7 Biryanis by Kuchipudi @Koramangala, Bangalore

This is of the restaurant that specialises in making 7 different types of Biryanis.  The name for that surely comes from the spices that are used in making them.  Name of the restaurant is derived from the person who started it by name – Kuchipudi Venkat.  Well, I guess the name is quite unique for a restaurant but then I need to mention that it is not a restaurant in itself.  It shares the same kitchen and the hotel space as the ATB – Absolute Telugu Buffet.  Initially I thought it was different restaurant but then when I went inside, I realised that both ATB and 7 Biryanis are same.


It is quite critical that for a place serving a public favourite food, the location is prime.  To give directions from Inner Ring Road side, I will start from Eijipura Signal that comes while travelling from Indranagar.  Cross the signal to drive across to the Sony World Signal.  For reference Oasis mall having Lifestyle can be seen to the left side.  And then at the signal, take left turn.  Look for the building on the right that has ‘Reliance Jewellers’.  The ‘7 Biryanis’ is located on the top floor of the building.  You need to enter the ATB dining section and then head to a separate room that has ‘7 Biryanis’ written on top.


If you are coming from St John side, drive along until you cross the Koramangala BDA complex to the right side.  Drive along until you hit the Sony World signal that has ‘Wild Craft’ showroom to the right side.  You need to take right turn but there isn’t any.  So, take the left, then a U-turn, drive across from left to right side.  Then you hit upon the same road that has ‘Reliance Jewellers’ and then follow directions as mentioned in earlier para.


This restaurant has a much simpler ambiance compared to the ATB.  But I think I should be sharing info about both so it become a little clearer.


  • Entrance is pretty good and has the traditional touch with all the Rangolis put up on the wall.
  • There board of 7 Biryanis with the chilli piece above the name at the entrance.
  • The tables have the Rangoli done it gives a very different look.  I don’t remember any restaurant having invested effort in coming up with this kind of interiors.  Chairs used are more of the cane which is also quite good.
  • There are various paintings that seems to be quite appreciative of the farmers.  It gives a feel like you are in pleasant atmosphere away from the hush-bush of city.  But yes, the sound of traffic well immediately remind that you are in the centre of city.
  • Posters of dancers showing off some of the Kathakali and Bharatanatyam steps are present.
  • The best part of the restaurant is that they have all the letters of Telugu and also Kannada alphabets.  And each of them are written with different colours.
  • Centre of attraction at ATB is the Fountain in the centre that has also some fishes.  It’s a place where kids love to spend time.
  • The walkway also has special wooden slabs that are painted with dark colours.  Pillars have traditional yellow colours with red lines, these are things that we see at houses.
  • To the right side of the ATB is the board for 7 Biryanis.  It has nicely setup tables.  And the similar pattern of having letter of Telugu and Kannada are followed.


The ambiance of both the restaurant are exquisite and guests can enjoy being here.


It is very critical that the restaurant can segregate the specialty that is being served in this restaurant.

It should stand for some of the unique biryanis that we get here.  It has been done quite well.  I have tried a few items which I will share feedback on.


Chilly Bajji
A really good started that can have had with biryani or even coffee/tea.

It’s a little on the spicier side but the taste is quite good.

Best enjoyed with chilly, would suggest taking it if you can handle spice.


Ulvacharu Veg Biryani
A biryani that seems to have so many wonderful ingredients put on top of it.  And when you mix it, the smell makes you just get lost.

The moment you take the bite; you can feel the spices but taste is quite good.  There is surely something unique about it that we can’t easily forget.


They give mirchi salaam if you want to enhance the spices.  I did try and then after adding it, the taste enhanced even further.
Raita is also given along with the biryani.


Rajamundry Rose Milk
I have always loved the idea of taking Rose milk.  And at ATB, they make it even special but adding some dry-fruits as well.  They don’t serve it super chilled or super sweet, it’s quite optimum.


The food options available are limited but then the taste I feel would be quite good.
Overall Experience
If you want to try some really good Andhra style biryani that is well made, undoubtedly this is the place go to.  I enjoyed the taste of some sample biryanis like ‘3G Biryani’ when I went to visit the place.  The taste was quite exquisite and I felt good after tasting.  I rate this place at 4.0/5 and would love to visit this place more often to try more varieties.


My rating in other departments
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 3.75/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Food for 2 people will cost anywhere between INR500-800.