Launch Party of BAR BAR – More Of You, Less Of The Bill

BAR BAR is one of the newest pubs that come alive in Bangalore.  There have been multiple discussions since past few weeks and its launch has been most awaited.  The launch spanned across 3-4 days and I was invited for one of days.  It was a launch party that had folks from different backgrounds like Bloggers, Foodies, PR agents, Sales & Marketing heads of restaurants, Digital Marketing experts, Connoisseurs of Beer/Wine and Socialites.

It was an opportunity to interact with multiple folks and have various discussions food-trend in the city, the pub itself, new restaurants, licensing issue, new brew pubs and many others.  And if there was no topic, the easiest topic to start off a conversation would be the traffic woes in our city.

The main selling point for this place is the concept of – MORE OF YOU, LESS OF THE BILL.  Doesn’t mean that they are encouraging drinking more but then the idea is to bring in more friends together & drink responsibly and pay lesser.  Even if you have the right capacity, you can order multiple drinks and end up paying lesser than the cost multiplication for a one drink.IMG_20170623_005803

The pub is located on the 3rd floor of Phoenix Market City in Whitefield.   To be able to get there, you will need to take the escalator or lift to reach up to the 3rd level where the food court is present.  Walk across the food court, you will find Shizusan and BAR BAR is located right next to it on the left side.

Food Options
The entire menu was at our disposal and anything could be ordered.  Being a foodie, I wanted to try out few items from various sections.IMG_20170622_224034

From The Tandoor – I tried Malai Paneer Tikka and Tandoori Broccoli.  The Paneer Tikka was good and the paneer was very well marinated.  IMG_20170622_224300Broccoli was grilled nicely and topped with mustard, but I felt that the Broccoli could have been little bit softer.  It isn’t right to complain because it was crazy crowd on the day of launch-party.

Thin Crust Pizzas – There are 3 Veg options and I tasted 2 – Sundried Tomatoes & White Onions and OMG – Onions, Mushrooms & Goat Cheese.  I loved the second one which was name the OMG based on the ingredient, wonderful thought.  The best part of the pizza was that it wasn’t a 10/12/14” full pizza, it was just a semi-circular pizza of radius portion size which is apt for 6”.  It could easily serve 1-2 people, which will enable multiple varieties to be tried.IMG_20170622_220631

Burgers – It was served as sliders and I had the Crispy Veggie Burger which had hard caramelized onions, tomatoes & spicy mayo.  The burger tasted quite good because of the crispy patty inside.IMG_20170622_221052

Mixed Platters – Tasted the Shoots & Roots option that contained Button & Wild Mushrooms and White Wine baby potatoes Served with Bruschetta of Cherry Tomatoes, Jalapenos & Olives.  Loved the baby potatoes and mushrooms.IMG_20170623_001329

Deserts – There are 5 options to choose from and I tasted Baked New York Cheesecake.  It was presently very well and was really yummy.

There were a lot more food options for Non-Vegetarians.  Apart from the above-mentioned section, there was sections – Bar Snacks, Healthy Eats, Soup of the day, Sandwiches, From the Barbecue, Make your own Pasta, Mains and more food.

Drinks Unlimited
There were plenty of drink options, but I thought it would best to try out the cocktails.  I think my decision was right  because they have some really good cocktails – Fruit Loops (Tequila, Cranberry Juice, Apple Juice, Candy & Fruit chunks), BAR BAR LIIT (The Usual suspects with cranberry juice & Red Bull) and Watermelon Coolishka (Vodka Watermelon, Lemongrass & Lime).IMG_20170622_214903

Apart from the cocktails, they have variety of beer for beer-lovers.  Being a beer lover myself, I tried the BIRA WHITE.IMG_20170622_212405

Overall Experience
It was one of the best parties I have attended in long time.  There was great food, good cocktails and most importantly some wonderful set of people to interact.  The place looked spacious enough to accommodate around 400 guests who were there at the event.  Already establish pubs like Social & Harrys at Phoenix Market City will have to brace to the new competition that is open for public from 24-June’17.

I rate the overall party experience at 4.0/5 on the basis of few parameters.
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 3.75/5
Service – 4.25/5
Crowd Engagement – 4.0/5

Opening hours
Today  12 Noon to 12 Midnight

Phone Numbers
+91 7338630404
+91 8067266651

Level 2, Phoenix Marketcity, Whitefield, Bangalore


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  1. Well Articulated about common traffic issues in town and how about the discussion on Metro Green Line? How about the cocktails here! Is it as good as other consistent players.

  2. Thats a good idea, let me write an article on the new Metro Green Line 🙂
    N about the cocktails – frankly it was surely not upto the mark, infact it wasn’t potent at all. The benefit of doubt only needs to be given as its a launch party. But frankly good for really good 🙂

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