Mango isn’t’ there.  That is what many would say about the drinks available in the market.  But then for those who like to take something to melt in our mouth, this is the perfect treat.  And for me this is simply amazing to taste.


Double Chocolate Therapy
Another wonderful ice cream in which the chocolate is added in plenty.  As they have named it rightly its more like trying to treating yourself to a therapy. I would not say that I was completely convinced with the complete mix but yes the ice cream softness was very much there with the chocolate flavors.  Its more like eating the dark chocolate bars.  In this case, it’s a dark chocolate that melts.




I happened to try 5 of the flavors and I must say each one of them is unique in it.  And yes, they are labeled ‘Epigama – Greek Yogurt’ followed by the flavor names.


This flavor is the most basic of all the yogurts.  The reason for sharing my thoughts as the first is coz I am a big fan of yogurt.  I can take yogurt with any food item.  Infact, it goes along well with the sweets a swell.  Only thing is that it shouldn’t be sour.



The simple natural yogurt is pretty good.  Infact, its better than any other yogurt you get outside.  And the packaging is done quite well.  Its got blue color strip below the lid and just above the base.


Minty Chaat
Wow!  What a thought flow of mixing the yogurt with chaat masala.  Well, whatever they have done is simply awesome coz it shows the idea of trying something unique.  And out of a different thought flow, a new flavor emerges.  I personally liked this yogurt.


Honey Banana
Another wonderful flavor that has the right blend of honey, which is on the sweeter side.  And the banana, which is usually, is less sweet.  Overall combination was quite good.


Alphonso Mango
Hokey Pokey has the ice cream with the same flavor.  But mixing the mango flavor with ice creams is all the more interesting.  And for a yogurt fan like me, it gives a great feeling. 


It might be one of the last of the flavors that I am sharing my thoughts on but then I was glad to have tried it. In general the strawberry flavored ice creams are on the sweet side.  But I like the idea of bringing the strawberry flavor into yogurt, as its got the optimum mix of the flavor and sweetness.   


Overall Experience
My experience of tasting the brand of ice creams and yogurts was brilliant.  I was quite impressed especially with the Yogurts, which in general is quite popular in US, where they have separate outlets for yogurts.  I am glad to see a brand bringing it to India.  And I am sure it will work wonders. 
The flavors were rightly chose by the brand and I am sure as the days goes by their will many more branches opening up in Bangalore.  I rate this place at 4.0/5 for my experience.
My rating in other departments would be as follows –
Ice creams – 4.0/5
Yogurts – 4.0/5
Packaging – 4.0/5
VFM – 4.0/5

Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR200-400 depending on your hunger.  Ideally you should be looking trying out the ice cream as well as the yogurt.