Bikaner Sweets @Koramangala, Bangalore

Bikaner is one of the places in Rajasthan which has a lot of historical important.  But then the place is also quite famous for the snacks especially the spicy mixtures and bhujias.  Just like how we have darshinis in Bangalore, there are Bikaner Sweet shops that have come and made a mark for themselves.  The places are quite popular for the spicy and tasty food that we get.  And one such place is the outlet in Koramangala 1st block area.  Let me share my thoughts on the food I had along with my friend during breakfast time-frame on a weekend.


If you are coming from Agara Lake heading to Koramangala side, you will get a big signal where in the right leads to Sony World signal and the straight to St Johns Hospital / College.  Take right and then there is another big signal where you need to take right and then take 1st left.  The shop is right there.
It’s easy to miss so the best would be to ask someone if you do miss it.


There is a self service place where you need to grab the items that you need across the counter, then eat food while standing on the streets.
I did tell you about Bikaner and the food items that are famous.  I did try a few items from this place.


This is a special poha that is available for breakfast.  Just like the way people keep the masala of paav-bhaji, there is poha kept on huge tawa.  The moment you ask for poha, they would pick up from the tawa, add the special mixture on top, few coriander pieces and may be some onion before handing to you.  The moment it comes to your hands, you can make out that it looks quite yummy and for sure you start to assume that the taste will be brilliant.
Well, this is exactly how the poha was and I thoroughly enjoyed the taste of the Poha that you get here.


Another item which is taken many time in the north as part of the breakfast as well.  In South it may not be a tradition but then there is no harm in taking 1-2 of lovely Jelabi that we get over here at Bikaner Sweets.


Snack item which is best taken with some tea/coffee.  Here the samosa does not seem to have the oil that we usually find.  The pieces are so nice and the stuffing is also pretty good.  Easily this is one of the best samosa that you can get to eat in this area.


Along with the green mint chutney and the sweet tomato based sauce, the overall taste is awesome.  Just that it can easily fill your stomach unless you are watchful.


This is a dish for sure is famous in Rajasthan and not many places you can get it to be really good.  There are some Jodhpur – Sweet shops that I know you can get some good varieties.  Apart from that this shop has one of the best Kachories.
Addition of the sauce – mint and tomato give the completeness for the kachori.


A snack item famous in Gujrat regions and made of besan, is surely one of the favourite for many of us. You will it hard at few places or very soft, here in Bikaneris Sweets its optimum.  I loved the flavour of the besan and with the addition of chillies, curry leaves and sweet-tomato sauces, it becomes complete.


Overall Experience
It is good fun going to a place that is so popular among people and having some of the items like what I have mentioned above.  I really liked also the cleanliness of the place and the promptness of service.  This is one place you should visit for having breakfast in the morning, if not snacks anytime in the day.  I rate this place at 4.0/5.  The only concern here seems to be that there would be too much crowd and sometimes its hard to even take out the items ordered.  And you will need to stand and eat the food.  When you are eating something spicy and hot, it sometimes can get hard.
My rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Service -4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Food for 2 will cost anywhere between INR 200-300 for a wholesome breakfast.
With Naveen, Vivek, Faraz, Shruti and Manoj.