Fritz Haber – Tryst with Cold Stone and Molecular Gastronomy


Fritz Haber

Fritz Haber is one of the latest Ice-cream outlet that has come up with the busy HSR layout area.  They are trying to keep up with the latest trend by making desserts on Cold Stone and using the Molecular Gastronomy.  Started just about a month back, they seem to have already made mark with their ice-creams flavours and presentation.  The interiors of the outlet are also quite cool from inside and outside.  I visited this place recently and had an amazing experience.


It is the story of young entrepreneurs who passed out of college, took up a job with IT, but wanted to also have a steady source of income.  This lead them to do a research on the hottest trends in the city and they concluded that the ice-cream business is the most thriving.  They decided to spend couple of months trying out ice-creams from various outlets and identifying the best correct taste needed by customers.  Next step was to be able to make their own ice-creams and come up with the desserts.  While this was happening, they scouted for the best place, worked on creating great interiors, menu before openings to public.IMG_20170815_180656


The place has been setup quite well and there is ample space inside as well as outside.  If you choose the outside, there is a small lawn which looks quite beautiful.  The section inside look trendy with some cool chairs and glass-topped tables.

There is a section inside to the left, which has glass floor.  Going forward they plan to fill water below, the glass which has some open space.  That will enhance the interiors.  The same spot has been used for a brand photoshoot recently.

Special board behind the cash counter which contains info on the ice-cream making process. They have specially mentioned about the user of Nitro Machine, Liquid Nitrogen resulting in the Best ice-cream in the world.


Menu at the dessert place is quite compact and is just 2 pages.  It makes it easier for customers and the person who makes the dessert.  The menu has the Fritz Haber being etched out, which looks quite good.

There are 3 flavours that I tried at the outet which includes – Black Magic, Smoke Shell and Haber Bomb.

Black Magic

It has this unique colour which comes from the Mysterious Charcoal Black Vanilla.  The ice-cream is topped with White Chocolate Chips and Charcoal Black Waffle.  The name & colour might sound spooky and very gothic but the taste of the ice-cream is quite good and does not have any surprise elements.  Anyone can enjoy this ice-cream.  

One special thing that they do when the ice-cream is served, Liquid nitrogen is poured on to ice-cream which helps in making it softer.

Haber Bomb

This beautifully dessert that is made on cold stone.  In this the Vanilla Roll is filled with chocolate cake, dipped in Hot Chocolate sauce and topped with Nuts & Cherries.  The taste is quite good and the presentation is immaculate.

Smoke Shells

Fritz Haber Theories section lists some of their top picks among desserts and Smoke Shells is one of them.  Wafer filled with Strawberry/Chocolate is dipped with 321-degree Fahrenheit Liquid Nitrogen and served with Chocolate sauce.  To consume it, you will need to dip the wafer in the chocolate sauce and put in the mouth.  And in moments, smoke comes out of Nose and Mouth giving it a smoky feel.  This is one of the popular items in the menu.

Overall Experience

A great evening spent having ice-cream from a new outlet in Bangalore.  Glad to see the usage of Molecular Gastronomy which makes normal ingredients look larger than life, when we tap into their chemical properties.  Among the ice-creams my favourites were the Haber Bomb and Black Magic.  I would recommend this place for anyone one in Bangalore.  And I wish the folks good luck for opening many more outlets in the coming months and years.

I did give some feedback for interiors, wafers and the people took it in the stride.  My current rating for this place is 4.0/5.  But I do think that this dessert parlor has the maximum potential compared to many other outlets.

My rating in other departments.
Desserts – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
If 2 folks take ice-cream from this outlet, it will cost anywhere between INR 400-600.

Picture taken with the founder of the founder of Fritz Haber – Saad & Badrude and my friend Anuj.