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Natural Icecreams is one of the well-known brands that serve ice-creams that has taste close to the natural flavor of items.   They have multiple outlets across the country and people love them for their ice-creams.  Due to unexpected circumstances, people are not venturing out much to eat out, this also applies to ice-creams outlets.  But ice-creams shops can take the ice-cream at home.  This is exactly what Natural has done with their family-packs. To make it special they have also brought some safety precautions.  I will share more about the same.IMG_20200726_173753

Packing with Safety First

Soap Strip

The family packs are brought and refrigerated.  But when we want to open the ice-cream box we don’t realize the number of germs our fingers have.  To help safeguard, Nautal gives a set of soap-strips.

The box has a set of instructions mentioned that one can follow before opening the seal & consuming.
Cut the perforation, Fold the strip in hand, Wash the hand for 20secs, Break the seal on the pack
This ensures that one sanitizes the hands before opening. This definitely is a great initiative.

Safety Standards in the company

A special note has been added on the sides of the boxes for customers to read and feel safe.  These are a few points that the company follows internally that’s applicable for all its employees.

Sanitizing hands every 30mts, Regular temperature screening, Sanitize factory twice a day, Sterilize all machines & equipment before production, Raw materials undergo high heat treatment, Follow strict quality,& food safety norms

All the points shared only gives us more confidence about the brand and it’s the commitment to safeguard consumes.

Ice Cream Flavors

There are plenty of amazing flavors from Natural Ice-creams.  But I especially love the 2 flavors that I have loved.

  • Sitaphal Icecream
  • Coffee Walnut Icecream

The taste of both ice-creams are just amazing and once finds it hard to identify if its ice-cream or the natural fruit.  There are many other flavors from the brand that many people love including Tender Coconut, Chikoo/Sapota, Mango, Roasted Almond, Malai.

All of these flavors are available in family packaged and can be ordered from the nearest outlet via Swiggy.  They can also be ordered via Big Basket.

Final Thoughts

It’s great to see innovation from brands like Natural Ice-cream to adapt to the current situation.  The idea of sending soap strips along with ice-creams boxes and mentioned of safety standards are good initiatives.

I hope the brand will come up with more unique approaches for packaging.  Maybe they can think of using a bio-degradable material for packaging.  Also, feel that there need to be many more flavors introduced into the available list.

I am looking forward to seeing more innovations and additions from the brand.

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