Punjabi Rasoi @Indranagar, Bangalore

This is one of Punjabi Restaurant that has been around for a while in Bangalore.  I have somehow not got a chance to visit this place.  The reason for that could have been that it is located in Koramangala or the simple reason that I haven’t heard too many of my known friends talking about it. It’s hard to say but then I am very much sure that this was a place that I have missed.  Coz there is something special about the food that is served in this place.  I think the owners of this place want to bring in the authenticity in the food.  And to large extent they have been able to do so.  I am taking about none other than Punjabi Rasoi that is located in Indranagar.


The owner during one of my conversation with him told me about the passion he has for delivering good Punjabi food to people.  And the history of this place dates back to time when his father was a Chef himself.  There would be some unique dishes that his father would create and name it uniquely.  I guess these are the reasons for seeing some unique names like ‘Maalamal’ and all.
I came to know that there would be a unique dish requested by people.  And when it was ready and people love it, they want a unique name.  Instead of giving a contemporary name a unique name is given.


Punjabi Rasoi has got 3 outlets in Bangalore.  The 1st one opened in RT Nagar followed by the Indranagar and the HSR layout outlet.
To be able to reach this place consider yourself coming from the Domlur flyover side.  Drive along until you hit upon the traffic signal at CMH Road Junction.  Cross the signal and then drive along for 300-400 mtrs.  Take left, which is the same road that goes to BDA complex directly.  Punjabi Rasoi comes to the left side on the 1st floor.
Another direction to reach this place is from the Old Madras Road.  Drive along until you find the 80ft Road at Indranagar.  Take left and then immediate right turn.  Punjabi Rasoi comes to the left side in 200mts.
The place is pretty nice, but surely not fancy.  Let me share about few things I saw.
  • Entrance on the group floor has dances structure stuck on the wall.
  • There are disco lights on the name of the restaurant in the ground level.
  • As you are about to enter the restaurant, you can see a ‘Paan shop’ which is quite nice coz it’s very common in North or South to have paan after meals.
  • Entrance has 2 section, one to the right and the other to the left side.  Left side, you need to take a step up.
  • The first thing you notice is that all the seats are nicely setup.  And most importantly almost full.
  • Tables are neatly arranged, which for sure is a sign of an established restaurant.


On an average I think this place run 70-80% full coz of its popularity.
The most important reason for people to go here is the food.  I have had a mixed opinion on the food I had, let me share my thoughts.


Paneer Tikka
This was one of the best Paneer I have eaten after long time.  The reason is that the restaurant makes their own paneer.  The owner told that the paneer is made from buffalo milk and there is nothing sourced from outside.  It also means that the process has been so well defined and setup that they don’t go wrong after ages of restaurant being in business.


The taste with the mint-chutney is awesome.  And yes, you can take some salad also along with the paneer.


Paneer Maalamaal
A dish which had a very unique name attracted my attention and I thought of ordering this dish.  And when the dish came, it seemed to be like the contemporary paneer butter masala.

But there was a variation in terms of the spices that were put inside it.


The paneer is anyways quite soft like the other dish I mentioned.  Masala is also quite tasty.  Infact, many of my friend who were there also loved the dish.


Aloo Subji
The contemporary potato subji which is prepared dry and is one of the curry that people take with the tandoori roti.

The dish was pretty fine and the aloo was pretty well cooked.  But somehow I did not enjoy the dry masalas that much.


Sarson Ka Saag
A dish which is one of the famous dishes from North which is to be taken with Makai Roti / Corn Roti.  The speciality is that they would add a lot of ghee on the Makai roti to get the flavour.
This place the curry was not up to the mark. The dish was quite salty and even with the Makai roti which is generally a bit blandish, the taste was not coming out all that well. I guess this was a bit surprise coz I thought they might have made this number of times in the past.  But whatever was served was not right.
Infact, couple of other foodies also felt the same about the dish.
Paratha / Roti
I had Laccha Paratha which was pretty fine.  It’s hard to go wrong in this item coz it is more like the basic similar to Tandoori Roti.


Makai Roti again was not up to mark coz it was looking reddish.  I wonder if chilly was added into the dove while making.  There was not much ghee which is traditionally put on the Makai roti.


Peas Pulao + Raita
Rice was pretty decently cooked but for some reason I was getting some eggy feeling while tasting it.  Not sure if it was due to the bad experience of the previous dish.

With the raita it sure did taste better.


Mango Lassi
This was one of the really good drinks I have had in sometime.  I wonderful it was the drink or the weather itself.  Whatever it was, I felt quite refreshing.  The only thing I felt was the that lassi needs to be churned well, sometimes you get a feeling that curds was churned a little bit.  Usually a traditionally lassi would also have the butter on top which makes it quite healthy.


Overall Experience
It was good going to a place with foods who equally understand the significance of good food.  Nice to have discovered a place in Indranagar where you can get some decent Punjabi food.  There are a few issues that I have mentioned in my review which I hope they do work and correct it.  My current rating for this place would be 3.5/5.



My rating in other departments.
Food – 3.5/5
Service – 3.5/5
Ambiance – 3.5/5
Drinks – 3.5/5
Food for 2 will cost anywhere between INR 600-1000 depending on the dishes you order and the hunger level.



With Naveen, Dushyant, Lopamudra, Poojitha, Ajit, Ashish, Roshini, Sudarshan.