The Big Kahuna – Get the Hawaiian Feel @Indiranagar, Bangalore

This is one of those newly opened places in Indranagar, which sure will go ga-ga about.  Just for the simple reason that its got something unique that no other place in Indranagar area has got.  Basically I am talking about the finely made cocktails which not only makes your relish to the flavor but enjoy it in a Hawian theme décor.  
Infact, I felt myself being tele-transported to the Hawain beaches and standing next to the Tiki-land.  Its hard for me to describe in words but you will have to visit it to know more about it.  I had a splendid time visiting this place with couple of my friends.  Though it is relatively new in Indranagar, I never felt the same about the service coz it was impeccable. 



First Thoughts
This is one of those places in Bangalore, which I thought had something unique form the outside.  Its got this big masked faces with the ‘Big Kahuna’ written with Tikis which kind of resemble the ‘Transformers’ symbols. 


And then you wonder it might be an out and out party place.  Well, it sure is but then its got something to offer for different set of people coming in to have a good time.


It is owned by JSM group, which actually owns – Shiros, Hardrock café, CPK kind of places in Bangalore.  And this place happens to the 2ndof its kind in Bangalore.  I think they sure did not want to wait until new year but they just wanted to launch it in Bangalore and set the street on fire.


Its not hard to describe the location coz its right on the 100ft road.  If you are new to the area and are aware of the big Domlur flyover on the Old Airport road, its easier to give directions.  Basically you head on the 100ft road and then drive along for nearly 1/2kms or less.  And then you will find La-Casa to your left and then this huge board that has ‘Orange’ background and a transformers kind of tiki logo with the name of the place written.


Not to worry much about the parking coz its well taken care by the staff that is ready to help with the valet service.


This for sure is one of those unique places in Bangalore that boast itself of a very unique entrance.  There is ample space in the front and it gives a royal feeling.  And then when you go down to the 1st floor, you will be blown off coz with the Tiki that is positioned inside.  There are loads and loads of them; for sure a lot of thoughts have gone into arranging them.


The place has couple of thing that I need to share more updates on.
There is a special dining area in which private party for nearly 20 or more can be arranged. There is a nice door to segregate.  You can make out that the owner want to give absolute privacy for guest in there.


Inside the main deck as I call it, there is a huge bar counter to the right side and some really awesome crockery.













Each of the glasses actually has unique names and is meant for serving different drinks in them.



The furniture(s) used are made of cane and gives a very nice look.  May be I would think that the walls would need some painting as at times it looks a bit dull.




There is a DJ console to the left side where the rocking music gets to be played. And the best part is that it does not have an AC and is exposed to open air from Bangalore.


I need to share update about the 2ndlevel where there is even better seating arrange which gives a feel like you are in a lounge.  This place has been designed for people to come and relax and feel at home.  Again lots of Tikis in the first floor and your get a good view of the Indranagar from the open balcony.  There is again a huge bar counter there.




This place sure is meant for crowd on any age coz its got something unique to offer for everyone.
This for sure is the most important part, which can make or break a place.  There could be good drinks but unless food is good, its not fun for people.  There were some awesome dishes that we tasted.
Menehune hummus, baked spinach & potato dip, vegetable rangoon, jalapeno cheese balls, lomi lomi bruschetta & tangy cottage cheese sliders


Each and every time served in this vegetarian platter was amazing.  And for sure whenever I go next time I will take this up first.


Baked spinach & Potato dip made inhouse were brilliant taste.  Along with that the chef showed us about the 6 different dips that they make completely inhouse.


Cheese balls are surely one of my favorites while having drink.  And sure they had done a great job that went well with the dip.


Bruschetta is something that I like but there are places that simply spoil it but putting some not so good items on top.  Here the additions of tomato, mushroom and other items made my mouth go yum.  Even my NV friend enjoyed eating it.


Cheese Sliders has become quite popular offlate in many places.  It more like the small form of burgers.  And I must say it was superb.  The flavors made my mouth water and felt like eating more and more of it.
Menehune hummus, baked spinach & potato dip, TBK crispy chicken, wiki wiki wings, aloha spring rolls & Italian chicken sliders
Thought it is hard for me to describe on the dishes.  But my friend who is a NV enjoyed it to the full extent. Awesome job with the chicken is what I heard.


Garlic cream spinach, potato, Parmesan crust, grilled pita & Crostini
Crostini is not an easy thing to make, many folks spoil it.  The Associate Culinary Director – Chef Rahul Hajarnavis  has done a great job.


Bacon, chipotle marinade, BBQ sauce
Another dish that I could not taste but got an update from my friend telling that it was well done.




Main Course
Grilled cottage cheese, fiery pepper coulis, roasted pepper & corn salsa
This is a dish when you see it coming, mouth automatically starts melting.  The presentation of the dish is simply awesome.  The flavors were going on very well with the Cheese.  I must say easily that it is easily one of the best.


Sometimes people say that ‘eyes eat the food’ first and then the tongue reacts accordingly.  I guess that might surely apply for this dish.



A twist – traditional BBQ sauce, curry leaves & mustard tempering
My friends tasting the dish were almost full but still the dish gave them a wow feeling, which is quite hard to get, but a great job.


Food sometimes can be really good but then unless the desert is also equally good, it does not satisfy.  Some of the deserts that I tried.
Espresso infused custard, caramelized sugar crust
A very well made ‘Crème Brulee’ which has the crispiness on top.  The expresso flavor came out quite well.  The only thing was that it could be a bit crispier on top.  Otherwise the taste was amazing.



Another special desert that would easily make your mouth even by reading the name. 


Rich ganache, caramal – peanut mix, tart base
This was the first time I was eating a desert this way.  The flavors of ‘Snicker’ came along quite well. And the ‘peanut mix’ stayed intact and not melts away.  Coz the whole idea is to let the ‘tart base’ stay intact while snicker is put on the top.  Enjoyed the desert so much that I took back one to my home as well.


Well, you might wonder that I have been writing so much about the food but then I wrote about this place being good for cocktails.  I tried to store the best thing for the last. 
Three styles of rums, orange juice, grenadine & spices
This for sure is one the best cocktails I have had in a long time.  It had the right amount of alcohol, punch and flavor.  It was not those drinks which looks good but the alcohol doesn’t taste that much.  The bartender has done a great job to mix the rums well and bring it up.  I feel this was one of the strongest cocktails I have had.



A snowy concoction of light rum with coconut and pineapple
A cocktail that was a bit on the sweeter side, as my friend wanted it to be.  Well-made and also well-presented drink.  I enjoyed drinking it and seeing the way it was presented.




This is one of the drinks, which I take by default.  And for sure it might be contemporary, the drink was done pretty well and I enjoyed it.


Apart from all of these drinks & food, they have plenty of offers as well to attract people.  I am surely many are going to walk inside in days to come.




Final Thoughts
This was one of the best experience I had in a awhile.  The Brand Chef Priyank Singh was very kind to share info on many of the dishes.  This makes anyone quite comfortable in the place.  The place gave me a combination of good food, ambiance and service.  I would love to visit this place repeatedly for partying out.  My current rating for this place would be 4.0/5, not getting a bit overboard.  But for sure the next 1-2 I got, rating should zoom.  But yes, it for sure is a place that will catch the attention of people and become a threat for others in the area.


My rating in other departments is as follows –
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Service  – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5


Food for 2 would cost anywhere between INR1500-2000.
More Info
I thought it would be good to also share more info on the restaurant and timing in this section.
Big Kahuna, #775, 1st Floor, Above Ginger Tiger, 100ft Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar – 560038. 
Opening Hours
Sunday – Thursday: 12 noon – 11 pm, Fri & Sat: 12 noon – 1 am.
World Cuisine
Landline number