Christmas Dinner at Melange Restaurant @Park Plaza – Bangalore

This is one of those really coz restaurant in the Park Plaza which gives you a very easy feel.  Though it looks quite sophisticated but the seating makes it abit more casual & relaxed.  Its hard to describe the place but to just go experience it.  
I was lucky to go there along with a group of foodie friend for a Pre-Christmas party and the food for being made by the executive Chef Narender who won the ‘Hotelier of the Year Award 2015’ for being the Best Chef.  And it was wonderful to meet the celebrity Chef and enjoy some great food.  Let me share my experience of eating food at this place.




The restaurant is part of Park Plaza and situated on the 1st level.  To be able to reach Park Plaza if you are coming from Sarjapur Outer Ring Road Junction, head towards Maratahalli. Just as you cross Absolute BBQ, the hotel appears to the left side. 
But if you are coming from the KR Puram side, cross the under-pass and the hotel appears to the right side close to Innovative Multiplex.


The hotel itself has a great entrance and the days before Christmas meant a really good lighting was done with the Christmas tree just at the entrance.


You need to take the lift lobby and head to 1st level.  And as you walk along you will find, ‘Saffron Restaurant’ and then as you walk along the ‘Mélange’ appears.


Its got some nice and relaxed seats.  And then a bakery right in the entrance to the left, which is kind, have well arrange.  It surely does not congest the place but well kept.  Since it’s a place where buffet is available, there is nicely arranged tables with the food kept on top of them.


Now that I shared experience on the ambiance, its time to share info on the food.


This was a specially made menu for Christmas and we were the first to try it.  The experience was wonderful.
Mushroom, Porcini cream soup with truffle foam with a dash of basil oil (Veg)
Served with leeks and tarragon Bread
A very well made soup that had the right flavor of cream and mushroom.  Every bit of it was blissful.  I wish I would have only soup but then there were other items to follow.  But I must say a lot of effort has gone into making such a wonderful soup.



Similar soup has a Non-Veg variant also which was described as being equally good by my friends.
Asparagus and broccoli mousse with herbed garlic baguette
The only feeling I get is another wow coz the ‘Broccoli’ was so well done and the ‘Asparagus’ along with it tasted very good.  I enjoyed the way it was presented and enjoyed the flavors as I was eating.


Leek and Stilton Tart
Another well made Tart, which had the right amount of flavor.  There was nothing over-powering.  The flavors just melted in my mouth.  It is very difficult to stop at one coz you would want to atleast be able to grab 1-2 of them.
Main Course
Four cheese filled vegetable steak with pineapple and honey glazed sweet potato
This dish was quite soft and well presented as a steak. You would only wonder, how a vegetarian dish was made so good. 


Brussels Sprout with sunflower seeds in garlic cream
I was shocked to know that we could eat the Sunflower seeds.  Coz the flavors were so amazing.  I guess being a foodie you generally should experience with varieties of food.  But most of the it’s the Chefs who introduce us to these new flavors.


Lemon leaf, broccoli floweret linguini marinara
Another well made dish which some Spaghetti along with the dish and it was wonderful item to be had over a meal.  I enjoyed the flavors of various ingredients and also the way it was presented.


Plum pudding with cognac sauce
(Served with American strawberries and Kiwi grand mariner compote)
It’s a wow feeling when you see a desert being served to this way.  Its hard to grab all in one go but then once you start eating, you just can’t stop eating.  It sure is the perfect desert for Christmas with Strawberry & Kiwi flavors working wonders.


Passion fruit and black cherry sorbet
This for sure is a hard one to make but the Chef has pulled it off quite well.  The taste was brilliant.  You can’t just stop at after eating 1 bit.  The only problem I had was that it was melting off a bit. If it was a bit more solid, it was have been perfect.  But I like the variation being attempted.


No lunch would end without the presence of a cocktail.  It is an integral part of a meal for an occasion.
Red Hot Santa Tini
Fresh Kiwi, Strawberry and Cranberry Vodka, Shaken with a rim with Coco and Chilli
This was sure was very uniquely served like every other cocktail coz the portion was quite small.  The idea was to be able to enjoy different flavors in a cocktail.  Maybe on a touch sweeter side but good drink.


Ginger Man
Cranberry juice, Cointreau and Vodka Stir with hint of Ginger
This was an interesting cocktail and I thought it was well made.  I am sure other also loves the way a ginger can play vital role in the vodka mix.


Snow Ball
Scotch with Sweet and Sour Mix with a Hint of Cinnamon
The cinnamon for sure made its presence felt.  And coz it wasn’t sweet, the taste was pretty good. I did enjoy having this drink.


Santa Slot
Blue Curacao, Grenadine, Vodka, Sweet & Sour
Mix of a beautiful little shot of Christmas
A nice name given to a drink that for sure went along with the celebration.   Sweet & Sour played a vital part in the Blue Curacao.  For sure the ‘Vodka’ effect was very much there in the cocktail.


Muddle Wine
A Wintertime Classic, a perfect blend of wine & spice
I felt that it was the best drink of the evening that enjoyed it completely.  Felt like having 2 more of the drink coz of the flavors being so good.



Final Thoughts
Great evening with foodies and friends before the Christmas.  Enjoyed the great variety thought out by Chef and served as Christmas Dinner.  The overall experience of dining in at Mélange was good and I would rate this experience at 4.0/5.  Hopefully I will make many more visits to this restaurant and many more in Park Plaza.
My rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 3. 75/5
Service – 3.75/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5

Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR1500-2000.