SMAAASH – 1st Anniversary Kohli


IMG_20170424_184941SMAAASH is one of the leading gaming and entertainment centres that unites Sports, Virtual Reality, Music and Dining.  All the terms I have used lets us think in different directions but then bringing them all together under one roof, is done by SMAAASH.  It was the creative idea of Shripal Morakhia in 2012, that SMAAASH came to life.  And in these past 5+ years, they have setup in multiple cities across the country including – Mumbai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Noida & Ludhiana.  SMAAASH in Bangalore was established a year back and won the heart of many Bangaloreans.

The brand ambassador for this outlet for sure has to be someone local and close to everyone heart. Who else would better suite this role than Virat Kolhi – Indian Cricket Team captain in all formats (one day, 50 overs & 20-20 cricket), Captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore team, Youth Icon and fitness freak. 

Gaming Experience

SMAAASH is known to have some of the best in business, simulation technology and some of the unique offering like – Twilight Bowling Zone, Motor/Bike Racing and God-Karting Tracks (in Mumbai & Gurgaon) are simply wonderful.

In Virtual Reality led entertainments, the SMAAASH creative team has come up with some unique experiences that were developed in-house like – Walk the Plank, Finger Coaster, Cockpit 360 and others.

Other offering in other sports include the Smaaash Cricket and Super Keeper.

Each of the gaming/entertainment experience are sure to thrill one and all that visits the place. It is meant for adults, elders, thrill seekers, adventurers and fun lovers.

Food Department

This place attracts loads of people from young and old.  Apart from entertainment, food also needs to be good to let the enthusiastic people stay energetic, hydrated, enthusiasm & always have the adrenalin rush.

Immense changes have been brought to the food and drinks section to let customers have delectable experience.  Some of the dishes that are available at smash includes – Onion Rings, Burgers, Paneer Tikkas, Biryanis and plenty of mocktails options.  There is also a nice restaurant right inside SMAAASH where people can sit and relax over a meal.

Thoughts from Virat

Virat was part of the Press Conference where in he openly tells one and all that, SMAAASH is one of his favourite hangout places in Bangalore.  Few words shared by him to the press –

It’s a pleasure to be part of SMAAASH as this has been my favourite hangout spot since its inception in the country. SMAAASH stands out for its unparalleled energy and it was always a grand feeling to visit this place and enjoy the games and the cutting edge virtual reality simulators. Congratulations SMAASH on the first anniversary in Bengaluru.

During the conference, the MC also asked about his favourite attractions at SMAAASH.  To this Kolhi immediately responded by telling that SMAAASH CRICKET and SUPER KEEPER.

When asked whom he would like to challenge for SMAAASH CRICKET game, he mentioned that he would not dare challenging AB Devilliers but would instead challenge Sachin Tendulkar.  If he Sachin loses, he would ask Sachin to WALK THE PLANK.

Virat also mentioned that he loved football and that is one of the reason why he like SUPER KEEPER..

There were couple of more questions asked and Virat answered with ease & supreme confidence.

Thoughts from Shripal

In the press-conference, Shripal Morakhia (Chief Imagination Officer) also added few words.

Having Virat as the youth icon of SMAAASH has added an exciting dimension to the brand. His energy and zeal for sports perfectly resonates with SMAAASH and its fans, and this association has been well received by enthusiastic SMAAASH and Virat fans across India. I would like to thank Bengaluru for accepting SMAAASH and making it a go-to gaming and food and beverage destination in the garden city.

Overall Experience

An opportunity to see the great cricket, Virat Kolhi and hear him speak about SMAAASH is always memorable.  There was huge crowd outside the mall where SMAAASH is located.  It is bound to happen as he is one of the most popular cricket/sports-person in our country and also abroad.  A special occasion for celebrating the 1st year anniversary of SMAAASH and the time seems to have just flew past.  With renewed focus on food and more entertainment, I am sure it is going to be the No.1 entertainment destination for people of Bangalore.

My current rating for this place is 4.0/5.

Plan on spending atleast 3-4 hours to have a memorable outing.

Pictures taken at the press conference – Virat, Shripal and some with my fellow blogger friends.