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Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India that celebrated across the country.  Traditionally the Festival of Lights is celebrated with much fanfare and people burst a lot of firecrackers in the back-yard, front-yard, roads, and wherever they pleased.  But over the years we have seen that the air quality has gone down across the globe and we are now trying to find ways to preserve nature.  One of the obvious fallout is the push for a ban on firecrackers or the use of Green Crackers as they cause 30% less pollution.  And there is another set of people who promote the idea of Eco-Friendly Diwali by lighting up Diyas.  Now, we also have another approach introduced by the Aubree Haute Chocolaterie, go for Chocorackers.


A ban on bursting firecrackers is very emotional for many Indians.  Aubree has come up with a novel idea and has created Chocolate Firecrackers, Chocorackers.  The chocolates made by Aubree and wrapped around special covers that resemble wrapper used for firecrackers.  Every chocolate resembles one of the firecrackers.

Rockets, Flowerpots, Ground Chakkars, Garland, Atom Bomb, Smoke bomb, Cracking ball

Chocoracker is those special chocolates that one can devour with your eyes and burst inside your mouth. The taste of every chocolate made by Aubree is simply amazing as it made in their special factory in Bangalore.  This is an absolute genius creation by Aubree Chocolate brand that is very unique and quite amazing.  Chocorackers are the perfect gifting options both to friends and family.  I am sure that the sight of these spectacular chocolates will bring pure joy to anyone.

My Thoughts

This Diwali has already become very special for me with the arrival of the Chocoracker box.   I highly recommend the same to all my friends and hope that you can also enjoy the amazing chocolates.  To get hold of the Chocorackers, one can visit any of the 3 retail outlets across Bangalore or shop online (  In case of delivery, Aubree has a dedicated fleet to deliver the chocolate at the doorsteps.  I am looking forward to the next festivity and hoping to see more exquisite chocolates from Aubree.

Happy Diwali !!