The Filter Coffee Outlet @Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore



There are times when are desperately searching for a restaurant in a particular locality which serves the cuisine that you are looking for.  After all the trials, you may end up going to one of the known brands that is also located in other areas.  And then there are also times when you hit a Jackpot by finding a place that has everything you wanted.  That is exactly what I found in Kalyan Nagar, ‘The Filter Coffee’.





I was out with my family looking for a place to have our dinner.  It was a bit early in the evening around 7pm but then you realise that an area like Kalyan Nagar seems to have more multinational outlets compared to the local eateries.  I was proved wrong when I came across few in and around the 2nd & 3rd Block areas.  A place that serves South Indian food and that too only Vegetarian. 





If you coming from the Outer Ring Road, take service road as you approach Kalyan Nagar and then take left.  Drive along until you find Rasta Café to the left side.  There is a right that comes right opposite.  Drive along in the road and you will find plenty of eateries like Cream Stone, Dunkin Donuts, Just Bake, A2B. It leads to a huge signal which you need to cross and drive along.  You will then find the ‘The Filter Coffee’ to the right side.





The name might sound unique but then there are so many things different about this place which I am itching to share.


  • Huge entrance that has board which is clearly having the name ‘THE FILTER COFFEE’ written on it.


  • There is black-board that tells about the days specialities.
  • A unique section to the left side which looks similar to open kitchen.  There are tava(s) for making dosas, idlies being made, bonda and other items.  Around this is the seating section.  You need to take the coupon at the counter and then sit. They would then serve it directly across the table from the open kitchen.  The feeling is quite wonderful coz it gives a feel like you are at you home and there is someone cooking.  It might feel a bit warm but then the experience is wonderful.
  • There is also a section where they have service.  Again each of the tables are quickly attended to.
  • There is banana leaf that is put in front of you on which chutneys and the food items are served. 


  • If you ask for separate sambars, they are not served in cups but in palm-leaf cups which is very much bio-degradable.
  • There overall feel is quite good about this place coz it also looks quite clean.


Some of the points mentioned above are truly things to be experienced.


This for sure is the highlight of this place.  I tried various items in this place and I feel that every item is simply wonderful.


They are clearly mentioned the various items that you can get through times of days.  I was there in the evening after 7pm so there is a separate set of items that are available.  Let me share my thoughts on few of the items I had.



TFC Special Mini Idli + Sambar


You can ask for sambar dipped in idli to be served so you can taste more of the lovely sambar.  The button idlis are very sweet and then along with the normal coconut and tomato chutney it tastes yummy.



Ghee Masala Dosa


This is another very good dosa.  Not the usual triangle shape but something that we can do at home.  Just put the masala and roll it over. 

The taste is pretty good, surely not that oily and the potato curry was nice.  Dosa tasted good with the chutneys as well.



Onion Uttapam


Another wonderful item where the onion is stuffed on top of the dosa.  The taste was again superb with sambar and chutneys. 


Kottu Parota


This is the traditional favourite in Tamil Nadu. 

Infact, it also happens to be one of my favourite.  The parota/naan piece gets to be beaten on the tava to break into # of pieces. 

And then mixed with some kurma and onions.  In TYC, they serve the kurma also separately so you can enjoy with more kurma if needed.  You can surely ask for more if needed.



Aloo Bonda


A very well done bonda which tasted quite good.  I could not see much oil coming out of it.  It tasted good with the chutneys.


Drinks – By Two Coffee


They have separate listing of single cup coffee and the by-two version.  It is better to take the by-two version of it.  The coffee is pretty different compared to other places coz it was on the sweeter side.  Not like at many place where there is limited sugar.


Overall Experience


It is surely one of the best South Indian Places I have gone for food in recent time.  I love the way the waiters were quite prompt and the food would just be served in our table before we could finish the next.  The food was well done and it all looked so organized. 


One thing I did not like is that some items that were listed in the menu was not there.  But I can understand that coz the place is so popular that it might become hard to predict the quantities of batter.  Also another issue I found was with the Chilly Bhajji,

I thought oil was more and the chilly were extra spicy.

Overall still my rating for this place is 4.0/5.  I saw that they have a weekend meal that costs just INR170.  I am surely planning to visit the place again pretty soon.
My rating in other departments are as follows –


Food – 4.0/5


Service – 4.0/5


Ambiance – 4.0/5


Drinks – 4.0/5


Food for 2, just like the way I described above, would cost anywhere between INR300-400.