Menchies – FRO-YO Magic @Indranagar, Bangalore

The idea of desert for a long time in India has always meant Ice Creams, Cakes and Sweets.  We have separate outlets that specialize in them.  In the recent time, I have seen the arrival of flavoured Lassi coming to the market place and for sure it has caught everyone’s attention.  And people have started developing liking to these.  But in countries like USA, I have seen the arrival of something new which is called as FROYO.

Well, the terms might sound very technical but then it only means ‘FROzen YOgurt’.  I’m sure it would surprise many of us in India but then people love the idea of having Frozen Yogurts.  Now, it’s time to bring the concept back to our country, which has been a place where Diary Products are quite popular.  So, why not bring the concept of FROYO to India.  And which better brand to do that than the MENCHIES.


Started way back in 2007 by a couple who had the common liking for FROYO, started it in LA.  And now, its gained so much popularity that they have nearly 250 outlets across USA and many other countries.  Thought it might have come late to India, I guess it’s better late than never.  There are stores located in Mumbai, Hyderabad and also Chennai I guess.  Now, is the time to bring it to our very own IT Capital City, Bengaluru.


The idea of FROzen Yogurt sounds good.  But then it is very critical to be able to keep the quality and taste almost same anywhere it is available across the globe.  The mission of People, Place and Product is so much apt to be able to do that.  MENCHIES want people to enjoy at the right location with the best of their products.


I think I have shared so much of background to the MENCHIES.  Time to write about the actual Location in Bangalore.  Well, for those who are new to the town it’s better to start from the known location.  So, if you are coming from Koramagala towards Indranagar, drive across the 100ft road.  Cross the KFC junction and drive along below the Metro-Rail path.  You will find TOIT to the left, which happens to be the most popular brew pubs in Bangalore.  MENCHIES is right opposite to that.


For those coming from the Old Madras road.  You need to take the Indranagar 80ft road and drive along to the KFC junction.  MENCHIES comes to the left side.



The brand is big, concept is cool and of course the ambiance has to look the best.  To share few of the thoughts on the interiors.

  • Vibrant colours used in the interiors.   The colours used includes – Pink, Green and White of course.
  • There is enough spacing between the seats make it quite comfortable for people to sit and move around.
  • The outlet has a section outside that has the typical wooden fences painted with green colour.  I heard from the store folks telling that they would place chairs outside for people to enjoy in the natural air.
  • Clean segregation of section for cups, frozen yogurts, dry-fruits, fresh fruits and chocolates.
  • The billing counter is located to the centre which is also quite nice.  And the best part I liked is that you don’t bill and then start taking the desert.  First you take whatever you want and then head to billing counter.
A new place with very good looking ambiance which for sure will attract attention of people.



It is very important the people know the way MENCHIES actually works.  There are few simple steps that I should be sharing.

  • Pick up a cup or cone-waffle on which you would be keen on putting the frozen yogurts.
  • Walk across to the next section, where you will find from an array of 12 flavours.  You can use the lever to take individual flavours or mix 2 flavours at a time.
  • Next is the section where you can add the toppings like chocolate cashews, almonds, dried grapes, chips, snicker chocolates, Kit-Kat, gems on the frozen yogurt.
  • Then comes the section where some fresh fruits can be added.
  • Finally, the sauces are to enhance the flavour event further.  This section has the chocolate, strawberry and also the hot chocolate as well.
  • When you are done with all of it, go to the counter and weight the entire item.  You will need to pay per 1 gm of the purchase.

This is something which will be consistent at any MENCHIES stores.

Food / Desert / Frozen Yogurt
It is hard to actually have a separate section as food coz it is also a desert but then it actually is a Frozen Yogurt.
  • In this store there are currently 12 flavours of Frozen Yogurts including – Strawberry, Peach, Mango, Blueberry, Cookies & Cream, Cake batter, Tiramisu, Green Apple, Chocolate Cake, Almond, Cashew and Lychee.
  • Next section has Strawberry sticks, Chocolate sticks, Rainbow sprinkles, Chocolate Sprinkles, Snickers, Kit Kat, Cashew, Almonds, Marsh Mellows, Raisins, Oreo, Butter Scotch nuts, Gems & Chocó’s.
  • Fresh fruits section I remember seeing Strawberry, dates, Blueberries, Pomegranate and few more.
  • Finally, section has Hershey’s Chocolate Choco & Strawberry flavours.  Also hot chocolate also was there for selection.


I tried couple of combination of Yogurts which I will share my experience on.
Tasting Cups
This is something I should be describing as there are small cups which you can use to taste the frozen yogurts.  I tried around 6-10 varieties.  It was quite hard to select the best but then hands down Cookies Cream and Cake batter was the best.

Traditional flavours that like Strawberry, Peach and Mango were also pretty good.
Green Apple was quite good actually.

Cake Batter + Cookie Cream

Instead of taking single portion, I took a mix of both of them and it came out wonderfully.  It reminds you of the swirl ice-creams.  But this is yogurt which I feel is tastier.

To this I added from Chocolate sprinkles, cut Almond pieces, Chocolate Sticks, Chocolate chips and Rainbow sprinkles.

The overall weight came up to 115gm and the taste was super yummy.  Best part of this flavour is that you can’t make it that it is yogurt. It almost tastes like ice cream.  And there are many people who don’t like the idea of eating Yogurts.  I am sure without a doubt they will just love it.
The flavours are so nice that the moment you put them into your tongue it just melts leaving behind a lasting effect.
My recommendation for anyone would be to try the combinations mentioned above.
Strawberry + Peach + Blueberry

It time for me to get more combinations to work.  I ended up adding the traditional favourites and then added something new i.e., Blueberry.

The flavours of Strawberry and Peach were quite distinctively coming out in the Yogurt.  Only concern was with the Blueberry which need addition of actual blueberry sauce to get the complete taste.
I added to this some Blueberry sauce with actual fruit pieces, Snicker chocolate piece, Chocolate chips, Chocolate sprinkles, Almond & Cashew pieces.

I guess this weight around 150gms and I must say I was able to feel the distinct flavours from each of the Frozen Yogurts.

The only thing is that not many people want to mix flavours.  For them individual flavours are good.  But personally think a combination works out perfect.
Overall Experience
It was one of the most wonderful feeling having the Frozen Yogurts in India.  I have tried these during my earlier visits t USA but then I am glad that these are now available in India.  The only combination of Yogurts I am used to hearing are the Shreekanth and the ones in hotels where they add plain sugar to curds.  Now, you a place where they make it taste the best.  My overall experience on the day of its launch in Bangalore was simply awesome.
My rating for this place now is 4.0/5.  The reasons are that I am yet to try out all the flavours of the yogurts.  And I also want to feel it with the waffle and check how it would taste in a cone.  And maybe next time I will try to add some hot chocolate and taste it.
My rating in other departments are as follows-
Food – 4.0/5
Service – 4.0/5
Ambiance – 4.0/5
VFM – 4.0/5
Food for 2 people considering you would be taking 2 cups would be anywhere between INR250-350.  But I think instead of just taking limited portion, you should pour and actually enjoy the desert completely.

Pic taken with Krishna, Amar, Shweta, Nishkarsh, Priyanjali .  There are folks to who started the franchisee, friends and my familiy.