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Raksha Bandhan for the year 2020 came by and just breezed by all of us. While many siblings living in the same home would have had the usual celebrations.  There might have been many who missed out traveling due to the ongoing pandemic.  But whatever might have been the case, definitely every sister & brother would have prayed for their health and well-being.IMG_20200801_170331

Rituals with Change

We all have known the occasion involving rituals involving Traditional Tilak, Aarthi, Rakhi & Sweet.  While the sisters tie Rakhi to their brother and praying for their long life, brother gives their loved sister a gift to remember.

This year, one brand did something different that has not been attempted before. Imagine replacing all the mandatory items part of celebrations with chocolates.  One might initially laugh out if this was said as it would be very unlike the actual celebrations.  The brand I am talking about is Aubree – Haute Chocolaterie, which makes some of the most making desserts.

Raksha Band Thali

I have known about the brand for many years know.  They seem to create some amazing desserts apt for the occasion using chocolates & cakes.  This year it was the turn of Raksha Bandhan where they did something very unique and unheard of.

  • They created a Traditional Thali completely out of chocolates.  It might surprise anyone but they actually did it.
  • Thali was made completely in White chocolate and looked like the thali itself.
  • Instead of bowls for storing Kumkum & Sugar, they had bowls made of white chocolate.  The kumkum & sugar were replaced by the chocolate & edible color.
  • Rakhi was also made out of chocolate, which included the thread & center design.  It was completely made in chocolate.
  • Sweets were replaced with chocolate topped with almonds.
  • It was shocking to see the entire creation as it looked very unreal and amazing.

Special Cupcakes

We all love to have some good cupcakes for any occasion.  And what better dessert to share with each other and family.

  • They created a special box of 6 cupcakes of 2 different flavors – Choccolates & Red Velvet.
  • The chocolate plate was put on top of the cupcake that had very nice messages.
    • Some of the messages are very heartwarming.
    • A sister is a little bit of a childhood that can never be lost.
    • Rakhi us a thread that binds two souls in a bond of joy forever.
    • I have the best brother in the world.
  • Every cupcake topped with fresh cream that tasted amazing.
  • One of the cupcakes also had a topping that resembled a Rakhi.

The taste of every cupcake was just amazing and it was great to share with family.

Closing Thoughts

The festival that shares the special bond between Brother & Sister, was made very special by Aubree.  They sure did think out of the box to make this a memorable festival.  The taste of every item that part of the packages was amazing.  They made the ordering of the items very easy as customers could do it via the portal, call or Whatsapp.  With their dedicated fleet to deliver desserts, one could order the specialty dessert from anywhere in Bangalore.

It’s probably time for every dessert brand to think of doing something very different like Aubree.  Looking forward to seeing and trying many more unique desserts for every new occasion.

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