Jonahs by Chef Willy – Bistro & Patisserie in Indranagar 12th Main


Jonahs – By Chef Willy is one of the Bistro and Patisserie in the busy 12th main of Indranagar.  It is hardly known to people around the city and even for the folks living in that area.  They probably did not want to go gaga about themselves but wanted to popularize by word-of-mouth.  And when people visiting the place enjoy the good food, drinks & ambiance at the roof-top, I am sure they would share it among friends.  I was recently there with couple of friends during a weekday in the evening and we had a great time.  Let me share my experience.


The place is located very close to some of the other popular outlets like Glocal Junction & Bombay Brasserie.  If you take the 12th main road from the Jeevanbheema Nagar side, you will need to travel around ½ kms, cross some of the outlets I mentioned earlier and look out for Snapfittness on the left side.  Jonah’s can be seen in the building that is located diagonally opposite on 3rd & 4th floors.


The Bistro is divided into 2 sections, one of them is a closed-door setup on the 3rd level of the building with wonderful interiors.  And the 2nd one is on the 4th floor terrace, which gives a roof-top experience.

I visited the roof-top section which has a huge bar counter and it’s been neatly setup.  There are different kind of seating arrangements including the long social table with high-rise chairs and many sofas to sit comfortably.  The seating is spread out quite well making it spacious.

There is a DJ console to the right-side corner and also a huge screen.  When I was there, DJ did play some wonderful track from early 80s, 90s and some of the latest tracks.  If I can recollect, he played some Boney-M, Abba, Puff Daddy and then transitioned to some of the latest hits by singers like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and others.  It was fun watching the video album for most of the songs on giant screen.  Even without any sound, it’s just fun enjoying the fresh air.


The name of the Bistro has the Chef Willy, who is one of the acclaimed Chef from Chennai who has curated the entire menu and most of it are quite tasty.    Recently Chef has introduced many new items among – Soups, Pizzas, Starters, Burgers, Pastas and Deserts.  I will share update on some of the items that I really loved at this place.

Sweet Pepper Bruschetta, Pastry Spinach Roll and Mozzarella & Aubergine

These 3 items were served in a platter and all of them tasted good.  Loved the toppings & crunchiness of garlic bread in Bruschetta, creaminess inside the spinach roll and cheese along with Aubergine.  It wasn’t too sweet or spicy, just perfect starter that goes along well with a good drink.

Spring green Ricotta Pizza and Siciliana Pizza

Loved the Siciliana pizza with its toppings of Sun-dried tomatoes, Artichoke, Black & Green Olives and cream.  It had the right amount of tomato sauces on top of the pizza base.  The 2nd half of the pizza was quite unique with toppings of Broccoli, Spinach & Cream.  I felt that the broccoli & spinach were raw and could have been cooked a little longer.  It would have then enabled hemicelluloses (holding the cells in the vegetable), dissolve so the vegetable become softer.

Brownie, Tiramisu & Coconut Panna-cotta

Among the 3 deserts, loved the brownie with hot-chocolate.  Panna-cotta had good taste but the way it was presented seemed to quite different and did not have the regular characteristics.  I have always Panna-cotta to be Italian dessert of sweetened cream thickened with Gelatin and molded. The cream may be aromatized with rum, coffee, vanilla, or other flavorings.  Tiramisu which is a popular coffee-flavoured custard desert, was presented very well but the coffee flavour seemed too strong. 

Apart from the above dishes, I also tried the Aromatic Pasta with white sauce, which was decent.

Other friends tried many of the Non-Vegetarian offering like – Fiery chicken nuggets, Prawn wrapped Blanket, Smoke salmon quiche and German meta-ball among the starters; Chicken & Beef burgers, Fish fillet, Bengal Fish curry, Rosemary pork chop and Japanese beef steak as part of main course.

We gave few suggestions to the management which were accepted quite gracefully.  And I am sure some of the minor correction would be made and the taste would be right up there.


They have variety of drink options including beer, mocktails and cocktails.  Among the beer brand, they do have the BIRA White, Kingfisher-Ultra, Asahi (Japanese) & many others.  They do also serve some wonderful cocktails with Rum and Vodka, which I am hoping to try the next time I visit.

Overall Experience

It was a great evening spent on a weekday along with fellow foodie friends for tasting the food and drinks at the relative new outlet in Indranagar.  This place has unique Roof-top ambiance in the central Indranagar area, which will be the main attraction.  Customers can enjoy some cool breeze from the green surroundings, sitting on 4th floor.  They have some wonderful starters & main course, and going forward they will give their competitors, run for their money.

I rate my current experience at this place at 4.0/5.