Bento Boxes by Shiro, Bangalore


The concept of ordering food to be delivered at home has become quite popular lately.  Reasons for that is quite simply because of the growing traffic and difficulty in being able to get seats at the restaurants.  People do want to try the good food but then want to avoid the hassles.  Good restaurateurs are trying to cash in on this.  And ‘Shiro’ which is one of the premium restaurants in UB City Bangalore, has come up with the concept of ‘Bento Box’.  It might surprise many because we would attribute the restaurant with great food and ambiance.  That is the case with all the restaurants under the JSM Group umbrella.  But, I guess if people are unable to reach the restaurant due to various reasons.  Restaurateurs want to reach out to the customers themselves at their doorsteps.


In the recent times, I have seen plenty of restaurateurs, hoteliers trying to get into the ‘Bento Box’ concept.  The concept here is quite simply, instead of ordering multiple food items and paying them separately, try packaging few items into 1 box.  That way, if a person is looking for a packaged meal and wants to get it from a good restaurant, this packaged meal can be taken.


This for sure is the first place from where we can get a ‘Japanese/Chinese Food’ packaged in a box.  It’s a wonderful idea because I feel that Japanese/Chinese is one of the most healthiest food because there isn’t much use of oil and more natural flavors are experience in this cuisine. 
Menu Options
These kinds of meals should have limited options to choose from.  Given a choice people will want loads of combinations.  The Shiros folks have limited it to 6 such combos.  The options are as follows-


  • Veg/Non-Veg Makimono Bento
  • Sushi, Sashimi & Makimono Bento
  • Veg Donburi Bento
  • Seafood Donburi Bento
  • Chicken Donburi Bento
Each of the boxes has been well thought after and is a meal in itself.


First Look / Packaging
It is quite critical that food is packaged well.  And Shiro being one of the best places has brought out the best in the packaging the Bento Boxes. 
The food is served in a nice box plastic box that has different cups.  There is a large section for putting the major part of the food, section for putting salads and of course the small thin section for keeping the ‘Chopsticks’.
There is a nice strip that has ‘Shiro’ written on it.  Overall it looks very nice.
The only problem I thought was that in my case, the box has a spill of the spice outside the box.  Basically in case where the spices are a bit too liquidly, it could be an issue with the spices trying to peep-out.  Unless its more tightly closed with the lid likes a vacuum-pack, it might be a hassle.
It is very critical that food packaged in the box is as good as the food that we get at the restaurant.  And I must say they have done a great job in putting things together.  Let me share my thoughts on the individual boxes that I tried.
Veg Makimono Bento
4 Pieces of Each Roll
Vegetarian Spicy California Roll
Spicy Tofu & Avocado Roll

Crispy Spicy Avocado Roll

This was one of the best combinations of rolls that I have had in ages.  I mean, each of the rolls had its unique tastes.  And for sure a well thought of combination.


I especially loved the way in which the various combination of Avocado was served – Crispy Spicy and Spicy Tofu option.  The moment each of the rolls was put in the mouth, they would give you that yummy feeling. Its all because of the Avocado that is right inside.


 ‘Vegetarian California Roll’ was also quite good and I enjoyed the great flavor.
There was also some Vinegar and Wasabi given in this box.  Addition of the Wasabi on each of the rolls and dipping it in the vinegar added so much taste.
The piece of wasabi isn’t small, so we need to be quite careful because taking more of it is extremely spicy and it would make you very uncomfortable.


One of the sections in the box had the salads in it. The salad had pieces of sliced veggies in it, which were lightly salted.  It was amazing to eat them along with the food itself.
Apart from the rolls and salads, there was a small section where Sliced and Pickled Ginger was kept.  The taste of that also was pretty good.


Though it is a packaged food, because the quality of preparation comes out quite good.   This is a box that can easily fill a person for the lunch. 


Veg Donburi Bento
Choose Any One
Steamed Japanese Rice
Hibachi Rice
Udon Noodles
Choose Any One
Mixed Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce
Stir Fried Vegetables with Chilli & Basil
Korean Chilli Potatoes
Seasoned Korean Style Tofu & Vegetables


Another wonderful combination of items put up in a Bento Box.   And for this particular box, there are quite a few combinations that you can try.  The combination I tried was as follows-


Steamed Japanese Rice
Seasoned Korean Style Tofu & Vegetables
The combination of the veggies and tofu was simply amazing.  There was good amount of spice and rice in the meal.  Flavors of each and every veggie with the herb & spices came out very good.  I enjoyed taking each and every bite of this particular dish.  It may not like what we get in India, which contains daal + veggies.  But if you are up for trying a different style of mix for the steam rice, then I feel this is the kind of combo that you should be trying.


This Bento Box also had a section where Salad was served.  It is quite similar to the other Bento Box but the taste was quite consistent.


There was a small box containing Vinegar that was given which could be added for more flavoring.  And like all Chinese/Japanese food, chopsticks were placed in one of the section.

Overall Experience
It was wonderful experience, trying the Bento Box from the Shiro.  With the growing trend of people looking to order good food home to beat chaos, it is the right move by a premium restaurant.  And my experience of tasting 2 of the available Veg options was superb.  I enjoyed my meals and would like to give credit to Chef for putting together this package & executing it quite well.  My rating for this Bento Box would be 4.0/5.  If they improve a bit on the packaging and may be introduce more options for veggies, the rating will surely go up.
My ratings in other departments are as follows –
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Packaging – 4.0/5
VFM – 4.0/5
Food for 2 would cost around INR950-1200.  The price might seem a bit on the higher side but then since you are getting the quality food from a premium restaurant, the price looks fine to me.