Underdoggs – Sports Bar & Lounge @JP Nagar, Bangalore


The name is so apt for many folks in this world.  Coz on an average someone at some point of time would have felt it in their life.  Well, the word is UNDERDOG.
Now, when you actually keep a name we usually looking to associate this not at workplace, its more about the sports.  And here comes a unique Sports Bar Lounge where you can let go of yourself, relax and have some fun.  Coz these folks have the best selection of sports, food, cocktails, fun-games and to beat it all the ambiance.  I went to the outlet in Bangalore which has recently come up in JP Nagar.



Underdoggs initially started in North India, places where there equal # of people who want to party and have fun – Delhi, Gurgaon and Chandigarh.  Infact, I have also heard that Underdoggs has got plenty of awards in place for Nightlife.  They have also been recognised in the Time Food Awards.


You then wonder who come they came in late to this city which is filled with crowd that just want to have fun.  And the people are on the lookout for new place to go spend time and have fun.

I would say that though there is a delay, they seem to have come here and quickly established themselves.



It is important to know the location of this place.  Coz it is a surprise that they are not in the places like Koramangala and Indranagar where we expect the best party or Sports Hubs to be located.

Infact, for that matter MG Road, Brigade, Church Street and Whitefield are equally good places.  But I guess it is tough to get it right where you want.  Finally, they seem to have found a place in JP Nagar.  A relatively calm and traditional place that is seeing some new outlets coming up.


Underdoggs is on the Outer Ring Road in JP Nagar. If you come from BTM layout side and then take a left onto Bannergatta Road.  You need to drive until the signal where the right turn takes you to Outer Ring Road.  After crossing the next signal, there is a building that has 3 different outlet serving different kind of food.  1stbeing Indian, 3rd being relax drinking place and the mid-level being Underdoggs.


For folks coming from Kanakpura Road or say Dayanand Sagar college, the Underdoggs comes to the left side.



I have told that it’s a sport bar in my first para.  Now, to share more info on what makes it a unique place for fun, relax and unwind.

  • Huge space which makes you feel relaxed and at ease the moment you enter.
  • Colourful lighting all around the place adds to the vibrancy apart from the crowd.
  • 2 levels with seating arrange kept to corner, letting the centre area for keeping Pool Tables.
  • In terms of the sports they have – 8 pool tables, Foosball and Table Tennis.  The pool tables are quietly nicely spread out not cramping up space.  It is not the pool only place which is usually smoke filled.  They have a separate smoke zone.
  • Large bar counter where you can sit across the counter and get the drinks.
  • There are some autographed T-Shirts, EPL team scarf, caps and other items kept as memorabilia’s.
  • Glass to the left side faces the main-road, so you can also look out for the traffic and not feel left out.
  • Beer pong is played at this place which is quite popular. Basically there would be 3 glass with coloured water.  2 people play this game.  The idea of 1 player is to drop a big pong across the table and let it land on the coloured water next to you.  If you do so, then the opponent has to gulp down beer.  Then the opponent gets to pitch the table tennis to land in the opponent’s glass.  Final winner would be the one who survives all rounds and put more of the table tennis balls into opponent’s glass.  This is a game played in college days but then it’s one of the main attractions when a group of people go to have fun.
  • Valet parking is available which is so critical coz otherwise it would become so difficult to find parking in the area.


I am sure when you read the points I have shared, the next chance you get, you would be at Underdoggs.  Now, to share more info on the food and drinks which for sure become the main reason for people to go.
The place is famous for its Pizzas, Chicken Wings of different flavours, Stadium Bit Menus, Appetizers, Deserts and of course the drinks.


Makhani Pizza (Veg)

Paneer topped pizza which was so yummy.  For me it seemed to taste like Paneer Butter Masala being taken with the Pizza Base.  The pizza is a must try if you go to Underdoggs.

There is also a non-veg variant for the Pizza.


Garlic Lovers Pizza (Veg)
A pretty decent pizza which I don’t think is as good compared to the Makhani. But still it is unique coz it’s got garlic topping.  Seems like the Garlic Bread with cheese but it’s got the extra cheese and the pizza base, which gives the unique taste and flavours.


There is a non-veg variant for this pizza. There is also another ‘Hot Ranch Chicken Pizza’ which is also a good pizza for the non-veg lovers.
New Chicken Wings Flavours

There are multiple varieties of Chicken Wings which I hear from my non-veg friends as being really good.

  • Desi Spice
  • Spicy Harissa
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Butter Chicken
I can’t share more feedback as I can’t taste the same.  But I could see the presentation being good.
New Stadium Bites Menu Items
These are items which you can get it delivered to your seat if you are in a stadium.  But these are the Indian version of the quick bites.


Naan Rolls

I must say that this is one of the best item to take if you come here.  Basically it’s a Naan with some really wonderful toppings of Paneer based curry.  It’s not the Butter Masala kind of stuff but something totally different.  The taste is simply superb coz there are some veggies, its moist and not too liquid.  You can actually make 4 portions and eat it off.

This dish is my recommendation for anyone coming here to taste.  The only problem I heard from fellow blogger is that it was a bit bland for him.  For me, I thought it was just right there and I enjoyed it.


Tandoori Dim Sums

Dim Sum in Indian style, the name itself is quite unique.  And for sure the bite is also even more unique.  Served in the typical manner in which Dim Sum is served, a starter that will work wonder when you get it into your mouth.

I enjoyed this similar to the way I enjoyed the Naan Roll.


Apart from these are some new Appetisers that have been introduced.  Like Popcorn Shrimp and Kick’n Chicken Bites which are equally good as per my non-veg friends.

Rum Gulab Jamun with Ice cream

This is one of the awesome desert I have had in a while coz there is the normal Jamun and the liquid has good amount of Rum.  When you actually take the bite with the Jamun, you can feel the Rum into your mouth.  And for someone who is not used to drink, might get a shock or may be their body with shake.  A wonderful desert to be had at Underdoggs.
Food including Starters, Pizza and Deserts were good.  Time to try out some of the drinks which are also unique here.


Cinnamon Whiskey (Shots)
A shot that will again make you feel the Cinnamon very well but then there is the Whisky giving the extra punch.  If you are not aware and end up taking couple of shots, you might feel the high.


Litchi Kamakazi (Shots)

I felt that this shot was better than the Cinnamon based coz the Litchi with Kamakazi had some unique taste.  You will just not feel the alcohol in it.  But yes, it is a shot with liquor.

Gayle’s Rum Runner (Cocktail)
Rum based cocktail that is yellow in colour and served in a typical Rum Glass is wonderful over here.  The flavours adding up to make the cocktails is very good.  Among many available cocktails, this for sure is the best.


There are a few mocktail varieties that few of my friends tried which I heard were equally good including – Robbins Van Berry, Xavi Basil Pina and Mary Kom Cooler.


Overall Experience
This for sure is one of the best Sports Bar that I have seen in long time.  It has god everything works for it including – Food, Drinks, Sports, Ambiance.  For sure it is going to become one of the popular places to visit in the city and spend long hours.  My current rating for this place is around 4.0/5.  I am so much tempted to give a higher rating.  But then I want to go here again, feel the excitement and nothing will stop this place being rated higher.


My rating in other departments.
Food – 4.0/5
Drinks – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Food for 2 at this place would cost anywhere between INR1500-200.









Foodie friend who were there at foodie’s meetup included – Naveen, Chef BB, Dushyant, Pratheek, Deepa, Tejas, Suman, Prateek T, Tanya, Sudarshan, Sushmita, Rohit, John, Jay Gurudev, Debolina.