The Workshop – An All-Day Cafe Cum Bar @Indranagar

The IT capital of India has seen plenty of new hotels, restaurants that have come up in the recent year.  Some of the restaurant that were serving have turned to also start serving breakfast.  Places that were only serving breakfast, lunch and dinner at separate time have started serving food all through the day. Whatever might be the approach, if the food tastes good, ambiance is good and price is reasonable, there will be crowd.  This is exactly what ‘The Workshop’ has looked to capitalize on.  It is one of its kind ‘All Day Coffee Shop Restaurant Cum Bar’.  I know that it’s a lot to tell about a place but that’s the concept of this place.


The concept sometimes is really good but then it should be something a lot of people should take up to.  Strategic location chosen for this is the Indranagar 100ft road which is always bustling with activities.  There are plenty of restaurants and shopping places on the main road.  And when you go 1 road inside, there are some lovely independent house.


Direction from Koramangala is quite simple.  Drive down the Inner Ring Road and cross the Domlur flyover.  Drive along until you are almost hitting on the ‘Sony Signal’ @Indranagar.  There is Black Rabbit to the left side.  ‘The Workshop’ is diagonally opposite to it.


If you are coming from the Old Madras road, after the KFC signal, drive along the 100ft road.  ‘The Workshop’ will appear to the left side.
It has wonderful ambiance which isn’t exquisite but yet it is nice.  There is a section for people to sit outside and also quite a few seats inside.



There is a well-defined bar counter for people to sit.
Each of the seats are meant for 4-6 people to site.  But I feel that it is also a coz place for a couple of sit.


The concept as I said is that it is a restaurant that serves – Breakfast to folks in the morning, Coffee may be at later point in time, continues the same with a lunch session, evening snacks which finally leads up to the dinner.  So, it is quite critical that everything served is good coz people can get uncomfortable very easily.  And also the Chef need to be well trained to make different dishes at different points of time.  I did get a feel of it during my recent visit along with my foodie friends.  Let me share my experience.
Mushroom Cappuccino
This was one of the best cream of mushroom soup I have had in a while.  The mushroom was well mashed in the soup.  Coffee in it was asking a unique taste, not bitter but something quite enjoyable.
I heard that the Chicken Barley soup was also quite good.
Chilled Melon & Feta Salad
This is an interesting salad that contains water-melon pieces along with Feta.  The taste is quite good and for sure a good starter before a nice evening dinner.



Normally these are simple dishes where garlic break would have some tomato toppings.  But I felt that it was well done and the taste was pretty good.



Tandoori Mushroom
I was not highly impressed with this coz the soup was something out of the world and then the Mushroom pieces did not seem to give me a wow feeling.


Basil Cottage Cheese Tikka
This was one of the item that had great sauce to go along with but the paneer itself was a bit on the harder side.  Would have loved to see it being a bit softer.


My friends also tried some non-vegetarian starters which they told were pretty good.


Main Course
Penne Arrabiata
Past for sure happens to be favourite among many of us.  And when it mixed with white-sauce and red sauce the flavour enhances.  The dish was pretty decent.



Mushroom Pizza
There was good amount of Mushroom put all around the pizza.  The base was pretty fine and the overall taste was good.  Thought I would have loved it to be more of wood-burnt style but still the taste was pretty decent.




Methi Malai Mutter
This was pretty well made dish in which the peas was well cooked.  Along with the methi and malai the taste was pretty good.  For vegetarians, this is the best curry to go along with the roti(s) and naan.


Paneer Butter Masala was also served, which happens to be one of my favourite dishes that had the required gravy but the paneer cubes made the difference.  I am sure they will improve on the same and the complete taste will come out to be brilliant.

Butter Naan / Tandoori Roti
Grabbed a piece of both and thought that they were well done.  It tasted quite good with the Paneer Butter Masala gravy.


Veg Hyderabadi Biryani
This is a pretty decent biryani that was made.  I would not rate it among the best of biryanis.  But yes for a restaurant focussing on multiple food items all through the day, biryani was pretty well done.



Mango & Rasgulla Cheese Cake  
Interesting the Rasgulla combined with the mango flavour and cheese cake was awesome.  I wonder how the dish was made coz it was presented in a very unique manner.  These days’ chef seems to go the extra mile to do something different.


Chocolate Mouse
An all time among many of us.  I thought it was done pretty well.


Cocktails & Mocktails
The drink was pretty okay but just that I thought it could have better.  Alcohol content seemed to be lesser.  And also there weren’t much of crushed ice in the Mojito.


Gossip Girls
One of the really good drinks which tasted quite strong and flavours were unique.


Apart from these I did try some of the ‘Long Island Ice Tea’, which was fine.  There are also other cocktails & mocktails with unique names – Demons Soul, Chocolate Orgasm, Bee Kiss, The King, Mister Mango which I will be looking to try the next time I visit.



Overall Experience
I am impressed the overall setup of this place along with the food.  There are a few improvements which I have suggested which I am sure would have already been taken care of.  I currently rate this place at 4.0/5 and it is a place which can get popular when more people start pouring in.  With the ‘All Day’ concept I am sure it will catch people attention.
My rating in various departments is as follows –
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 3. 75/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Meal for 2 would cost INR1700 without alcohol & INR2500 with alcohol.
Timing are between 7am to 11.30pm.


With foodies including – Naveen Suresh, Manoj K, Chef BB, Debolina, Tapash