Good Sunday Brunch at Melange (Park Plaza)


Melange is one of the best Multi-cuisine restaurant that is part of Park Plaza located in the heart of IT area in Bangalore, Marathalli.  It is one of the busiest hotel which is mostly get people travelling on business from various corporate firms, if not celebrities.  There are various other restaurants in the hotel that serve Indian, Pan-Asian and separate bar.  Melange being largest among all, serves the Sunday brunch which is popular among localities and hotel-guests.


In general, most us end up getting up late on Sunday morning.  The reason could be – hectic work-week, late-night party on Saturday, lazy Sunday being a holiday or anything else.  In that case, the best option would be to go for the brunch (combining breakfast & lunch).  Not sure, who came up with the concept but it surely is an awesome idea.  It gives restaurants an opportunities for Chef’s to showcase their talent preparing dishes from different regions.

I have been to plenty of Sunday Brunches over years and in general the spread is pretty good.  Sunday brunch at Melange is also a huge spread.  Its been a long time since, I had been for a Sunday brunch and I am glad that it was here at Melange.  It was a wonderful afternoon spent with good food & drinks.  Let me share my experience.


The idea of Sunday brunch is to have an elaborate spread with special counters to cater to different taste-buds of people.  It needs to have variety that people would want to relish.

Separate counters for – Deserts, Mocktails, Starters, Main Course, Curd items, Papads & breaks, Chats, Kebab and Pizza counters. 

Tables are spread out, making it easier to walk around, while picking up food from various sections.

There is good amount of natural lighting that comes from other end of restaurant which is quite good.  The manager was telling about the plan for covering the outside section to enable more guests to be seated.


The most important aspect of the experience is the food which needs to be enjoyable to leave a lasting impression.

Chats – It is setup outside the restaurant and have the complete spread of ingredients for making them.  There is a Mangolian Wok served some wonderful stir fried vegetalbes.  Also go hold of Pasta with red sauce in the section beside.

Breads – They have wonderful selection of breads that go along with soup or something to nibble while waiting to go for main-course.

Focaccia bread is really good and a must try at this place.

Starters – This is a section in the middle of the restaurant, which can’t be missed.  It’s convenient to picking up after taking soup.  Even if you missed the first time, you will notice and pick up items.

Main Course – There is an elaborate spread that has variety of gravy dishes both for Veg and Non-veg.  To indicate the dish name, they have a small stand with board that have names.  I enjoyed most of the gravy items, expect for 1 of the Paneer item where I thought Paneer could have been a little softer.

Rice/Biryani options are kept alongside the subz(s).  Breads (Roti, Kulcha, Naan) are served at the counter.  I tried breads along with gravy subji, briyani and curd-rice, all of which were good.

Drinks – This the counter that appears to the left side soon after you enter Melange.  They have variety of mocktails prepared and being displayed to people.  Each of them so colourful, you feel like taking one them right away.  They have listed various mocktails on board as ‘Mocktail of the day’.  Bartender across the counter can either make the same or make something different.  I ended up taking an orange based mocktail.

Deserts – Ideally, this should be the last counter, but here it’s the first counter to the right.  I guess, the idea is to showcase the strength first.  They have some wonderful pastries, Indian sweets, ice-cream and waffle section.  ‘Classic Waffles’ live counter, we can ask for Waffle to be made and special toppings like – whipped cream, ice-cream, chocolate sauce, nuts and fruits.  There is unique coffee-flavored ice-cream which I enjoyed eating, would recommend the same to all.  The desert section looks compact and limited in terms of items.  But then they have plenty of item kept under glass-shelves which is quite large.

Overall Experience

It was great Sunday afternoon spent having brunch at the wonderful Melange Restaurant.  I was quite impressed with the spread and most importantly with the taste of the food.  The starters and the gravy dishes were good.  The idea of separate Waffle and Mocktail counter sounds unique and novel.  A special mention of the service staff who were always willing to help getting/cleaning when needed.  I rate my overall experience of Melange for Sunday brunch at 4.0/5.

Rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5

Food for Sunday brunch will come up to anywhere between INR2500-4000 depending on consumption of alcohol/cocktails.

Picture taken with fellow foodie friends who were along with me during the tasting.